Government Secrets – Secret Police

Libertarian Commentary #16-08D by Nathan Barton

Government is virtually synonymous with “secret” – no, not necessarily some “secret government” or (current term) “deep state” or “shadow government.” But secrets. Every “freedom of information” act has its loopholes, carefully crafted to allow officials and bureaucrats to hide a lot. Files (and e-mails) and documents disappear or get “misfiled” and information on their activities is just not available. Raw data is “lost” and often “routinely” destroyed. It isn’t just a FedGov thing: state and local and tribal governments are as bad. Here are some examples from recent news.

That is WHY they are called “secret police.” The WaPo reports that the Virginia Dominion Senate has passed a bill to make the names of police officers secret. That the heirs of the legacy of the House of Burgesses should become agents of tyranny and embrace a police state like this, so blatantly, should make you violently ill. Not that an organization called the “Virginia State Police” should EVER be considered as anything but evidence that it serves anything BUT a tyranny, a police state. (And yes, I apply that to ANY of the Fifty States that has a “State Police” and many of those where broad powers have been given to so-called “State Patrol” and “Highway Patrol” organizations.) This evil bill stinks so much that even the WaPo is opposed to it (although their opposition is pretty self-serving).

What makes this even MORE mind-numbingly sick is that the bill is in response to a series of incidents where police forces in Virginia flat-out refused to obey existing law, denying the public the right to know and violating open records and freedom of information laws.

Of course, the identity of their agents (excuse me, “officers”) is not the ONLY secret of the various “law enforcement” (and law-breaking) organizations (our standing army of occupation for the Fifty States). And at the same time, they demand that WE (you know, normal people and businesses and private organizations) give up all our secrets.

This what is happening with the FBI versus Apple, on the San Bernardino killers business. The Free Thought Project claims that it has been admitted by the FedGov that the password on the killer’s iCloud account was changed WHILE the phone was in FBI hands, which would have required access to the iPhone – the implication being that the phone’s security has ALREADY been breached, either though some backdoor hacker attack OR because the Feebes already know the password for the phone. Has the FBI secretly accessed the phone, but figures that they can use this as an excuse to get Apple to let them into EVERYONE’s phone? Again, this sort of deception is classic for secret police.

Mama’s Note: The phone in question actually belonged to the county of San Bernardino. It was regularly backed up to the internet “cloud” and the information on that phone was immediately available to the county and to the “officials” from the start. An employee (not real clear who) changed the password at some point. Why that person can’t access it again, since he/she knows the password entered, is not clear at all. And yes, I think this was all a bold attempt to blackmain Apple. And also the usual dog and pony show…

As is the use of informants: and the FedGov’s secret police have plenty of those. One of the biggest is, right now (and probably for a long time) a useful idiot named Bill Gates (ABC News). As a Zero Hedge contributor points out, this has been going on since 1999. Microsoft is a stool pigeon, and don’t forget it.

And of course, not the only one, and not the only one who sits in “high places” or is fabulously wealthy. The Intercept, in an article last year, claims that the FBI has 15,000 domestic informants (the polite term), and that many of these are more instigators than informers. Again, standard secret police action.

Mama’s Note: Many people take the opportunity this provides to do some Simon Jester work. Think about it.

Why? The Bible tells us that evil is afraid of the light: evil men operate in darkness. And government is evil. Enough is enough.

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