Food for Thought #2

By MamaLiberty

Yesterday, I asked readers to contemplate who actually owns their lives, and who has legitimate authority over them. That is a very deep and complex subject, especially if you’ve never actually considered it before. That question, and whatever answer a person comes up with, is a vital foundation to understanding themselves and the world around them.

Today’s question is similar.

If you don’t accept complete ownership of your own life, and recognize the authority you have over yourself, your choices and actions, to what or to whom do you give that authority and ownership?

And yes, kudos to those who instantly recognize the trick question here. How can you give power and authority over yourself to someone/something else if you didn’t originally have it yourself? If you believe you never owned yourself, or never had authority over your life… how does that work? Who/what does own you?

Your comments are most welcome, as always.

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4 Responses to Food for Thought #2

  1. Darkwing says:

    Do not confuse the issue


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