Libertarian Commentary on the News, 30 November 2015, #15-48A: This and That, Bid Farewell to November

by Nathan Barton

Politics 2015: Sadly, he will quickly learn that GOP is just as bad in its own way. He seems a likeable and dedicated young man, and has high hopes. The Blaze reports how, bucking years and years of tradition, a young Dineh (Navajo) Arizona State Senator, appointed to replace another and then elected in his own right as a Democrat (as are easily 95% of most AmerInd tribal politicians) has gotten disgusted with the Democratic Party and switched to the GOP. Political affiliations in many tribes, including the Dineh, are very much tied to tradition and past history. For example, both the Dineh and the Ahkota (Sioux) tribes have a deep hatred of the Republican Party thanks especially to one man (Abraham Lincoln) who oversaw many offenses against tribes (such as the execution of captured Dakota warriors after the failed Great Sioux Uprising in Minnesota in 1862, and the Dineh’s “Great Fear” of 1863-64 which crushed Navajo resistance, as well as the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864 in Colorado). And GOP presidents were in office during the last 30 years of the Indian Wars.

Then in the 1970s, the Nixon administration tried to implement termination of reservations. So AmerInd and Democratic politicians conveniently forget the record of Democratic presidents like Andrew Jackson (who stole millions of acres from various tribes both before and during his presidency), and the ignominious record of presidents like Wilson, FDR, and LBJ.

Sexually-transmitted diseases have long been the bane of those who either have all the morals of a cat in heat, or have a spouse with such. And some diseases, such as HIV/AIDS have long been associated with homosexual behavior, demonstrated time and again by studies. But CNS News reveals another aspect of this public health situation: 75% of all syphilis cases are the result of men having sex with other men: homosexual behavior. And MOST STD’s are the result of such behavior. Such diseases are relatively easy to prevent, if you care about it, but it seems that such things are not a great concern to many homosexuals. Their self-destructive behavior is hard to understand. And the current massive political support by Tranzis (and too many supposed conservatives and libertarians) for homosexuals means that data like this is quickly suppressed and almost always ignored.

Mama’s Note: I can’t think of a single reason why either the morals or diseases of homosexuals (or anyone else) should be my problem. It’s too bad, of course, but if they don’t care… I don’t know why I should. People, of all kinds, must take personal responsibility for themselves and live with the consequences of their choices and actions.

But self destructive behavior is not hard to understand. I suspect it is one of nature’s more subtle ways to weed out those not fit to survive. And they do it to themselves.

Too many people are willing to condemn homosexual behavior but think “anything goes” when it comes to heterosexual sex: adultery, divorce, “serial monogamy” (or is it serial polygamy?), and pretty much the whole range. Feminist versions of Tranzis are particularly hypocritical, condemning prostitution on the one hand as being manipulative and abusive of women, while praising it on the other as being “liberating” and demonstrating the woman’s “control of her own body.” I haven’t seen, yet, any reaction from such to this news story from the WaPo that conditions have deteriorated so much in Greece that many women are selling sex for the price of a sandwich, to tourists and “migrants” and their own local menfolk. Indeed, not only are prices dropping dramatically (from 50 euros down to an incredible 2 euros for a half-hour “date”, while the average European price of sex is dropping from 180 euros per hour), but the number of prostitutes is climbing dramatically, and local girls are driving Eastern European immigrants out of the business. The WaPo blames the economy and the internet for this. The economic disaster in Greece is mostly due to the Greek government and the European Union, of course. But I don’t suppose the men who buy the service can be blamed, eh?

Mama’s Note: Nobody to blame. It’s the free market in operation, more or less. The occupation or sexual partners, for gain or otherwise, is simply the responsibility of those involved and nobody else.

People are disgusting, no doubt about it. But few are as gross and sickening as the people that Americans are stupid enough to allow into Congress. Breitbart reports that 114 Democrats in the House of Representatives have sold their power for a lot less than a bowl of pottage: publicly urging the squatter at 1600 PA to take away MORE power from Congress and use his “executive powers” to dictate background checks for private transactions involving weapons, and other gun control measures. The Founding Fathers, seen as dupes in hindsight, were foolish enough to believe that Congress would so value their powers that they would act as a check on the tyranny of the executive, and vice versa. They seemingly never dreamed that ideology would encourage the “people’s representatives” to surrender power to an elected dictator and urge him to abuse that power. I don’t know whether they really didn’t understand how the Roman Senate prostrated itself (and prostituted itself) to Augustus, or just thought that people could learn lessons from history.

Mama’s Note: So few people seem to understand, after all the clear evidence in history, that when some people are given power over other people, regardless of their original intent or methods, the inevitable result is tyranny and bloodshed. Inevitable.

Of course, military leaders can be as stupid as political ones. Press TV explains that the US military is very concerned about Russia’s imminent deployment of an advanced missile defense system to Syria. The Kremlin has announced it send S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to Latakia in northwestern Syria in the wake of Turkish jets shooting down a Russian warplane. The FedGov thinks the S-400 pose a significant threat, and raise “significant concerns” for the US military conducting airstrikes in Syria. “It’s a capable weapons system, posing a significant threat to anyone”, an official told AFP. (Contradicting claims by other FedGov military sources that the Russians are incompetent and out-dated.) “Significant concerns relate to air operations in Syria.” The S-400 has a range of about 400 kilometers and can destroy tactical and strategic aircraft as well as ballistic and cruise missiles.

Maybe the FedGov SHOULD be worried. Obviously FedGov “concerns” are that the Caliphate will gain control of the weapons, just as it has gotten millions of dollars of weapons furnished by the FedGov to the “Iraqi” government.  And of course, even if Russian troops remain in control of the systems, DC figures that Russian soldiers can make “human errors” just like the FedGov troops do (as when bombing hospitals belonging to MSF). But mostly it seems as if DC is upset that politicians in the White House can’t send out fighters, bombers, and drones to kill people with impunity as they have been doing for years.

As for firing shots… On Friday, a bizarre incident in Colorado Springs, which resulted in three dead, has created all kinds of interesting fallout.  An 57-year-old certified nutjob, for still unknown reasons, opened fire with a rifle (“long arm”) near a King Soopers grocery store and a Planned Parenthood clinic (not performing abortions).  It was originally reported that the firing started AFTER police vehicles began arriving, and did NOT start at the clinic, but some other location and MOVED to the clinic.  This tidbit has vanished in recent reporting, and the assumption, even in the “conservative” and “alternative” media is that the attack was ON the PLanned Parenthood clinic.  In fact, CNN is reporting that the killer said something about “body parts” AFTER he surrendered. Social media glommed onto the “rightwing hater” mode quickly, and even revelations like the one in World Net Daily about this bizarre killer (he is registered to vote as an “unaffiliated” FEMALE voter in Park County) did not change that.  And not only that, but now we have MORE nutcases claiming that it was “white privilege” that kept the cops from gunning him down, as reported in The Blaze.  NONE of the dead apparently were PP employees; don’t know about the non-cops who were wounded.  Of course, like so many other incidents, we probably will never know the truth.  But again, I point out: if ANYone had been armed OTHER than the mad gunman, and the police responding too late to an already bad situation, the bloodletting would almost certainly have not been nearly so bad.

Mama’s Note: And, of course, what the media never points out is that none of these mad murderers are ordinary people who are armed and ready to defend themselves. I think that “permits” are BS, but it is true that permit holders are, in general, far less apt to become violent and harm others than… say the police? Police Officers Three Times More Likely to Murder Than Concealed Carry Permit Holders.

In addition, the people who were under attack here – as always – were the ones responsible to act as “first responders” and defend themselves. Nobody else has that obligation, actually, however well armed they might be. Fortunately, some are willing to intervene and assist the helpless – all too often the intentionally helpless, but this just wasn’t one of those times… and we’ll never know how many bystanders were armed and simply chose not to get involved.

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