How Much Can We Take? Mainstream Media

By Nathan Barton

Just how much of this bilge can we take, much less believe? On Wednesday, 30 December 2015, these were the afternoon “political-national” headlines from the Infamous Washington Post (the WaPo), flagship of mainstream media. Read them on an empty stomach.

Mama’s Note: Instead of an empty stomach, if you insist on reading this stuff please do have at least some soda crackers and milk handy. Dry heaves are such pain… ML checking in as the NURSE here. 🙂

Rubio used political position to help troubled brother-in-law in ’02 While a powerful state lawmaker, Rubio urged officials to grant a real estate license to his brother-in-law, a convicted cocaine trafficker who had been released from prison 20 months earlier, according to records obtained by The Post.

This was the top story: Rubio’s a RINO and a fake conservative but he still is GOP, and the MSM doesn’t like that. No doubt we will soon find out that he sings the sick words to Cat Steven’s old song (“the cat’s in the kettle at the Peking Moon”) and actually ate his family’s pet cat. We are fairly sure that Clinton, Obama, and Carter all had drug-dealing family members (as did the Bushes and many others), and all of them had relatives that “mysteriously” got good jobs or special privileges. They are, frankly, all scumbags…

“Storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point…” The average winter temperature around the North Pole is minus-20[F], but on Wednesday it was estimated to be about as warm as Chicago. This was discussed by several talk shows today: the information is just plain WRONG. Temperatures Wednesday (remember, the North Pole is in the Long Night: there has been NO sunshine since the 7th of October and will be no sun for another 79 days, as of the 30th of December). When you read the story, this “50 degree day” is CALCULATED based on models.

There IS NO WEATHER STATION at the REAL North Pole (and no Santa’s Workshop, either, sorry…). In North Pole, ALASKA it was 33 today. And it was 19 degrees today in North Pole, Colorado (near Pikes Peak). But based on REAL observations, it is probably only about -15F. This is the kind of lying we can expect from the mainstream media. As always.

“Rivers rise to record levels in Midwest, flooding will be ‘major to historic’ More than 20 people have died in the floods and the worst has yet to come in Missouri and Illinois.”

“Historic” is a big word, and yet a little one, as well. It is ALL history. And there is also “recorded” history. I can tell you, as an engineer with a lot of geology and soils and related training, that the Mississippi has flooded a LOT more than this, based on soils and sand deposits and topography. Of course, there are a LOT more people and houses and buildings along the Mississippi today than ever in the past, and a LOT MORE really STUPID people who do stupid things and get themselves killed, build in floodplains and floodways, and expect government (taxpayers) to bail them out or… I dunno, revive them? As with the bogus North Pole temperatures, this is all the usual effort to promote global warming.

Really? Cosby charged in 2004 sexual assault case; bail set at $1 million. For the first time, the entertainer faced charges in connection with an accusation, prosecutors in PA announced. AND ‘Taste the wine’: What his accuser told prosecutors he did, in graphic detail Bill Cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. Here’s what the criminal complaint says. Well, sleeze sells, and since the WaPo doesn’t have Page 3 girls anymore, they have to do something to boost sales. How much of this is true? Funny how it was kept quiet for decades but now there are supposedly dozens if not hundreds who were molested? Is it because of his politics, or a desire to tear down a successful black man who did NOT have a reputation as a slimy piece of street filth? Who made at least a few comments about how the elite have worked tirelessly to destroy black families in the US? Even if it IS true, how different was he from dozens if not hundreds of other black celebrities who have and DO exploit women and children? And why is THIS in “political news?”

Mama’s Note: And what about Bill Clinton? His sexual misconduct surely can’t be any less than Crosby is accused of. I require proof, not simply accusations, and I suspect that all of the women involved were consenting at the time. The idea that people can come out of the woodwork ten or twenty years later and cry rape or assault is unacceptable. If they were adults at the time, they are responsible for their own actions, then and now. I don’t like Cosby or his politics, but this kind of persecution is part of the PC sickness of our time.

“Man killed in crash with Secret Service agents had ‘extensive’ criminal history.”

The agents suffered “serious, but non-life-threatening injuries” during the head-on car collision, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy said. Now, a single-fatality car crash, even with six other injured, is hardly national news, but these SS men were on “protective duty” guarding none other than Hillary Clinton. Given the tremendous record of fatal “accidents” in the Clintons’ history, and their attitude towards the Secret Service, maybe this was something planned that went wrong? Pure speculation on my part. The guy DID have an extensive “criminal” history but most of it was related to his continuously going out and getting drunk, driving and causing accidents. Frankly this story is more “National Enquirer” material.

But the Clinton’s come up again, in an even MORE “National Enquirer” style article: A guide to the allegations of Bill Clinton’s womanizing, Donald Trump says that former president Bill Clinton has a history of abuse toward women. To what is he referring? As if we didn’t already have a pretty big clue. Not that Clinton was anything new; we know that FDR had his share, JFK had a revolving door installed, LBJ seems to have done “well” for himself and Clinton is certainly right in line… And not just Dems, either, although Ike supposedly did not during the White House years, he had a government-paid-for paramour in the UK during WW2. No doubt there were others.

Mama’s Note: Most of those women were consenting adults, and few or none were likely “abused” in any way. Aside from the problem with such things being paid for with stolen tax money, it’s nobody else’s business.

Pizza led to ‘affluenza’ teen’s capture.” Fugitive Ethan Couch, accused of violating his probation for a drunken-driving incident that left four people dead, was found with his mother in a Mexican resort city. Again, exactly HOW is this national, political news? Because he (and his mom) are border jumpers INTO Mexico (a “man-bites-dog” sort of story)? This kid obviously has not learned anything. Frankly, you wonder if in the old days the concept of the judge telling the felon, “a year in prison or enlist today,” didn’t make some sense in cases like this.

Is this true? Fatal shootings of police down 14% this year, one of the safest on record for officers. The numbers contrast sharply with the view that there is a “war on cops” in the wake of demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere over fatal shootings by police.  Maybe so, even while fatal shootings BY cops are up, up, up (nearing 1200 for the year: more than 3 a day). The question perhaps should be, WHY IS THERE NOT A “war on cops” now? Yes, we are told it is only a very few (1-2%) of cops that kill 12-year-old kids within seconds of seeing them, and use mop handles to rape men, and use shotguns on straying cats, but the other 97-98% HIDE or CONDONE their crimes, and only 1 in a hundred has the moral courage to speak up (and usually don’t get to be cops very long). Yes, SOME shootings by cops ARE justifiably self-defense, or in defense of others. But… no accountability, no responsibility, poor screening and hiring, and poor discipline: we need to get rid of this army of occupation. Clearly, the WaPo has mixed feelings but falls on the side of the cops.

These are literally just a few examples: the contents of the afternoon e-mail news bulletin of the “Gray Lady” (the Lady IS a Tramp) on a single day, next to the last day of 2015. But they show how little we can depend on the mainstream media for anything that can be trusted, and which we can use to understand the world around us.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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  1. RE: THE North Pole- Actually the Norwegians at least have a station there (they give the coords as 90N 0E, 0 masl. It’s pretty common for various agencies to drop a remote out on the ice. Tricky part is they drift, especially in the summer.

    At any rate, by real measurements, THE North Pole got unseasonably w/a/r/m/ not-as-cold: -6C/21F. But by some of the stuff I saw in the muddia, I’m fairly sure theidiots confused the Pole with North Pole, AK (south of Fairbanks, fer cryin’ out loud).


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