Islamic wars: the future of the world?

Libertarian Commentary #16-20C By Nathan Barton

To listen to the news, things are unraveling rapidly world-wide, especially in the Islamic world (the Ummah, or Dal al-Islam).

The killing continues, and most are Muslim-on-Muslim attacks. (But of course, the West is to blame, just as Anglos are to blame for black-on-black killings in the American ghettos.) In Yemen, two blasts killed 37 police officers, as reported by the Straits Times [Singapore] “A suicide attack claimed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group and a separate bombing killed 37 police officers Saturday in the Yemeni port of Mukalla, where a year of Al-Qaeda rule was ended just last month. The suicide attack was the second attack in days claimed by ISIS in the city of 200,000 people, which was recaptured by government forces, with United States backing.” Not that a LACK of FedGov backing would keep these idiot partisans of Allah from killing each other.

And over to the north of Yemen, in Mesopotamia (Iraq), yet another Caliphate attack and bombings left 29 dead , according to the Virginian-Pilot “The Islamic State group launched a coordinated assault Sunday on a natural gas plant north of Baghdad that killed at least 14 people, while a string of other bomb attacks in or close to the capital killed 15 others, Iraqi officials said. The dawn attack on the gas plant began with a suicide car bombing at the facility’s main gate in the town of Taji, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Baghdad. Several suicide bombers and militants then broke into the plant and clashed with security forces. The dead included six civilians and eight security forces; 27 troops were wounded.” It does seem that the Islamic “people” are about as stupid as the protesters in Washington State (last commentary). Or more stupid, because none of the nutcases in Washington State are actually killing themselves to shut down the refineries.

Elsewhere in Mesopotamia the National Iraqi [sic] News Agency reported a single engagement in which 157 “terrorists” were killed and 37 “Iraqi soldiers/policemen” were martyred, part of a death toll of 363 in just a single day in the land of peace and submission. It reminds me of the way that some people moan over the death of a cop who did something stupid and got himself killed, or was abusing someone (innocent or not) and again, got himself killed.

This bloodbath was followed by fresh bombing attacks in Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad, where AlJezeera reports that at least 70 died on Tuesday, with 100+ wounded. At least three of the attacks were suicide bombings, one with grenades thrown first; one was a woman attacker, or so it is claimed. People are supposedly upset that the government cannot provide security: I suppose some people even in Mesopotamia are stupid enough to believe that government can do anything except kill still more people.

Mesopotamia and Yemen are not the only places in the Ummah where the killing continues unabated, as their societies grow more fractured, more violent, and more hellish.

Libya, for example, has never recovered from the Western-triggered war to depose Gaddafi. But that isn’t good enough for the squatter at 1600 PA, nor for his allies in European capitals. The Washington Times reports that not only have US special forces troops been on the ground (get that – “boots on the ground”) advising Libyans for almost a year, but that the FedGov is shipping arms and ammo to the so-called unity government: the rump which has control of the country within the range of the rifles of its mercs and true-believer warriors. Supposedly to fight the Caliphate. How much more chaos and death will this lead to? And what is its real purpose? To send more refugees paddling across the Med?

After an attack 10 days ago on a Chevron oil platform on the Nigerian Coast, the Anadolu Post reports that a new militant/terrorist group, the Niger Delta Avengers, have threatened bloody attacks on oil operations if the companies don’t cease operations. Although there have been no major bomb or other attacks in Northern Nigeria in the last few weeks, the people of the country are getting hammered, seemingly from all sides. Again, the goal seems to be chaos and killing for killing’s sake.

Islamic nations are not the only places where society’s collapse is obvious. I’ve already discussed Venezuela somewhat, where decades of Chavez and Maduro socialism have destroyed one of the most prosperous of nations, rich in oil and many other resources. And where now babies are dying in hospitals because the power grid cannot function, and people are starving (and catching and eating dogs, cats, rats and pigeons). The New York Times reports on the collapse. AlJazeera asks if the country is on the brink of collapse. Frankly, with hyperinflation, people eating dogs and cats, and babies dying in hospitals because of lack of elect. power, it seems to me like it has already collapsed.

And it is far from the last. From the massive Muslim invasions of European countries to the religious-inspired wars across most of the Ummah, to the bloody streets of Chicago and Ciudad Juarez, we are seeing fragmentation and increasing incivility which manifests itself in fighting and killing. At the same time, those ( and are two which come to mind) who say it is just around the corner in the Fifty States are, I think, a bit overstating it. Yes, the level of violence in some areas is increasing, but those are mostly restricted to the inner-cities of major urban areas, and a very few rural locations (like too many Indian Reservations and border areas).

We have seen examples of that right here in the States, in places like Houston as the Blaze reports, well-dressed people get out of nice cars and take to fighting in the middle of the street, and in Avon Park, Florida, a “stop the violence” rally is interrupted by gunfire, wounding two (also in the Blaze). Supposedly, a long-time rivalry between two different groups was the cause, with more than 40 shots fired: one hit a five-year-old. Oh, and we can’t forget Las Vegas, where the Democratic State Convention (deciding between Clinton and Sanders) called in the police to reestablish order (the Blaze). Ah, yes, the Democratic Party: the Party of Peace.

The major concern is that this kind of collapse appears to be engineered, encouraged, supported, and desired by the Western powers-that-be. Especially in DC and London.

The solution is not easy: it requires abandoning the false hope and faith in government that makes the most kleptocratic and drug-ridden of regimes “legitimate” and which allows organizations like the UN, the Fed Gov, and HM’s various dictatorial parliaments the money (Stolen and printed wholesale) to go out and mess with everyone else. It requires people who are willing AND able to stand and defend themselves and their families and property and friends and neighbors. Instead of allowing the tyranny of so-called “protectors” to dictate their lives and all too often, their deaths.

Enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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