Libertarian Commentary on the News, 07 November 2015, #15-44E: Dictators, cops, and nazgul

By Nathan Barton

The dictator (the squatter at 1600 PA) has spoken: all bow down. The WaPo  reports that the Keystone XL project has been rejected,citing climate concerns. NOT whether the pipeline construction and operation is going to be done in an environmentally safe manner, but because that much “dirty oil” is bad for Gaea; that global warming must be “ended” or “prevented.” The decision brings an end, at least for now, to a seven-year fight over a project that came to symbolize what this thug could do unilaterally to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Trans-Canada is NOT an innocent victim in this. Their willingness to use eminent domain proves that, but they and millions of people ARE victims of the vicious nature of the current FedGov regime and its thug in charge.

Mama’s Note: For an excellent overview of this topic, look at this “Watts Up With That” article. Far more information and balanced than WaPo. It shows that there are millions of miles of pipelines already in place. Many of those are elderly and failing. Perhaps those should be replaced first. I’m sure that eminent domain has been used on these and so much more, for a very long time. That, seems to me, to be a separate issue which only the free market can hope to address. Reading that article, pay attention to the comments below. Most of these people are experts in the oil business or alternative energy sources. It’s a big subject, and the XL project is just a tiny part of it.

He is not the only thug in the news right now: Down in Texas we have thugs with federal immunity, in a clear miscarriage of justice. Austin cop was “deputized” by the FBI and as a Deputy US Marshal, according to the Guardian so he got off scot-free for “accidentally” killing a man who tried to get into a bank (which had just closed) and then fled. That is for a jury to decide, but this thug will get off without benefit of law. The “supremacy” clause (which let the sniper that killed Vicky Weaver get off) has been abused and misused yet again.

As we consider more thugs, there are stories following up on commentary from earlier in the week. In yet another travesty of justice, the woman cop who shot and killed the man she had tazed, writhing on the ground at her feet, was found not guilty of ANYTHING by a jury, who believed her that she was afraid that the man she killed was trying to get a weapon out of his pockets, or perhaps trying to attack her with a clod of frozen dirt, or something. Once more, claimed fear by a brutal tyrant is an excuse for a cold-blooded and totally unnecessary killing. And we also find that the hero cop, originally thought to have been killed by three fleeing felons, has been confirmed as having committed suicide in an elaborate hoax because he was fearful his peculation was found out. He is being accused of even MORE corruption, including trying to get a contract for a hit on a town official. Ah, that gang in blue: such a merry bunch of sinners and criminals.

Seems if we are going to ban guns, maybe we ought to consider taking them away from cops. Can anyone explain the insanity of the hoploclasts and hoplophobes who don’t seem to have any problems with murderous law enforcement from having them? Or in this next piece of news?

Probably most readers know about the NRA “Eddie Eagle” gun safety course – which really is not – teaches children to “stop, don’t touch, leave the room, and tell an adult” if they EVER find an “unsecured” firearm. But apparently even that is too much for the insane “Mothers Demand Action” hoplophobic group, as The Truth About Guns reports. The “Mothers” claim the course is “atrocious” and children should not EVER be exposed to guns. Indeed, you’d think that MDA (and other groups equally mad would LOVE this sort of “gun safety,” because it teaches children to FEAR inanimate objects. But no, ANY orientation or reference to guns is too evil to expose children to. Hmmm, let’s try a similar situation with sex, swimming pools, power outlets in homes, and hot stove burners… Supposedly ANY injury or death of a child that is firearm related is “not an ‘accident'” but a “preventable tragedy,” yet they don’t want to prevent them? I can understand why. They WANT more children killed by guns, because they figure that the more deaths, the more likely the success their schemes are to steal the guns away from everyone else. This is part of their madness.

NAZGUL: MamaLiberty describes these stories and those like them as “the microscopic tip of the iceberg.” The doubledealing and corruption and hidden agendas of the Nazgul and their minions are legendary. Jesus warned us about “wicked judges,” but we didn’t listen.

In North Carolina, a judge is accused of trying to bribe FBI officer with cash and beer. Cheap, wasn’t he? Fox News reports that”A North Carolina state judge was arrested Wednesday on charges he tried to bribe an FBI officer to gather text messages between two phone numbers in what the judge said was a family matter. Superior Court Judge Arnold Jones II, who hears cases in three rural eastern North Carolina counties, appeared at an initial federal court hearing Wednesday. Jones faces a maximum of 37 years in federal prison if convicted of all charges, prosecutors said. Jones was charged with paying a bribe to a public official, paying a gratuity to a public official, and corruptly attempting to influence an official proceeding. The offers included cash and ‘a couple cases of beer,’ the News & Observer reports. It’s illegal for law officers like an FBI agent to demand text or phone information from a phone company without an approved search warrant in an active case.”

Apparently this judge was too stupid to figure out how to issue a warrant or create a “task force” so that not only would they issue a warrant to get the phone info but also get him immunity.

Mama’s Note: Just the microscopic tip of the iceberg, of course… but none of it would mean anything if it were not for involuntary government.

In Pennsylvania, the election judge is accused of taking off with voting equipment. And competing with private business instead of doing the job he was supposed to. In the San Francisco Chronicle we read that, “Authorities in western Pennsylvania say a local judge of elections was arrested after allegedly failing to show up to the polls Tuesday and instead deciding to work as a jitney driver for the day. The Allegheny County sheriff’s office says 55-year-old Darrin Farmer of North Versailles never came to the North Versailles precinct with voting equipment, delaying poll opening by three hours. Authorities say his wife said he dropped her off at a store to buy refreshments for volunteers but then left. They allege he decided to spend the day giving rides for money.” Alzheimers? Schizophrenia? Greed? No excuse, of course.

Mama’s Note: Greed? Maybe he just needed to spend some time making a living. Obviously, he should have delivered the property he was entrusted with first, but this is far from an indication of actual corruption. Just the usual political stupidity.

Also in Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth’s Attorney General, on her way out, releases raunchy emails and exposes corruption and more, according to the Palm Beach Post. “Facing criminal charges, relieved of her law license and threatened with removal by the Legislature, Pennsylvania’s attorney general seems to have decided that if she has to go, she’s going to take others down with her. Since all three branches of state government began moving against her over the past year, Kathleen Kane has released hundreds of sexually explicit or otherwise crude emails that had been sent or received by current or former public officials on their government accounts. The tangled scandal has led to the downfall of a state environmental secretary and shamed a state police commissioner, a Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice and several former top officials in the attorney general’s office. Another high-court justice resigned after newspapers disclosed his involvement.” She may be a scumbag herself, but she deserves to be praised a wee bit for this kind of kicking over the furniture.

Mama’s Note: I just love when predators and parasites turn on each other.

Just one item from the troubled Middle East today. Was I wrong in thinking that governments would NOT accept the Islamist terrorist claim of downing the Russian aircraft in Egypt? Russia has suspended all Russian flights to/from Egypt to curb the panic over what many are now claiming to be a bomb that downed the Russian airliner by blowing it up over the Sinai. The WaPo, assuming that Russia is a dictatorship like the FedGov is, blames Putin for this. Actually, the FedGov and HM British government can be blamed – they are making the claim that a bomb “could have” blown the plane apart. Maybe they know something that can’t be gleaned from black boxes and wreckage that displays no signs of explosives? Don’t know what the tourists are going to do, and my first thought probably doesn’t go over well. They could bus them from the Sinai to Tel Aviv Airport, where the Israelis are unlikely to allow a bomb to be placed even on Russian airliners, and fly home from there.

Mama’s Note: The various actors in this tragedy may deny there was a bomb, or terrorist involved, but the picture seems to speak for itself. We may never know all the truth about this incident, but I remain convinced that it is not too bright to spend one’s vacation in a war zone. Those people are dead, regardless of what brought the crash about… and the greatest likelihood is that some act of war or “terrorism” was ultimately the cause.

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