Libertarian Commentary on the News, 13 NOV 2015; #15-45C: Bad Luck?

By Nathan Barton

A constant theme from some parts of the “larger” liberty and conservative movement is our poor food and diet: a product of government-subsidized and corporate-controlled agriculture, food production, and distribution.  So, what about “Open-sourced food production – the future of urban diets?”  Thus asks the Guardian in a recent article.  “Scientists are developing open-source technologies that reward locally grown foods, cutting down on shipping and improving nutrition…”

Mama Liberty addresses this topic: These people are delusional. Even in small town, rural areas the grocery stores reflect the actual marketing choices of most people. That’s why the prepared, frozen and packaged items far, FAR outnumber the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables available. And that choice of fresh stuff gets narrower every year. Most young women now do not know how to actually cook much from basic ingredients. One of the hot items at our store is the little plastic tubs of frozen macaroni and cheese – to be heated in the microwave. I have zero expectations that these young mothers would grow their own turnips and tomatoes, then actually serve them to their super spoiled children. They sure wouldn’t be bothered to can or otherwise preserve what they couldn’t eat immediately. I’m sure there is a market for this kind of thing in the cities, but it will never be large. Convenience and ignorance are a powerful combination.

Nathan:  We see and know a small group of people who are rabid about this: “organic” food and micro-nutrients and locally-grown food, but they are a tiny, tiny group, and usually in “new-age” and “yuppie” places like Durango, Moab, and Boulder.  Even in the more major urban areas (the core of Metro-Denver, or Kansas City, for instance) these types are not common. For every “Spouts” or “Whole Foods Market” there are a dozen Safeway, Albertsons, Dillons, or City Market.  And much of what we’ve seen the “natural food” stores sell is NOT good for you; it is often hype. And even fairly well-educated youngsters (those in their 20’s, for example) are too much like Mama Liberty describes.  (The standard tall, thin boxes of mac and cheese, comfort food though they may be, are bad enough.  The tubs and the “mix water and microwave” bags are worse. And Poptarts????)

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, the government “scientists” have mostly ignored all the chemicals and destroyed nutrients in manufactured and pre-prepared foods for a long time. They have spent a lot of time and OUR money telling lies about salt, cholesterol and almost everything else. Just as bad, they have nearly destroyed the ability of food producers to offer truly clean, healthy food in most cases, between useless regulation and occasional hysteria over germs that present no problems with proper handling and cooking. How in the world did we ever survive before they took charge of our health? But we did, with raw milk and home produced meat and vegetables freely exchanged.

The courts have sided with Muslim truck drivers, CNS News reports, who were fired by a company because they refused to deliver beer and other alcohol, as it violated their religious beliefs.  This is a good thing – but there are several things to wonder about (in addition to the fact that the company was apparently hounded out of business and the drivers have little or no chance of collecting their court awards).  First, had it been christians who refused (and there are many christians who reject alcohol, just as Muslims do), would the FedGov and courts have been so supportive?  I have my doubts, indeed.  Second, if the company had been able to properly vet their potential employees, would these men have even been hired?  Right now, it is FORBIDDEN under penalty of law to ask a question on a job application form or interview such as “What religious beliefs do you have which would prevent you from…” -so it was government that created the problem in the first place.  Third, the courts claim that “accommodation” could have been made – but is that true?  A small business may not be able to pick and choose, and if you don’t know there is a problem, how can you adjust?  Expect more of this stupidity in the future.

Mama’s Note: I was working in a small hospital when abortion became “legal.” The nurses actually had a choice, whether or not they would be willing to participate. I was working the orthopedic unit then, so it didn’t affect me, but several nurses in the OB/GYN department opted out, and it was only one more headache for the person who did the scheduling. Nobody was forced to participate, and nobody left in a huff as far as I remember.

Hypocrites?  Of course.  Saudi Arabia pushes U.N. panel to condemn Iranian and Russian intervention in Syria, according to Reuters, where, of course, much of the unrest  and rebellion is due, directly and indirectly, to the Saudis and their “good friends” the Amis  Of course, the Iranian (Persian) and Syrian delegations had to complain about the complaints, immediately. So, the Islamic wars continue, usually with mostly all Muslims on 3 or 4 of the 5 to 8 sides in each individual zone of conflict.  You know, it never actually occurred to me that calling Muslim territories the “Land of Peace” was intended to be sarcastic.

Meanwhile, an entire OTHER batch of hypocrites, “the international community,” are meeting in the luxurious surroundings of Vienna, trying to “put an end to the conflict in Syria,” according to the AP. My, do you suppose there is no significance at all to hosting this meeting in the city where Europe fought off the LAST massive Muslim invasion of Europe?  The “gates of Vienna” used to be an example of how the peoples of Europe COULD stand together to defend their homeland, their families, and their faith.  What a quaint concept.

Nanny state Republicans?  Funny how totally stupid and trivial things are so important to them. CNS News reports that presidential candidate Donald Trump is calling for a boycott of Starbucks over their “do-it-yourself” Christmas (excuse me, “Holiday”) cups.  Nothing else important enough to spend time on but this?

Mama’s Note: And this is exactly what comes of trying to be “politically correct.” I’m sure Starbucks thought it was accommodating everyone this way. The person who tries to accommodate everyone so often winds up just as my friend David Codrea so often says, tossing out a piece of meat (their own flesh) hoping the jackals will take it and be satisfied. But they never are.

But as for the “candidates,” I’d be tickled to death if they concentrated on this kind of thing and forgot all of their grand plans to destroy even more of our lives and property. Unfortunately, it is all of the same cloth.

Oh, my.  Didn’t we tell you so?  The Navy has come down hard on a bunch of sailors aboard the nuclear submarine USS Wyoming, according to Stars & Stripes because they were using their Navy-taught skills and personally owned equipment to video FEMALE Navy officers on board the ship – while the females were showering.  The stupidity of the brass shows once again. This is the same Navy that a few days ago announced new “unisex” uniforms to make all their enlisted sailors look alike.  Somehow, I don’t think that would have stopped the horndogs from this incredible breach of discipline.

I’m not saying that women don’t belong on warships: but there are two ways of doing it right, and neither is the “US Navy way” at least not with the idiots in DC calling the shots.  First, the Heinlein model (Starship Troopers): “officers country” on a warship IS women’s country – the bulkheads are sealed between that and the rest of the ship, PERMANENTLY.  Second is ALL-WOMEN warships: no males except in a possible confined area in emergencies.  It is the same for combat units, gun crews or tank crews or infantry squads, perhaps even platoons, segregated by sex can work and has.  But we KNOW the Tranzis won’t go for this.

Mama’s Note: There is a third potential answer. Both the men and women need to be responsible adults, not indulging in such nonsense. And if women want to work along side men this way, they need to take responsibility for themselves, live with the consequences and defend themselves against real aggression. The Navy certainly doesn’t need any precious PC snowflakes who want to take over everything with their feminazi crap. And no, the tranzis won’t go for this either, since they are all snowflakes too.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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