Preparing for war, or warning against starting one?

By Nathan Barton

Preparing for war, or warning against starting one?

You may have heard about this last week. Several correspondents reported, as did SHTF Plan, about the “mysterious Navy plane which flew over several western cities and states before going on to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. The “black helicopter crowd” are all atwitter.

Mama’s Note: The SHTF link repeatedly froze the browser here and I was not willing to use it at all after many attempts. If you want to see that website, do a search for it… and good luck. I don’t recommend it.

SHTF is one of those questionable sites, like and, where everything I read I question unless I can verify it from other sources. In this case, the mysterious white plane orbiting Salt Lake City and then Denver was reported by a bunch of people. However, the SHTFPLan site’s speculation regarding who was being warned has no basis in fact that I’ve been able to find. They claim it may have been a warning to Trump and his supporters that presidential power is NOT unlimited. But it could just as easily be seen as a warning to the squatter at 1600 that HIS power and that of his fellow criminals, particularly Hillary and Bill, is not unlimited – and don’t try anything stupid, buster!

There are many reasons, for example, to suspect that Comey’s on-again, off-again investigation of Hillary – and what is STILL apparently an active investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s criminal activities – was caused in part by an internal rebellion in the FBI rank-and-file, who are surely as far divorced from the FBI powers-that-be (to say nothing of the senior levels of the DOJ) as any GOP or Democrat grassroots people are. Could this have been a warning – NOT from the political generals that occupy the nice offices in the Pentagon, but the next level down: the major command leaders (from Northern Command and Strategic Command, that there are SOME American military personnel who still take their oath to the Constitution seriously and CAN figure out that “enemies foreign and domestic” can include at least some of those in power in DC?

Denver, though a distant second to DC, is definitely the second largest concentration of federal government agencies and activities in the United States (and worldwide). It occupies a key central position to much of the military muscle: the bomber bases at Ellsworth and Minot and Whiteman and Dyess, the missile fields of FE Warren and Malstrom and Grand Forks, the old (and reactivated) command bunker under Cheyenne Mountain and the Strategic Command one at Offut; the divisional-sized units at Fort Carson and Fort Bliss and even Fort Hood, and the big logistical bases at Hill and Scott, and the research and more at Kirkland.

Salt Lake City is not only a major industrial and logistical center, but also the headquarters of the largest worldwide, American-based religious organization, the LdS church, into its 170-year-long love-hate relationship with the FedGov, and probably far more capable of supporting (or thwarting) external and internal threats to the FedGov and the Fifty States than the Roman Catholic Church has been since the 1700s.

Although the E6 and its sister C3 aircraft and their systems CAN be used for offensive operations (as in the Balkans, Iraq, and Syria) its original and theoretically PRIMARY mission is coordinating defensive battle operations – especially in defense of the Homeland and the core European allies (its other big worldwide base, other than Offut, is NATO Base Geilenkirchen in extreme western Germany). So this MIGHT be seen as a message to DC (and of course, to the PTB in New York City and Hollywood) that the USAF and other American military forces CAN and WILL defend not just the core of American military might BUT the heart of the Heartland; those very same red states that are so hated by the coasts. Colorado and New Mexico demonstrated this month that they have swung more and more to the dark side of progressivism, but still at their core are conservative.

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