Fighting for Life and Liberty in 2015: Combating Censorship and More

By Nathan Barton

I am sharing what is basically TWO articles, concerning the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its copyright provisions, which have established a regime for censorship of “alternative media” like The Price of, Smoke Signals, Gospel Sower, and many many others – even non-political ones.  Please read and pass on these ideas about HOW TO FIGHT. I’ve edited this to remove some names and and add some thoughts.  I don’t necessarily agree with all the suggestions, but you should at least consider them.

From LFB: We’re moving into a time, said Drudge, when operating an alternative or independent website could be made illegal.

If such draconian copyright laws are enforced (not dissimilar to those outlined in the TPP), Mr. X told us, we’re going to see a fight for freedom of information on the Internet.

Reason being…

Blatant and covert censorship could, in this scenario, become a common, and possibly daily, occurrence.

Because of this, many familiar names within the alternative media sphere are, behind the scenes, quietly shielding themselves.

Mr. Z knows because he’s come into contact with many of them, and is seeing what they’re up to firsthand.

“Alternative media outlets,” Z went on, “are taking every step possible to replicate what the centralized monopoly of established telecommunication companies currently provide to the public.

“To insulate from impending copyright and intellectual copyright and intellectual property laws accompanying the TPP, as well as eroding protective provisions surrounding the 1st amendment and established freedom of the press around the globe, outlets are building insulated in house networks for creation and dissemination of information.

“Organizations are hiring scores of new writers, videographers, graphic designers and sound engineers to create original content sourced from their own gathered information. They are also creating apps for mobile devices and websites with in-house servers and alternative media dissemination protocols, such as shortwave radio and podcasts, to reach their audiences outside the band of control of the government and terrestrial telecommunication monopolies.”

And here’s where it gets interesting. According to Y…

They are forming alliances of necessity with one another and creating open source agreements for server space, content sharing, and joint project ventures. Heads of organizations are coming together to brainstorm and develop war game plans for organized intellectual resistance, as well as share spheres of intelligence and insider tips.

Media companies are buying subsidiary businesses, starting entrepreneurial endeavors and investing profusely in grand marketing campaigns to increase their ability to fund themselves independent of google/facebook ads. With their subsidiary businesses, they are creating products such as pharmaceutical grade supplements, premium clothing and disruption-based currency applications to provide ‘war bonds’ to their supporters, as well as fuel their organizations independent from government subsidization or selective censorship from liberal-tech conglomerates.

Lastly, the Alternative media has taken the gloves off. They are saying the things that risk lawsuits. They are exposing the crimes which could mean certain death. They are going to places and meetings which could risk imprisonment.

The solidification, in the unified goal of freedom for our species, is their driving force. Like the U.S. following Pearl Harbor, the sleeping giant of citizen journalism has only begun to bear its daunting potential for good.

And, if you feel the urge, it’s time you put a dog in this fight.

If you truly understand what’s happening here, you probably feel the urge.

So listen up…

There are many things you can do to help the independent media reach critical mass in the fight for freedom of press… before it’s too late.

Today, with the help of James White from Treason.News (which happens to be one of the freshly bought subsidiaries Y just mentioned), you’re going to discover eight simple things you can do to make an impact.

Nathan: They may or may not… Each of us must decide for ourselves.

Eight Ways To Make An Impact Today
James White for Treason.News

One of the greatest frustrations that I face, and have for some time now, is the lack of participation in the fight for liberty by individuals who are clearly “awake.”

These people know what we are up against, but they are content to let the few among us do most of the heavy lifting while they parade through meeting after meeting… only to go home and do nothing.

I began to think that there must be some way to take the energy I expend on my frustrations and use that same energy for good.

The following list of action items are my attempt to do just that. This list is not complete, and I encourage you to think of your own.

These tasks can easily be done by anyone who is not bed-ridden. As you may notice, they go from low activity tasks, to more active involvement as you get your legs under you.

• E-mail, e-mail, e-mail – If you have e-mail, you qualify for this task. There is no easier way to get the word out than e-mail. You can find a list of your local, state and federal representatives pretty easily with a search online. Pick a topic that you feel strongly about and start sending e-mail. Do not forget to include your friends, you might just inspire someone. If you have hesitated in the past because you didn’t want to be tracked or alert the “authorities” about your views, do not let that stop you now because we’re ALL being tracked anyways.

• Blogging – Again, a simple task for anyone with an internet connection. We all have opinions, regardless of how we decide to express, or not express, them publicly. Blogging, or creating an account on your favorite website to make comments, is free and easy. Still feel a bit weird about it? Use a fake name. Even if you suck at first, just keep writing. You will get better. Always remember to embrace your critics, and you will have them, for they only serve to harden you in the long run.

• Create a weekly podcast – Here is another almost free activity that you can engage in. Break cheap for a decent microphone, and you are pretty much ready to go. A quick online search will reveal a multitude of free recording software, and with it plenty of venues for you to choose from in which to broadcast your work. Use your own name, or use an alias. Keep in mind that the important thing in the equation is not you, it’s the information.

• Flyers – Once again, this is something that can mostly be done at home. But, you will need to leave the cave briefly to complete this task. If you have a printer, you are the person for this mission. Pick one of the first ten amendments, or a particular quote or fact that suits you, and put it into a flyer. I am willing to bet that most everyone has a printer, and many have the software on their computer to create a simple flyer. Hang it on the peg-board that is present outside 99% of the grocery stores in this land. Still feel weird? Tack them on telephone poles under cover of darkness to maintain your anonymity. Want a bit more action? The following tasks will take you out of your mom’s basement into the real world.

Nathan: Keep in mind there are related actions, such as “Simon Says” stickers, business cards, and “duct tape messages,” or if you want to spend a lot of money, yard signs.  (See “WASP” by Erick Frank Russell or “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by R.A. Heinlein.)

• City Council Meetings – I do not know the rules for every community, but I would safely guess that everyone who reads this has some form of regular meetings taking place, regarding the town in which they live, within 20 miles of them. Pair up with a friend and make a commitment to regularly attend these meeting once you locate them. Take good notes for dissemination in e-mail, and for the blog that you created a few steps back. Once you get a feel for how the meetings work, take that next bold step and get your time on the microphone to express your views. Remember, these people are elected, and have their salaries paid for, by you.

• Video Journalism – Most everyone has a phone with video capabilities these days, and a YouTube account is still free last time I checked. Take a topic that you are opinionated about and take to the streets. If you are friendly and act appropriately, most people will stop to answer a question or two while you record it. Take the video and post it on your newly created YouTube account. Look at the work of guys like Mark Dice or Luke Rudkowski. I do not know them personally, but I would bet that neither of them has formal acting lessons on their resume’. Trust me, it gets easier each time you do it.

• Call for a Town Hall Meeting – Post flyers with the skills that you practiced earlier in this list and call for a Town hall meeting. It will likely be slow going at first, but, then again, you may realize instant success; for many people are fed-up these days. Many local restaurants have larger meeting rooms and would welcome the increased traffic on their slow evenings. Like a Tuesday, for example. Perhaps you can even speak to the manager and get them to agree to post a flyer, or otherwise promote your meeting. If it grows beyond the restaurants capacity, a local hotel meeting room can be rented for fairly cheap, especially on those slow nights through the week. Pass a hat around to cover the expense. 

Nathan: Town Hall meetings can also be on-line through free services (like a temporary account at or  And Libraries often have meeting rooms for “community organizations,” and churches often will have room on other than Sundays or Wednesdays in their meeting houses.

• Run for Public Office – I am not so certain that we can effect much change within the current corrupt system, but we have to try while we still can. I am no expert on running for public office, but I do know how to search YouTube and the web to find answers. Do not try to take on the world right away. Run for something like your school board, or PTA. Get your feet wet before you decide to go big-time. Your town does have a website, and on it you will likely find all of the forms or requirements that you will need to run for public office. If you stand firm on the US Constitution and maintain a strong foundation for liberty, your message will sell – that I can almost guarantee.That’s all I have for now. As I said, the list is not complete, but hopefully it’s a good start.

I implore those who may read these musings to take that next step from gathering Intel, to taking action. Freedom is NEVER free, and there is no time like the present to start paying your share. This country is bleeding out right before our eyes… is there not a cause?

Nathan: As I said earlier, these eight ideas may or may not make an impact – and they MAY make an impact in some locations and circumstances. Each of us must decide for ourselves.

What IS needed is to prepare for a future in which most of these things have NOT worked: where not just SOME elections are totally corrupted, but where ALL elections are corrupt and just put into power the people that will go along to get along. Where townhall meetings, even virtual ones, are forbidden for “security reasons,” and where all communications are intercepted and cut off if they say anything that is not approved or acceptable. Where blogging anything but cute cat pictures and porn is impossible “due to technical difficulties.” Where cops routinely carry a device in their car trunk and go around the vicinity of ANY scene where there has been “interaction” and “mind-wipe” every phone and tablet and camera – and beat up anyone who tries to keep them from doing it.

Modern society is like a big, 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, in which the edges of the puzzle are now complete, and the middle is being filled in, one piece at a time: the isolated clusters are being joined together, and the empty space (the free space, the space for liberty, in society) is being broken up and filled in. We are rapidly coming to the point where the only way to keep the puzzle: the matrix, the Brave New World, the 1984 State; from being completed is to turn over the table on which the puzzle is located. Are we brave enough to do that? I don’t know the answer, not for us as a people. But we must try.

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, all of the suggestions here simply serve to validate the false “authority” of government and rulers of all kinds. Let’s think of ways to take back our natural and rightful authority over our lives and property instead. No politician is ever going to be moved to honesty and love of liberty by our emails, phone calls or internet activity. I, for one, refuse to ask them anything. I don’t recognize that they have any legitimate authority over my life.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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