Colorado – Is cannabis REALLY legal?

By Nathan Barton

My oh my. What’s a cop to do? CBS Chanel 4 in Denver reports that despite marijuana being legal now in Colorado (even for – gasp! Recreational use), the Denver Police are seizing greater and greater quantities of cannabis, and are running out of room to store the evidence. And even worse, the stuff is molding!

Obviously, MJ is not really legal in Colorado – not based on this. Only SOME MJ is legal: small amounts. It is as if you were told that “you can only have a case or a small keg of beer, only a couple of cartons or cans of tobacco, or only a single weapon.” And if you have any more, they will (a) steal it from you, (b) arrest you and try you and seek to punish you for this awful crime. Some freedom, eh?

This is fascinating and important when you consider what is going on in California in this year’s election. “As California gets set to vote on legalizing marijuana in less than a month, one group of voters remains oddly ambivalent: cannabis farmers. A California Growers Association poll found that among its 750 farmers, distributors, and retailers, only 31 percent support Prop. 64’s campaign to legalize recreational marijuana, reports Reuters. The majority of growers are still on the fence when it comes to Prop. 64, as 38 percent of those polled still aren’t sure which side they’ll be voting on. There are also 31 percent of growers that are downright opposed to legalization, citing massive red tape and regulatory oversight that may push smaller growers out of the industry completely.” [As Steve Trenward noted: A crony-corp cartel, no matter what the substance, does not mean a “free market”]

Another aspect of cannabis in Colorado was in the news recently, as well. Chelsea Clinton, Weed Warrior? Apparently, in a video-recorded speech, the daughter of the heir-apparent to the tyrant in DC has proclaimed that not only does marijuana kill, but that it has killed people in Colorado due to “drug interactions.” Wow.

However, it seems that the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment is not aware of this, or any other deaths related to consumption of marijuana (except possibly someone who committed suicide while or immediately after using it). If there HAD been such deaths, either alleged or documented, there are enough opponents to ANY legalization of cannabis in Colorado that they would have made the incident(s) VERY public knowledge.

But as I’ve pointed out more than once, politicians (especially neocons and progressives) care nothing for the truth – even if they recognize it. Jesus made the reason for this attitude by politicians clear nearly 2000 years ago: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

That is NOT something that politicians, on either “wing” of the political spectrum, are going to admit. And until we ignore them and pay attention to the truth, we will be under their power.

Let me point out I am no fan of cannabis for recreational use, and although the evidence is very strong that it CAN help many medical conditions, I’m not standing at the counter of a “pot dispensary” for my own use, or to recommend it necessarily to anyone else. But that does NOT mean that liberty includes the  nonsense that we see even in those states that have “legalized” it.

Mama’s Note: The key concept here, I believe, is the matter of responsibility. As long as most people accept the non-voluntary government as being ultimately responsible for their safety, they will not be willing to take on that responsibility for themselves. And, of course, that responsibility extends to everything in our lives. You either own yourself, or you don’t.

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