American Elections Even MORE A Worldwide Phenomenon

by Nathan Barton.

American Elections Even MORE A Worldwide Phenomenon than ever before. But that doesn’t mean that the results of the election will have any major bearing on future events.

For decades, indeed, since World War Two, American general elections have been watched closely by the rest of the world, and considered to have a significant impact on world events. However true this MIGHT have been in the past, the 2016 election seems unlikely to be a significant factor in events unfolding on the world scene, simply because neither of the two likely victors in the race for Massa will be able to have any unique impact either on the world’s nations (especially the major powers) nor on how the FedGov really responds to those nations.

Yes, I realize that there are officially significant differences between Trump and Clinton on foreign affairs, the major one being the relations between the FedGov and the Russian Federation. But at the same time, there is no reason to predict that either will actually DO anything different than what the current administration is now doing: forcing the return to a cold war status between Moscow and DC and then taking action (intentional or not) to turn that cold war hot: either between proxies or with direct confrontation and battle.

But back to the elections now just a few days away. Clearly, as in recent elections, people and governments around the world have taken sides – at least as far as the two major parties’ standard-bearers are concerned. (I do not think a single national government or prominent political or social figure outside the Fifty States has endorsed or even spoken favorably of Johnson or Stein.) We have seen, in recent news stories, that even 18-year-old Syrian refugees in Germany have made their hatred of Trump clear. And other comments make it certain that many millions of people outside the Fifty States and NOT Americans are going to be observing Tuesday, 09 November 2016, with concern and even fear. Fear either of the continued depredations of the Clinton crime family (as witness the statements made recently by a former Haitian senator) or fear of the “racism” and “sexism” and revival of “cowboy diplomacy” which Trump is supposed to represent.

And many national leaders (such as the President of the Philippines) clearly fear that the FedGov will be even less a stable partner, able to be dealt with, that it has been for the mad years of the current regime. There is no doubt that both Canada and Mexico are girding themselves for more unpredictability and more dealing with what they see as their cross to bear with “dear old mad Uncle Sam” as their next-door neighbor.

Again, the stupidity, arrogance, and viciousness of the last eight or even sixteen years of American foreign policy towards both friends and neighbors – and particularly towards the minor players on the world stage – is unlikely to change, regardless of who wins. It will continue and it will (as it has) grow steadily worse.

If anything is likely to be different between the two probable winners, it is the domestic front here in the Fifty States. Even then, there are likely to be many things the same: the GOP’s accelerating collapse, for example. Clinton will do her gangster best to kill it, but Trump is an unforgiving sort who stuffs his grudges and puts them up on the mantle: the treatment he received from the GOP establishment will make its destruction an important goal. No, it is the kind of police state that the present one evolves into that is likely to be the major difference between the two “different” administrations: who and what is targeted for repression, including regulations and taxation.

But to the rest of the world, this isn’t even the flavor of the frosting on the cake they will be forced to swallow by continued efforts on the part of DC to expand and enforce American hegemony on them, it is only the color. To the rest of the world, if they really stop and think, it doesn’t matter whether the “crown of state” rests on the monogram H or T: one is “horrible” and the other is “terrible.”

The most we here in the Fifty States can hope for is a more gradual collapse that gives us, our children, and our grandchildren time and relative peace to prepare for a new age of liberty and NOT a disastrous and cataclysmic collapse both at home and abroad that leaves us in a new dark age.

Mama’s Note: I don’t want that “time” in the least. That is just more time for the government indoctrination camps to produce another generation of non thinkers and obedient serfs. More time for the skills needed to produce food and everything else to erode even more. How many people today know how to actually farm? Make shoes? Produce machines of any kind? Will the “gradual collapse” leave us ANY possible basis for a society of peaceful producers? I think not.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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5 Responses to American Elections Even MORE A Worldwide Phenomenon

  1. KUETSA says:

    “For decades, indeed, since World War Two, American general elections have been watched closely by the rest of the world, and considered to have a significant impact on world events. However true this MIGHT have been in the past, the 2016 election seems unlikely to be a significant factor in events unfolding on the world scene, simply because neither of the two likely victors in the race for Massa will be able to have any unique impact either on the world’s nations (especially the major powers) nor on how the FedGov really responds to those nations.”

    Just a personal observation, and I don’t know how to put it nicely, the person who wrote this is OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY! After eight years of a socialist/communist drastically altering our American “course”, working for the socialist/communist agenda of globalists and international bodies, aligning our country with EuroSocislists (ruling their countries toward the same globalist agenda) and Islamic nations, alienating Israel and Britain. Our southern border is as open as the EuroSocialist borders, affording central and south American peoples open admission to our country. We are on the verge of a North American Union replacing our constitutional republic. THIS ELECTION HAS WORLD RAMIFICATIONS FAR BEYOND ANY DEM-REPUB ELECTION EVER HAD IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY! Clinton insures the vision of Obama – Soros – Alinsky – the UN – and globalist IMF billionaires wins out – Marxist Justices reinterpret our constitution to be obsolete, Central and South American countries gain access to an open border and hemispherical union. The EuroSocialist Union is saved and Britain and Israel whither.
    Islamization of the west thrives, for better or worse. Global socialism advances to the East Asian Rim through the implementation of the TPP.
    TRUMP shuts it all down. The EuroSocialist Union crumbles back to nation states, Islamization is reversed, Britain and Israel thrive. Our borders are secured, OVERWHELMING immigration is reversed. Globalists that have been working to FORCE this “CHANGE” (that is the communist takeover of our constitutional republic) through funding subversion and violence are prosecuted as “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”. Central and South American Countries no longer have unlimited “access”. Global Progressive Socialism is defeated and will NOT advance to the East Asian Rim.
    Yea, everybody’s watching – for good reason – the ramifications of this election shape the future of the world as much as the future of our country!
    Was BREXIT the right move for Britain?
    Only if Americans are smart enough to USEXIT!
    The next important question is, if Americans are not smart enough to USEXIT, and are fools enough to vote themselves into a socialist totalitarian state (as is happening at the state level) – are Americans going to submit to SURRENDERING THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO ARMS to global socialists, international law (UN Small Arms Treaty), and Marxist supreme court judges? . . . or will there be war?
    I couldn’t believe the above article when I read it.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      You have your perspective and opinions, and others have theirs. I don’t know what will happen in the next six weeks, or years, or decades… and neither does anyone else. All we can do is guess and prepare the best we can. It certainly doesn’t look good for individual liberty in the near future, and that’s all I really care about. Everything else that COULD happen represents only various forms and intensities of disaster and ever increasing tyranny.

      It all started long before this election, and as long as people accept the bogus “authority” of any sort of non-voluntary government, nothing will stop it save, perhaps, total collapse. We do live in “interesting times.”


      • KUETSA says:

        Well, living in a progressive socialist democrat state I know first hand where our “individual liberties” are going under a Clinton administration. “Reinterpretations” have rendered the Second Amendment effectively repealed. A right to the capability of Americans to collectively keep secure their freedoms through ownership of effective firearms, has been reinterpreted into a right to a limited, low capacity sporting arm (of the type “allowed” Australian citizens) to enable nothing more that your right to “kill a deer” – (“and no one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer”) – I kid you not. With Marxist Supreme Court Justices in place to uphold progressive “reinterpretations” at the federal level (as has already happened at state levels across the country, and overwhelming immigration along the same lines as in the EuroSocialist Union, done by the same people, for the same reasons, to permanently change the demographic of our nation, there will be no saving the USA. The North American Union and NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS is not far off, forced by “international” organizations and banks to save our economy from the unsustainable debt that is being run up for exactly that reason. Force the vulnerability. They have gained SO MUCH under Obama – Clinton WILL finish us off.
        TRUMP’s conservative justice appointments, and border security, coupled with getting to a balanced budget is our ONLY HOPE!
        Me, I GOTTA vote FOR the guy proclaiming the Second Amendment must be upheld, and AGAINST the progressive that will expand the NY SAFE Act nationwide.
        You may not have GUARANTEES with TRUMP.
        You ARE guaranteed to LOSE EVERYTHING under Clinton.
        (Look at what is happening in Europe to see your future under Clinton)
        There has never been such a clear night and day choice, and I’ve been around a while.


      • MamaLiberty says:

        I’m not guaranteed anything at all in this life. My “only hope” is that all of these evil people drop dead. And there is no such thing as “constitutional rights.” Have you read Lysander Spooner?


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