There are terms – and there are terms

By Nathan Barton

It is now clear to me that Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to win more than just a four- or eight-year term. Life without parole, at best, and with a strong argument that following her death, her embalmed body (and that of her husband and partner-in-crime) placed on display. Not like Lenin’s as a object of veneration, but like the way bodies of traitors were once impaled on city gates as a warning that justice WILL catch up with the evildoers.

No, I am NOT advocating her execution nor her assassination. Nor am I any sort of supporter for The Donald, Gary Johnson and that piece of trash he is running with, or Jill Stein. Or even that CIA-LDS guy.

What I am saying is that the evidence is that she is not just a career criminal, not just the co-head of a crime family that rivals the power, success, and wealth of any Italian-descended mobster of history or fiction, but with dirty, bloody hands that continue to shed innocent (and, admittedly, not so innocent) blood. And to commit crimes: perjury and making false statements being far from the worst.

Not that you would get this information from the mainstream media, or the so-called watchdogs that seek to “clean up” government and promote “good, honest” government.

Indeed, you won’t even hear it from her political party’s opposition, or even most of her opponents. Yes, The Donald makes a few comments in that direction, but never with actions and places and people and dates – although that information is readily available.

I’ve heard people arguing that ultimately evil will be outed, and I agree. She is unlikely to be able to take the escalator UP after she stands before the Throne of Judgment. But here on earth? We know that sometimes tyrants and master criminals and pieces of scum like her DO get their “rewards” here on earth: Caligula and Nero both did. As did Uncle Adolf and his good buddy Benito. But I suspect that Miz Hillary will be likely to avoid all that sort of unpleasantness and not even have to take the path that folks like Hess (life in prison, died there) or Goering (suicide in prison) or Saddam (executed) or even Gaddhafi (tortured, beaten and shot to death) – or even living her twilight years in shame (Nixon, maybe?).

No, she will enjoy her wealth gained through criminal activities (corruption, intimidation, influence, and all the rest) and no doubt die and be given a state funeral for her “services to the state.” Even if she loses this election.

But I do, oh indeed, I do, wish that she would get the kind of term she is really owed, not just in eternity, but here on earth as well. Or (as preposterous as it may sound) that she would truly realize what a monster she is, repent, and live an honest life. But that is as likely as for Uncle Joe (take your pick: Stalin or Biden), Cousin Benito, Peron, Tito, or Henry VIII to do the same. And at least Henry VIII had a few people in his court who were willing to risk preaching the truth to him.

Bad as her opponents are, Miz Hillary is worse. But the reality is, we don’t need and can’t tolerate ANYone being “massa” for four or eight years. Enough is enough.

Mama’s Note: I’ve been watching the reporting on Hillary’s health problems for some time now, and recent reports indicate she is deteriorating rapidly. Of course, few people know the absolute truth, and it is possible that she and her main advisers are denying it even to themselves. The most interesting report I saw recently (one comment even better), indicates that she has serious medical problems including Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and blood clotting problems that have already produced strokes.

I suspect that her greatest problem is unrelieved stress, from many different sources. Stress is the great killer, and it will kill her in the end. The only question is when… and who will claim her place when she’s gone.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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