Libertarian Commentary on the News,10 November 2015, #15-45A: Correct?

By Nathan Barton

Political pressure and correctness run amuk? The University of Missouri president has resigned, according to the WaPo, Jim Wolfe announced he is resigning amid criticism of how racial issues have been handled on campus. Apparently, the football team “took him down” because they didn’t like the way he didn’t grovel enough over something that was misconstrued as racist. This is just another part of the purge of so much of society today: education (especially government-run, tax-funded), the military, other parts of government, and even business and private organizations. Today, purges are not conducted by people with black leather trench coats, but by mobilizing mobs of students and activists and flooding Twitter and Facebook with vicious attacks, until life is so miserable for the person being purged that they flee “voluntarily.”

The same thing is happening in Yale, where the man and wife who are the heads of one of the residential “colleges” are being accused of being hateful bigots because they didn’t think that it was necessary to be so pathetically victimized by possible Halloween costumes. NPR is one of the latest to chime in on this ridiculous example of political correctness. (Keep in mind this nightmare occurs in both “public” and “private” schools.)

Mama’s Note: The only rational way to look at this sort of thing, far as I’m concerned, is to ignore it. Seems to me that everyone involved here deserves each other. Might be these deposed folks can now find something actually worth their time and effort. The pathetic professional victims on both sides are just sickening.

Self-defense, but she should have been better prepared: Fox News explains how a National Guard soldier, when her home was invaded, had to use her HUSBAND’s pistol to defend herself and her infant: she was shot and wounded at least twice, seriously, but if she’d been prepared better – and with her own weapon – she might have avoided any injury. Brave, but she needs to think it through.

Mama’s Note: I agree, obviously, but sometimes folks just have to learn the hard way. And sometimes, no matter how well  you’ve prepared, you just have to use whatever tool you can grab. Her attitude was the most important tool in this case, and she had that one down pat. Let’s hope there won’t ever be a next time.

William Grigg, in Lew Rockwell addresses the recent killing of an Idaho rancher in “Open range, open season: The killing of Jack Yantis.” He writes in part, “Yantis was not a criminal suspect at the time of the shooting. Because he was killed by law enforcement officers, however, the shooting — assuming that standard protocols will be followed by the Idaho State Police — will be treated as a ‘suspected assault on law enforcement.’ This means that Yantis is, in effect, the suspect, and his killers are considered the victims. As we will shortly see, the ISP’s history of investigating unlawful killings by fellow law enforcement officers strongly suggests that the deputies will never face criminal charges, irrespective of the facts — and that those facts will never be presented to the public without adulteration.”

The facts seem pretty clear: Yantis received a call that a bull was out on the  highway and had been injured.  Figuring he’d have to put the animal down because of its injuries, he showed up with his rifle in hand, and the state police officers gunned him down in cold blood, with no reports of anything other than a disagreement over whether the animal (a valuable bull) could be saved or not.  It appears to be another case of jack-booted thugs gunning down a mundane for the capital crime of disagreement.

This isn’t the only killing by cops in the news. The two cops who shot and wounded a man and killed his six-year-old autistic son have been held on a million-dollar bond, according to Fox News, after the body camera footage was viewed, showing that the man posed no threat to the marshals. Once more, we see the cruelty and viciousness that has turned so many of us against the police.

Yet ANOTHER killing by cop, this one in Jordan, according to the WaPo, Five, including two Americans, were killed by a police officer at a security training site; the killer was then killed himself. The killer was apparently a senior and supposedly loyal member of the Royal regime, with a wife and young children. The Islamic war goes on.

Of course, cops are not the only killers around, these days. Islamist terrorists are, too, and according to World Net Daily, at least one terrorist leader was trying to pass as a refugee or migrant fleeing North Africa for the liberties and wealth of Europe. The Italian government (no surprise) tried to hush it up, but someone blabbed. My oh my.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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