Fracturing society, one city at a time

By Nathan Barton

A correspondent asks, “Is this true?” has published a Tweet claiming that a man died because the ambulance carrying him to hospital was delayed by the street being blocked by anti-Trump protesters. My correspondent, Scott, suggests, “As far as I know, all jurisdictions require everyone clear roads for emergency vehicles using sirens or emergency lights. Prosecute the road blockers for murder, and have heavy snowplows lead ambulances and fire engines when noncompliance threaten. (Might need to install sirens and emergency lights on the plow trucks.) Reliability of Paul Joseph Watson’s post may be questionable, since the only “documentation” is an anonymized Tweet That does not facilitate evidence for prosecution.

Mama’s Note: I could find no mention of this incident in any of the news feeds. May come up later.

My initial response and thoughts: As always, I recommend taking anything from Alex Jones with a very large block of salt, unless I can verify it by at least 3 or even 4 different sources. (But whether this particular one is true or not, we must learn from this situation and what it implies for now and the future.)

At the same time, these protesters clearly have no problem with closing off critical roads – closing light-rail doesn’t bother me nearly as much – more like the impact of closing off a ski-lift or a zipline, but close.  Anyone who closes off I-25 near downtown Denver at ANY time of day (even for just a half-hour) (KDVR) is probably costing people millions – and according to the election returns, most of the people being cost time and money voted for Miz Hillary.  This kind of protest is as stupid as the DAPL protesters going to Mandan and blocking the railroad line.  In that case, almost certainly, they are costing one of their biggest sponsors (Warren Buffett) a lot more money than he is paying to keep them active in the protest field.

(By the way, at least in states I do work in, snowplow trucks are always equipped with emergency light bars.  The colors vary from state to state, but probably red-blue are the most common.  Most also have sirens or air-horns, but I don’t think those are required (they are required to have 85dB back-up alarms).)

I wonder if some of these protesters are also those who supposedly are jamming suicide hotlines because of their severe depression due to Trump’s Triumph?  Are they expressing death wishes by blocking freeways and rail lines?

Just listening to the Mayor of Chicago reassuring Trumpophobes and Trumpoclasts that it will remain a sanctuary city and they will be safe and secure from everyone there.  Except of course, for the 4,000 or so thugs who shot 4,000 residents and visitors to Chicago since 01 January 2016!

Several private companies have been reported as either telling employees who voted for Trump to take a hike, or telling customers that voted for Trump that they don’t want your business. This includes, apparently, Pepsico, the parent firm of Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, Taco Bell, KFC and Frito-Lay, among others.

People, including prominent media figures, politicians, and celebrities (I know, hard to tell the difference), have not just publicly called for a coup against Trump (before or after taking office) in various ways, to outright begging someone to kill him and rape his wife.

Is that something that might be attributed to a psychotic rage? I’ve now seen multiple sources claiming that is what Hillary was having on election night when she was drunk and physically attacking her own staff before being physically restrained and then sedated by her medical personnel. See Stephen Lendman’s column. Apparently, a couple of days later, she and Bill had a screaming argument that ended when he threw his phone off the roof of the Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas. The left in these Fifty States have such wonderful role models, don’t they?

As time passes, the protests (and the reported violence and the threats and plotting) continue. More and more ideas, many quite wild, are floated as ways to overturn the election or deaden its “horrific” impact. It seems that American politics is returning to the bad old days of 1968 and 1972, when violence and protests and more were much more common. Despite the rhetoric and the claims, the protests and the actions by various companies and organizations, this seems to be leading far more to a shattering of the Fifty States and our societies than to any real chance of a “regime change” whether precautionary or not.

The hatred (usually but not always on the progressive side) grows louder and stronger each day. Much of this both seeks to and DOES destroy trust between people. America has always been a high-trust society, but clearly that has not been the case in the inner-city underclass areas, or in the “elites” (social, economic, or political) and now this collapse seems to be expanding both in numbers and locations. If someone is told that they are a racist, evil person because they voted for such an evil person, they are much less likely to either trust or come to the help of someone who agreed with that accusation. (Especially if YOU are a black or Hispanic who voted for Trump. And according to more and more reports, many did, after voting for the current squatter twice.)

Violence? Every day, we hear of one or more. In Atlanta, a black man, Mitchell Morman, 32, was shot and killed after he joked that he had voted for Trump; his date was wounded, according to Breitbart. In Rockville, Maryland (again according to Breitbart and WTOP radio, a 15-year-old boy wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was beaten by at least four other students who were part of a anti-Trump protest march near the courthouse. On the other hand, the Southern Poverty Law Center (perpetual lie center) claims more than 437 “pro-Trump” incidents, virtually all verbal harassment/intimidation or vandalism (mostly spraying swastikas). What is interesting is that most of these SPLC-tracked incidents seem to be in blue states and cities, and often there is no definite link to pro-Trump organizations, unlike the definite links to anti-Trump demonstrations in most of the other incidents.

Now, I do not think that ALL Clinton supporters, or even ALL anti-Trump people are responsible for these attacks, any more than I think that all Muslims are haters, or responsible for the Islamist’s murder of hundreds of thousands of people, or the tyranny of all Muslim governments. But at the same time, I certainly do not hear a whole lot of Democratic, Progressive, or Liberal apologists saying “enough is enough; stop beating up kids, stop shooting “Trump voters,” stop burning trash cans and smashing cars and attacking news crews and blocking highways and railroads.” Instead, I see people calling for MORE protests with MORE violence and many times, specific targets of that violence. And pushing the same old lies and exaggerations to push the hate. Shades of 1984 indeed (the book, not the US election that year).

Yet, according to some studies, it is people who are “traditional” Americans, even those who are angry and even willing to be a bit stupid, who will continue to help their fellow man – even if that man (or woman) has attacked them and reviled them as haters and racists and more. And we see that, now and then. I’ve even seen a truck, loaded with “hate” stickers (you know, not just the Trump or old Palin stickers, but the gun-lover stickers and one-man+one-woman stickers, pull off on the shoulder behind a broken-down car loaded with CoExistence and Hillary and rainbow stickers. And not to beat them up or call them nasty names, but to help. Most Americans don’t ask your political or religious opinion before deciding to help you. Will that be enough to keep our cities and states from fracturing? Maybe.

But the threat is there. Indeed, it seems that the current game plan of the elites (still the Clintons, Reids, Pelosis, and their kind) is to promote the hatred and the protests and the attacks in the hopes of getting their opponents (the conservatives, Tea Party movements, red-staters, libertarians, and pro-Saunders liberals, plus all the rest of the Deplorables) to react and over-react, hopefully violently and using all the nasty words that so offend the snowflakes, the soccer moms, and the metrosexuals.

As at least one columnist (Allan Stevo at Lew Rockwell) has pointed out, the Electoral College COULD stop being a rubber-stamp and stage a coup by having just 37 faithless electors throw the election into the House of Representatives, or even 40-60 choose Clinton, but he does not expect them to do so, because such a coup would send those non-libertarian friends and comrades of L Neil and Clair Wolfe out with their sniper rifles and more: he doesn’t think any of the three dozen would live past Christmas. And he may well be right. But this could be just what the Tranzi elites want to happen; a reaction which in turn will let them react, and push the police state so expanded after Bloody Tuesday (9-11) into Police State Extreme.

Or, to put it another way, civil war. And yes, the elite surely think that they can win such a war. Just like they thought that they had the 2016 election won. I think that they are wrong, but I’m really NOT wanting to have to deploy and fight to prove that to them. Whether the balloon goes up or not, they will continue working to fracture, to fragment, to destroy our culture, our society, our cities and states.

Can we stop them? Yes, but that will be a point of discussion for a later commentary.

Mama’s Note: More complicated than that, I’m afraid. The chance for serious violence in the cities and large metro areas has been increasing for a long time. Many things could set off a “war” in those places, and many potential trigger events seem to be imminent. Out in the vast “flyover country,” not so much.

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  1. Darkwing says:

    Alex Jones is a shill for the MSM and the government. I am not sure who’s government.


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