Libertarian Commentary on the News, 31 DEC 2015, #15-52C: End of the Year

By Nathan Barton

It has been a bad year in many respects, both worldwide and in the Fifty States and in Colorado and South Dakota and for business and family, but we should not let events keep us from appreciating and being thankful for the good things and the good times that we’ve experienced.

We have more wars than ever, and the threat of those wars expanding (including those that have already expanded).  And despite claims to the contrary (see below), we still are relatively peaceful here at home in the Fifty States.  In much of the nation, we are still relatively free from threat from government and other gangs, and able to travel pretty freely, and enjoy a good deal of liberty.  Which has expanded in some ways, often due to technology and economics (like the price of fuel right now, and better, more secure communications).

It is easy, in listening to or watching or reading the daily and weekly news, to get caught up in a sense of hopelessness.  But we need to remember that things DO NOT HAVE TO STAY THIS WAY.  That the sun can and WILL break out through the thick cloud cover of tyranny and unenlightened selfishness and all the rest.

2016 WILL be a better year than 2015, no matter what happens, because we have the future, and we made it through the past. Meanwhile, some news and commentary for the last day of the year:

Sounds to me like grounds for secession in 2016.  According to SRN News, a formal letter from DHS (itself an unconstitutional agency, stealing away powers that the Constitution reserved for the Fifty States and did NOT give to the FedGov) told the State of Missouri (one of five states) that their drivers licenses are no longer acceptable as ID to get onto military bases, in FedGov offices, and for such things as social security, with a threat of not being allowed to fly commercially.  I fully expect the states to each cave, but wish, so very much, that Columbia, Springfield, and the others would tell DC to just go away, apply for UN membership (symbolically only; I think the UN is bad), and declare their state drivers licenses to be “passports.”  And of course, occupy federal facilities, such as Scott Air Force Base (command and major installation of Air Mobility Command:  all the air transport) and Fort Leonard Wood (major training installation) and Whiteman AFB (Home of B2 bombers).  Actually, DC ought to be overjoyed: another five nations to go to war in and with!  And excuse for more crackdowns in the remaining 45.

I discussed this previously: the SoCal Gas storage facility at Porter Ranch in California is leaking, badly. Thousands of people are being evacuated, and the problem will continue for months, well into 2016.  According to Zero Hedge things are very bad, but STILL nothing from the White House, or Congress. In fact, it was just Tuesday that a STATE legislator announced that he was seeking “legislative hearings” into the situation, as reported by KBAK TV. We know that such hearings are just a way to really do nothing. And Breitbart on Sunday reported that a court ordered 5,000 evacuations, to be paid at the rate of $8,500 per month per household by SoCal Gas; AND revealed perhaps one reason this isn’t high on any government’s priority list: a member of the board of SoCal’s parent company is none other than Gov. Jerry Brown’s sister.  Breitbart also claims the leak is 500,000 metric tons PER MONTH (550,000 US tons): or about ten times what had been reported elsewhere. “Greenhouse gas” emissions equal to MORE that what ALL of California’s commercial sources produce.  To me, this is one more proof that the “global warming” scare is bogus: nothing more than an excuse for tyranny.

Some states, we all know, have more tyranny already, than the Fifty States as a whole.  And for that matter, than worldwide.  The names come readily to mind, and California tops the list.  World Net Daily talks about the new law going into effect which will allow police to confiscate guns without notice and without any real legal process, simply acting on a tip or a complaint (anonymous, of course, just like the old pre-Revolutionary French “carte blanche”), and let the cops keep them without any legal process for a minimum of 21 days.  This is a result of the nutcase who had worried his parents and yet been vetted by the authorities, who went on a killing spree a few years ago. This new law would NOT have prevented even THAT guy from his killing spree.  But that doesn’t bother the California government.  Don’t worry, the “experts” say this new government power won’t be used very often.  Right. The question to ask for 2016 is exactly how many people will actually obey and surrender their weapons or those of family members. And how many times using this law will actually TRIGGER the violence it is “supposed” to prevent?

Mama’s Note: How often will this be another vicious tool of the disaffected, women seeking every opportunity to damage the lives of former boyfriends or husbands, or even other family members. It’s quite a gift to the control freaks everywhere. And don’t expect that 21 day deal to mean anything. Once the cops have the guns, nobody is likely to be able to recover them.

Strawman?  Popular Science Magazine has an article telling us how people who have an issue with vaccination, GMO foods, chemtrails and other cloudseeding, and other technology are being condemned as “anti-science” and how that is just simply NOT true, but that there is nothing wrong with being “anti-science.”  This is NOT something I can recall hearing, but what a PERFECT way to denigrate opponents to such things!

What gives? Who gave ANYone the power to maintain a database that supposedly has EVERY registered voter in the Fifty States (AND DC) in it? If that had not been done (without authority), then this incident reported by Forbes would NOT have happened. Imagine: 191 million registered voters’ personal information available at the click of a few keys! Will anyone be held responsible for this? Don’t make me laugh. Could anyone make any kind of restitution for this? Please. What other kinds of things like this remain to happen?

Mama’s Note: Since all the information involved is already a matter of public record, I don’t see anything to really get upset about. The people who “vote” actually do authorize the use of this information, in any way the government wants.

Panic in the streets!  Or at least, on line.  Several reported it, but go straight to Congress to read about it. The bill would seem to ban ALL semiautomatic firearms: pistols, .22-cal rifles (unless they have a fixed magazine), and of course, the eeeevvvviiillll AR-15 and AK47 and SKS and all the other sporting and self-defense long arms.  Even the venerable M1A carbine and the cheap and popular HiPoint carbine and pistols, or at least some versions, apparently.  The M1911A1 and Luger would be included as well.  And anything that holds more than 10 rounds of ammo. There would apparently (maybe) be an exception if you already own such a storage device. One commenter wrote: “This is the worst case scenario that many Americans have feared.” ( has a long, agonized tirade.) I think that both responses are over the top because the likelihood of this passing Congress is very low, in large part because this (I think) WOULD trigger the revolt that so many of them fear. Evidence in even Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado, and California indicate that disobedience of a law like this would be very widespread and anything BUT civil. Blood WOULD be shed very quickly. But meanwhile, too much of the alternative media sees this as a fund-raising opportunity, and it WILL definitely once again boost sales.

Mama’s Note: No problem… let the 2A groups raise funds and everyone enjoy the sales. More and more, people all over the country are giving one response to this kind of thing: NO. We will not comply. Your move.

If the politicians really want a civil war… bring it on. And most of them truly don’t have a clue just what they are messing with.

Islamic wars are continuing: The WaPo reports that at least 80 have been killed as Boko Haram launched attacks in two Nigerian cities. “Islamist extremists from Boko Haram struck a city and a town in northeastern Nigeria with rocket-propelled grenades and multiple suicide bombers Monday, killing at least 80 people, witnesses said. In Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, at least 30 people were killed and more than 90 wounded in overnight blasts and shootouts, and 20 died in a bombing outside a mosque at dawn Monday, said Muhammed Kanar, area coordinator for the National Emergency Management Agency.” We can expect these to continue in 2016, but in 2015 we saw more resistance. I think that more and more Nigerians are realizing that their government, far from protecting them from Boko Haram, is as much as an enemy as the Islamists.

I often comment on the unreliability of polls, and this one is no exception.  We don’t know what the questions were, which is the major way that polls are biased; even if the population and sample are done properly.  The Blaze discusses an AP-NORC poll which, if accurate, reminds us that if we have government (bad idea), why a republic is the only possibly-tolerable form.  “Majorities both of Republicans (67 percent) and Democrats (55 percent) favor government surveillance of Americans’ Internet activities to watch for suspicious activity that might be connected to terrorism. Independents are more divided, with 40 percent in favor and 35 percent opposed. Only a third of Americans under 30, but nearly two-thirds 30 and older, support warrantless surveillance.

The poll finds that for most Americans, safety concerns trump civil liberties at least some of the time. More than half – 54 percent – say it’s sometimes necessary for the government to sacrifice freedoms to fight terrorism, while 45 percent think that’s not necessary. On a more general level, 42 percent say it’s more important for the government to ensure Americans’ safety than to protect citizens’ rights, while 27 percent think rights are more important and 31 percent rate both equally.”  This just reinforces the idea that neither the GOP nor the Dem Parties can be trusted to protect or restore liberty; they do not place high enough value on God’s great gift to us.  It also reminds us how important is the protection of the minority (NOT “minorities”) from the tyranny of the majority, in the past, now, and in the future. In 2016, we have an opportunity to again defend and regain our liberty. Let us use it well!

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, 31 DEC 2015, #15-52C: End of the Year

  1. richard says:

    Correction: I meant DSM-5.


  2. richard says:

    Me thinks the vague definition of ‘depression’ will soon rear it’s ugly head as grounds for confiscation. Even the definition under DSM-IV can be widely interpreted…such to the point that Jesus Christ could be so diagnosed. Of course this law is unconstitutional because it violated the 5A. And as of course, the state couldn’t care less.

    When firearms are confiscated is a chit issued or some other means to make whole the individual for their financial loss? One not be a legal scholar to see how this law could not stand in court. But it will stand because the argument will be to refer to clinical diagnosis and to provide for the safety of the public. Mere words constructed to allow the state to advance towards it’s goals. Another instance in history comes to mind and that would be witch trials decided upon unsubstantiated hearsay. But oh is the state compassionate; no longer is one threatened with being burned at the stake. Instead, one is given a mark although it is indelible and permanent.

    2016 is the year of the trifecta; anti-govt, anti-muslim, anti-gun grabbers. Any of which will brand one has a threat to society therefore to be breathlessly condemned, stripped of their inalienable rights. Let’s get this party started!


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