California – the choice is yours

By Nathan Barton

California is an extreme example, a radical example, of how evil government can be. So extreme measures to restore liberty to the poor people of that state are called for.

Increasingly, the major difference between the ruling class of California and that of North Korea is that not all the powers-that-be in California have a family name of Kim. The Washington Times has an editorial about the arrogance of the California State Legislature, whose 120 members subscribe to the philosophy that what is good for us (the powers-that-be) isn’t good for the people; the scum which let the legislators live in luxury. The major point of the editorial is that California legislators have exempted themselves from at least SOME of the laws which are designed to disarm more and more Californians and visitors to that state. But it goes on to talk about all the ways the Legislature (together with many state officials and employees) are a ruling class with exemption from many laws that bedevil the rest of us; everything from not having to pay tolls or fines from red-light cameras to free cars and gasoline (having the taxpayers “pay” for some of the highest taxes on fuel in the nation).

As it turns out, the story is bogus, and even the Washington Times was suckered. But the truth is that California’s state government (and many of its municipal and county governments and “special governments”) are arrogant and greedy powermongers who lord it over the 50 million or so common people of the state. In fact, this particular false claim may go back as far as four years, and so is actually an urban legend.

Even so, it gives me the chance for a tirade. I was actually stationed in California twice (I’d never call it “living there”) so I know a bit about the state – four years all told. Lovely state, nice place to visit, wonderful scenery, some nice people and a lot of monsters. Human monsters. So now and then I talk about it. As now, the arrogance of the ruling class is sickening.

Unfortunately, the solution to this arrogance and elitism isn’t suggested in all the editorials. Or at least not a real solution, so let me suggest one. Get RID of the government of the State of California. Everyone admits that the place is ungovernable, anyway.

Let’s have a ballot initiative (Californians LOVE those things):

“Be it resolved, that _______, as a citizen of the State of California, do hereby revoke any and all authority for any body, branch or agency of the State of California, its instrumentalities and elements and subordinate governments, to make ANY decision or ANY action, claiming to do so on my behalf, and that I hereby declare that I will pay no more taxes or fees, accept no more judicial decisions, and will not recognize any person’s or agency’s or organization’s claim under cover of law to dictate any action or prevent me from taking or refusing to take any action. My vote, under affidavit, will apply to me whether or not a majority of citizens of California, or voters of California, or majority of the State Legislature, vote in agreement with this resolution. I hereby reclaim my rights as a human, and my authority as a human, to decide all my own actions and accept all responsibility for myself, and will work (if I decide to) in voluntary cooperation with other people, to defend myself, my family, and my liberty.”

Obviously, I don’t expect all the voters and/or citizens and/or voters to cast a “yes” vote for this. For all of those who WANT to continue to be slaves or subjects of the state and all its various local governments, I suggest “Cities of Refuge” like in the Law of Moses. Designate parts of various cities (and maybe a rural area or two) where they can live and practice their perversions on each other. No, not the sexual perversions, but the perversions of thinking that any group of people can decide that something that would be immoral or illegal for one person can be made legal or moral or both for their group. The perversions of thinking that some people have the right to rule over other people, to steal from other people in the name of God or “The People” or the government or the state or any other group or person.

If the legislators and the political appointees and elected officials and the civil service and welfare recipients (corporate and individual alike) and all the other thugs that suck the liberty, money, and blood from Californians refuse to accept this, then either ignore them or defend yourself from them. I know, that is a radical, even extreme, solution. But… Sometimes that is exactly what we need.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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4 Responses to California – the choice is yours

  1. Darkwing says:

    There is always two rules, one for them and one for us, say the elected people:


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  3. Using the California Proposition system to eliminate the entire California government is a great idea, I hope some daring Free Market Anarchists organize the petition drive!


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Might be… probably more likely if the Californians themselves just stopped participating in “government” and stopped standing in line for the “free” stuff. Neither one is likely to happen, unfortunately.


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