Libertarian Commentary on the News, 16 November 2015, #15-46A: Drums of War

By Nathan Barton

The drums of war are beating.  World Net Daily states that France is invoking the North Atlantic Treaty Article 5 to require ALL members of NATO go to a FORMAL war footing against the Caliphate, even while the French launch fresh attacks against ISIS targets in Syria and Mesopotamia, regardless of borders or whether or not it makes sense.  They want to invoke “third block” war when they are using second-generation tactics to fight a fourth-generation war.

There is fear that Syria and Russia will think this is a false-flag attack (the one in Paris) and an excuse to put down the Syrian regime.  I see it as at least a chance to get the West to stop the insanity of supporting ANY Muslim faction (the Assad regime is not really Muslim and certainly not Islamist). Third World War? No, I think that the squatter in 1600 PA and the rest of the Tranzi scum in the capitals of Europe will not allow the West to go to war with the Ummah, let alone win it.

But what is particularly ominous, as reported by WND, is that “congressional leadership” is discussing an internment of “ALL” Muslims in the Fifty States. a la the mass round-up of Japanese Americans in 1942. I find this even more ludicrous than the idea of going to war with “Radical Islam” or the Ummah. Frankly, Congress doesn’t have the guts to do this when we know that the tyrant will not.  And even if it DID, overnight, dozens of cities would spring up as “sanctuary” cities for Muslims, and Katie bar the gate.

Of course, maybe the Ummah will just collapse all by itself.  Fox News tells us that many of the European and American converts to Islam, and particularly recruited to the Caliphate’s conquering armies, are finding not all is well.  As Mama Liberty points out, it is extremely funny that they are upset because the coffee is bad (no Starbucks!!!) and the beauty shops are tacky and unfriendly, and the makeup styles are… unmentionable.

Meanwhile,  the touchy-feely sort of leftists, pawns of the Tranzi overloards, will continue to gut society.  For example, the City of Greensboro, North Carolina, is trying to disarm its citizens and residents, according to a story in The Blaze.  During a special “nonviolence event” the police department asked people to voluntarily sign a “nonviolence pledge” and also, voluntarily, turn in any “unwanted” firearms, especially handguns.  There was no compensation, money or other, given for the weapons, and no information on how many were turned in.  There is no idea or indication of how many people still have guns in Greensboro, so this may or may not be a good target for the next Islamist terrorist attack (never fear, there are many as good as Paris right here in North America). There was also nothing said about the police chief and his officers and staff leading by example, either in signing the nonviolence pledge or turning in weapons.  No real surprise there, of course. The police do NOT believe in or practice nonviolence and, indeed, are avid participants in AGGRESSIVE violence to force people to do the will of the police officers and government(s) for which the police work.

Another wrong-headed move is featured in a story in Popular Science.  A company has invented a “gun safety accessory” that supposedly will keep automatic pistols (not revolvers or long-arms) from being fired by “the wrong hands.”  It has a system that locks around the gun safety (apparently NOT the trigger) that can store up to FIVE “authorized” users thumbprints and can be programmed by the owner, to recognize an authorized gunner “in a second.”  And there will be a lefthanded version.  It will retail for 200 bucks, which PopSci touts as “reasonable to save a child’s life.”  My question is, how many children’s lives (and other’s) will be LOST because someone cannot get to and use a gun quickly? Among other things, last time I checked, many families have left- and right-handed people. But of equal concern will be how many progressive communities (and even states) will MANDATE this stupid little device?  200 bucks is still a lot of money to many of us. Indeed, many of the pistols people own cost less than that – people already are NOT able to afford to defend themselves amd this would drive the cost up further. And create a new “crime.” Maybe they need to get these for the cops.

Mama’s Note: Even if these things were handed out “free” to low income folks, the actual cost in lives would be significant. Electronic devices fail, and we all know that they fail often when most needed. Keeping guns out of the hands of “unauthorized” persons is not really all that difficult, and someone who can’t be bothered to take those steps is not apt to change the batteries. The whole point of these schemes is to make gun ownership so expensive and inconvenient that the “good guys” will give up. Nothing, of course, will stop the bad guys from keeping and bearing arms. You can take that to the bank. I’d love to see all government employees mandated to carry this piece of electronic junk first… and the fact that it’s never going to happen tells us all we really need to know about their motives and goals…

The cops, who more than ever seem to base their service on offers from the highest bidder.  Or just grab what they can (that happened in Katrina, as I recall).  Blacklisted News tells a fascinating tale from New Haven, Connecticut – emphasis on the “con” part. Apparently the cops are going into unlocked cars and taking anything in plain sight and putting them in a police station to be claimed by the owner (unless, of course, they turned out to be TWICE-stolen goods).  They’ll leave a receipt, of course.  And they promise they won’t take any other action if they happen to find something “illegal,” like money or weapons or a little herb…  Right.

Quick! A break from this doom and gloom.  Feast your eyes on this little goodie.  The Icon A5 seaplane, as featured on The Verge, requires a few things, and only a sports pilot’s license, to make it suitable for recon and even light attack duties in the coming domestic war.  And it is fun!

Mama’s Note: Oh, that is truly beautiful. Wish I could have one. Just two little problems with that… I don’t have the $250,000 to pay for it, and no body of water to land it in. Anyway, I’ll hold out for a flying car. Buzzing herds of antelope on the way to the grocery store sounds like so much fun.

One more fun thing for the doom and gloom cure. This is an old story but worth sharing.  Late last month, an appeals court in California turned away a claim from a man who visited a “haunted house” and — well, let’s turn to the deadpan language on Page 1 of the ruling…“After passing what he believed was the exit and ‘giggling and laughing’ with his friends about how much fun they had, [Scott] Griffin unexpectedly was confronted by a final scare known as the ‘Carrie’ effect — so named because, like the horror film Carrie, patrons are led to believe the attraction is over, only to be met by one more extreme fright.  This was delivered by an actor wielding a gas-powered chain saw (the chain had been removed), who approached Griffin, frightened him and gave chase when Griffin ran away. Griffin was injured when he fell while fleeing. [He hurt his wrist.] Griffin sued… alleging negligence and assault.” The court told Mr. Griffin to take a hike: “At bottom, his complaint here is [that the defendant] delivered on its promise to scare the wits out of him.” Or so says the Hollywood Reporter. Hey! Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  (As long as it isn’t digital.)

Mama’s Note: My mother used to warn us often to be careful what we asked for… because sometimes we truly do get it, and often won’t like it.


About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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