Aren’t they always? Part 2 – Nazgul

By Nathan Barton

Just as political parties are always screaming about how evil their opponents are, so too are Nazgul constantly finding reasons to steal away rights, often for their own perceived self-interest. Ammoland talks about how Ruth Ginsburg, the infamous Nazgul who trashed Trump and STILL hasn’t moved to New Zealand (well, give her the benefit of the doubt: the election is still three months away). She continues to make it clear that Americans (and everyone else) should be disarmed and the Second Amendment’s protection of our liberties gutted even more than it is today, much as other protections have been rendered ineffective.

It is no surprise. The madness in the 1990s continues today. Courthouses all across the nation have elaborate and expensive (and usually ineffective) security systems with metal detectors and minimum-wage security personnel and x-ray conveyor spy gear (much like the TSA checkpoints at airports). They also have unsafe locked side doors and blocked handicapped access and emergency exits, even in courthouses for counties with only a few hundred people. I’ve had to go through these a few dozen times in the past couple of months to do routine business, and for court hearings.

But the dirty little secret is that THEY DON’T WORK. At least not for their stated purpose. A quick perusal of the news will tell you that the majority of shootings of judges in their own courtrooms and other parts of the building involves some madman grabbing the gun from a security officer or a law enforcement officer – or is actually done by one of those types. Or the judge is shot in the parking lot, or at the exit gate from the parking lot (or the entry).

I suspect the real purpose for the security farce is to get us all accustomed to being searched at almost any time while going about our normal business. We may be  looking up property records, paying taxes, getting married, etc. Even 40 years ago, in the mad, mad 1970s, when the SLA and Black Panthers and ELF and all the rest were running around, and the violent crime and murder rates were at levels unheard of today, this wasn’t considered necessary. But today, it is not just the public that is being trained to live with this sort of occupation mentality. The cops and judges and government staff are being conditioned as well. Try going to a Social Security Office or an EPA office: guess what?

They are paranoid. And perhaps they should be, because as they try to squeeze us more and more, the more and more of us escape between their fingers. And the more and more people are getting ticked off. I’ve seen a half-dozen cases in the past couple of weeks, usually on The Blaze or CNS News, about ordinary people at minimum wage jobs at McD or Taco Bell exercising their “right to refuse service to anyone” by doing it to cops. They are not all Black Lives Matter activists or sympathizers. Some are just ticked off at the arrogance of too many cops, at being hassled about a burned out license plate light, or a cop running down a residential street posted for 25 mph at 45 mph, but not running hot (lights and siren). Or a judge that sides with one party, not because they have justice on their side, but because they have the right skin color or the right accent or the campaign donation.

Unlike the wicked judge in Jesus’ parable, they don’t fear God, but they surely fear man – at least a ticked off and armed man or woman. And they take counsel of their fears, as always, on OUR dollar, at the expense of OUR liberties.

The solution? Right now, except for staying away from such places as much as possible, I can’t suggest much. Make it clear that when free people DO decide that “enough is enough,” those little security checkpoints and hassles won’t make any difference at all, except to provide more targets. Because it won’t be one disgruntled, frustrated beyond relief, “nutcase” after them: it will be hundreds, hundreds of thousands of armed people, but not armed to attack – rather, armed to defend themselves when they decide that phone calls and e-mails and protests in “free speech zones” and letters aren’t enough, and neither is some sort of “occupation” matter… just “let’s all go down and read from the Book to these folks, and tell ‘em they need to find another line of work.”

Mama’s Note: In the meantime, it seems obvious to me that we can begin the process by NOT begging for the “license” or “permit” at all. Why would anyone interested in freedom ask government for permission to get married? Why would they register their children with the state, or hand them over to the government indoctrination called “school?” Minimize the tax theft as much as possible.

Resist! Do not comply! Get rid of the notion that any non-voluntary government has legitimate authority to demand anything.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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