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The state’s cannabis racket continues

By Nathan Barton As I mentioned, there are a lot of people who still cannot accept the legalization of marijuana. They can’t stand the idea of someone walking down the street and walking into a shop that sells medical OR … Continue reading

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The state’s cannabis racket

By Nathan Barton With yet another state legalizing cannabis for recreation as well as medicine, the inevitable backlash is gathering momentum. There are, sadly, people who still want the state’s racket, the war on drugs or something else, to continue.

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Colorado – Is cannabis REALLY legal?

By Nathan Barton My oh my. What’s a cop to do? CBS Chanel 4 in Denver reports that despite marijuana being legal now in Colorado (even for – gasp! Recreational use), the Denver Police are seizing greater and greater quantities … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-22D: This and that

By Nathan Barton Good morning; news stories galore but nothing really major today. Supposedly, gasoline prices are near a short-term peak and will drop “substantially” in June, even with the 4th of July (3-day) weekend coming up.  So says the … Continue reading

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