Grassroots, GOP style

By Nathan Barton

I’m seeing and hearing a lot of conservatives, mostly Republicans, who are taking action to try and “take back” the GOP at the local and state level, in Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

This seems to happen every election cycle. And as usual, it goes absolutely nowhere. Why is this? Because these “grassroots” members of the GOP do not understand their party, nor their role in it. There are many things to discuss, but it really is pretty simple.

GOP “Grassroots” people serve exactly the same purpose as the grass (roots and all) on grazing land or in a pasture. It is a “sustainable” source of the consumable resources needed to raise livestock which is then sold or consumed by the rancher/farmer. That is ALL; the roots provide the money and labor to get Republicans elected to, and reelected to, office. Whatever water, fertilizer, and pest control is expended on that grass is the minimum needed to keep that grass alive and producing more. The emphasis is on fertilizer; tell the proles whatever they need and want to hear to keep them volunteering time and money. Water them as needed with seed money and posters and literature and emails and such. With the GOP, the distinction between water and fertilizer is hard to make.

And for those rebels or activists or egotists in the GOP grassroots, well that is what pesticides are for. Either weed them or (rarely) transplant them and make them part of the GOP leadership – hopefully corrupting them into what the public will call RINOs at the same time. But, usually, weed them out, divert them to serving in powerless positions or just leaving the party.

Grass gets eaten, or it dies back each year (sometimes making hay, to be eaten). Either way, it serves its purpose, and a new crop comes up next year. It is the same thing with the GOP. Their grass will always be replaced by a fresh crop, to be eaten for the benefit of the elites who control and use the GOP.

This disgusting aspect of the GOP goes right back to its beginnings, when scores of Communist-Socialist refugees from their failed revolutions of 1848 in Europe migrated to America and co-opted the abolitionist movement, using it as a sheep-skin cover for the wolves they were.

I’ll stop this for now, but keep in mind, that for the rancher and farmer, even the cattle (or whatever animal eats the grass) is just something to be consumed.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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