Aren’t they always?

By Nathan Barton

Debby and I somehow got on the SD Democratic Party’s (that’s South Dakota, not San Diego) e-mail list, and now and then we think about unsubscribing (assuming they would let us, and not consider it a form of complaining which must be punished). But it is sometimes so funny to read their missives!

Such as this one, received late tonight:

“Shocked. Saddened. Furious.

Those are just a few of the reactions we’ve had watching the Republican Convention, especially after watching Donald Trump become the Republican Party’s nominee. The level of fear-mongering, scapegoating, distortions and flat-out lies we’ve heard this week about immigrants, minorities, and Democrats have no place in our politics. This is what the Republican Party has become under Donald Trump and it is frightening.

We must fight back. Politicians always say each election is the most important in history, but this time, there is no debate. This election is a turning point in the history of our country. We cannot let someone so unqualified and unfit for office become president, and we must defeat the Party that has enabled him by electing Democrats up and down the ballot.”

Like I said, “Aren’t they always?” Can’t you just READ the shock and sadness and fury (anger) in that plea (which quickly becomes, of course, a fund raiser)?

Of course, we all know that the “level of fear-mongering, scapegoating, etc….” that these fine SDDP folks heard this will will be exceeded, or at least equaled, by the lies etc. that will be spouted at their own convention, as they perfect their demonization of Trump and Pence. It won’t be about “immigrants, minorities and Democrats” but probably “right-wing industrialists, Anglo bigot majorities, and Republicans” instead.

Of course, this piece of SDDP agitprop is a perfect example of the over the top level of all that stuff, anyway, isn’t it?

I now am able to remember, personally, every election campaign since the 1960 face off between those two fine fellows Jumpin’ Jack Kennedy (JFK) and Tricky Dick Nixon (RMN). Such a fun pair on television, much more “entertaining” than Milton Berle or even George and Gracie (remember, kiddies, Google is your friend when it comes to looking up nostalgia!). And I cannot think of a SINGLE presidential campaign that was NOT (as determined by popular consensus of every political party, every pundit, and every wardheeler) a “TURNING POINT in the History of our Country.” They ALWAYS talk about how unqualified and unfit and evil and frightening the opposing candidate will be.

And you know what? They were always right – at least about the candidate. EVERY POTUS has been a disaster for our liberty, our freedoms, our people, our states, our businesses, and pretty much the whole world. The list is depressing.

And I suppose they are right about the “turning point” bit also, as each turn, whether to “right” or to “left” has somehow (I can’t explain the weird geometry) taken us for another spin deeper in the spiral leading to more and more of the same: disasters for liberty, freedom, people, families, communities, businesses, professions. (Well, I guess not ALL professions, if you view it from a purely monetary approach: bankers, lawyers, law enforcement, and gravediggers always seem to increase in demand, with each change in regime.)

But Nathan, what can we do about it?

First, don’t get hyper. Stay calm, have another glass of ice tea. Find a nice music station to listen to, or pop in a good Shakespearean movie, or even an old Bob Hope one. Tell people it’s NOT the end of the world (even though you can see it from there).

Above all, don’t encourage them! Don’t donate money (for one thing, is ANYONE’s junk and spam folder big enough?). Not even a nickel tossed into a begging hat from that petition gatherer by the Safeway door. They’ll video tape you, run all that biometric scanning, find your name, your address, your e-mail, and your voting record since that vote you cast for Ike back in 1952 (even if you weren’t born until 1980). And no doubt you’ll keep on voting long after the worms have gotten to your outsides as well as your innards.

I realize that it is hard to give up cherished warm-and-fuzzy feelings about getting out to vote, but don’t waste your vote on a Dem or GOP – find someone like the Pink Flamingo Party candidate to vote for. And of course, vote down all the stupid ballot initiatives and vote UP all the referendums that get to your ballot. Repeal that sales tax, don’t fund that $30 Quadrillion corporate welfare package, and don’t create more monsters – there are enough under (and in) the beds of DC, Pierre, Cheyenne, Denver, etc. to scare the next ten generations.
And especially prepare for the worst – that some of these politicians might actually KEEP their campaign promises (especially the ones they make to their sugar daddies). Stock up: food, seeds, solar lights, ammo, guns, firewood, baby drones, Faraday cages for your computers and toasters and LED lamps, stabilized fuel, and other nice to have things. Oh, and did I mention ammo and food? The worst is unlikely to happen, but even a bit of preparation for that will make that January 2017 blizzard or that May 2017 snowmelt flood go a lot easier to survive.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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