Grassroots, Democrat style

by Nathan Barton

The GOP isn’t the only one with “grass roots” mania. I dunno; maybe the GOP are cattle and the Dems are sheep, or something like that. (Yes, I know I called the GOP grassroots sheep; maybe the Dems are goats. While a bit smarter, goats are still pretty dumb.)

But it is obvious, listening to the news day after day, that the Dems treat their grassroots about the same as the GOP does, like something that lives in the dirt, gets fed by fertilizer and watered whenever, gets eaten, excreted, and yet, always comes back, year after year. Essential, but easily replaced if you happen to overgraze one pasture. And the Dems have done that. The Wilson years, the FDR years, and the LBJ years all show that happening; they went out and found (or planted) a different set of grass.

Perhaps the big difference (as I try to take this analogy WAY too far), is that the GOP prefers a monoculture: the equivalent of a pasture filled with nothing but Kentucky Blue grass. And the Dems (being environists) want grass that is a nice native grass mix: labor unionists and one-worlders and GBLTQXYZ activists and lovers of children and animals and nature and various kinds of fearmongers. For a century, one of their best fields were the segregationists of the Deep South; then they switched to the blacks (especially in the ghettos that were a legacy of the GOP in the North) and then “Hispanics” and now border jumpers and the LGBTQXYZ of today.

But there is no doubt that just as the so-called Neo-Cons and Big Business of the GOP treat their grassroots with contempt, so do the progressives (transnational progressives as well as the run of the mill Socialists and Communists and fellow-travelers) treat their own grassroots, especially the black voters and hispanic voters, and VERY much the small minority groups in their “big tent” (big pasture), AmerInd, Muslims, Jews, and such. And frankly, they do a poorer job of hiding their opinion, except for their undoubted expertise at blackening their GOP “opponents.”

As I am far from the first to point out, there are very few differences between these two “old parties,” and those differences matter very little to the people or to our liberties.

But “grassroots” applies to many other parts of politics beyond the actual political parties. Let us speak of both guns and abortions; both anti-gun and pro-RKBA factions use grassroots in a very similar way, and the same can be said for the pro-choice and pro-life movements.

More of us need to reject the idea of “grassroots” politics when it has to do with ANY centralized, statist, political organization.

Mama’s Note: Good grassland management requires several things… not too much livestock, judicious control of erosion and invasive species, and an occasional good burn. The AmerInd of old set fire to the grass at times, which tended to renew it rather than destroy it. Time for some “grassroots” fires, I think.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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