Technology and Modern Society

By Nathan Barton

Sometimes liberals like mainstream media and social scientists and bureaucrats – even those who sometimes must be prodigies who are exceptionally gifted in one area (inventing things like Uber or Microsoft or Apple)- are incredibly retarded in most areas.

Consider a recent article in The Atlantic, in which a collection of these … people … tell us that soon traffic signs and street signs are going to disappear, thanks to mapping applications on mobile devices (Google and Bing Maps) and driverless cars. The signs are “outmoded” and we don’t need them any more. They go on to point out that stop signs were invented just 101 years ago (and were yellow until the 1950s – got news for them, but there were a lot of yellow stop signs around in the 1990s, in out of the way places – and probably still are). And how we will soon reach “100% autonomous vehicles” and will all have phones with “virtual reality” (more properly called “augmented reality”) – like Pokemon Go.

Dreamers: they sound like SF writers back in the 1940s and 1950s, except that the SF writers KNEW and ACCEPTED that they were writing fiction.

The problem is that these are the same “brain-trust” people that government uses to “prove” various things that just aren’t so. Not just global warming, but a lot of other things. Which once more proves just how STUPID government is.

Admittedly, part of that is groupthink. It is Barton’s Second Law of Organizational Personality, which is stated in various ways, depending on how depressed about government I am. “The IQ of a group, such as a commission, a government committee, or a legislative body, may be calculated by taking the IQ of the most intelligent member of that group, and dividing by the total number of people in that group.” Obviously, we are talking about low numbers indeed. But think: there are 100 US Senators. If one of them (who? haven’t the foggiest – Rand Paul? Ted Cruz) has a genius-plus IQ of 200, that means the IQ of the Senate is about 2. Their record proves it. And the House of Representatives? With 435 members? I know: an IQ is not something that you normally measure with decimal points. Suffice to say, well under an IQ of 1.

Which does explain election results, even in small counties and municipalities. Much less state by state in fedgov elections.

And that is an important point: these people who are so naive, so stupid, as to believe that we will be both able and willing to trust smart phones AND driverless cars, as well as vote. They influence people to vote the way they want to. And THAT is an example of both stupidity and naivety on the part of way too many people in the Fifty States AND around the world. I don’t care if they are Penn Gillette (libertarian), Kevin Sorbo (conservative pro-lifer), or Katy Perry (brain-dead liberal): no one should put ANY confidence in someone’s political opinion because they are talented as a musician, an actor/director (even in SF), or… boobs. And we certainly should not use people like this to run and maintain society’s infrastructure and safety systems.

But that is exactly what happens: the majority trusts a group with an IQ with a half dozen zeros after the decimal place to elect a Congress with an IQ still below 1, and 50 state legislatures with the same (or worse: consider New Hampshire!) and they in turn appoint people to run these things, can’t figure out what the word “Classified” means when it stamped all over a document and can’t figure out how to reset the time on their smart phone, or come up with a better password than “password.” And we let them run our lives… which are a whole lot more complex than our technology.

Note that I am only attacking the stupidity of getting rid of street signs, for Main and State and Center and West Boulevard. Not “traffic signs” – you know: stop signs and speed limit signs and no passing and warning signs and such. Why? Because tests in towns in the Netherlands and northwestern Germany have found that in many towns and even fairly good-sized cities, removing all the traffic signs, actually reduces accidents, because people drive more defensively and pay more attention. I realize it is counterintuitive, just like having more guns in private hands reduces gun violence and overall crime. A smart person can figure that out: the people we have running the nuthouses we call governments and public schools (especially “institutions of higher learning”) cannot.

They not only don’t understand technology, its benefits and limits, but they FEAR it. And they fear those who do understand and use it – ALL technology and not just information. Guns? Automobiles and trucks? Even hairclippers, I think. It is time we free ourselves from these parasites and dregs of society, whom we just keep on putting up with.

Enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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