Baker’s Dozen ™ Miz Hillary’s List-to-blame for losing the 2016 election

By Nathan Barton

It’s been more than six months now, and at least one of the failed candidates in the 2016 election for a new Massa continues to appear in the news daily, whinging about how she had the election taken from her.  The list of who is to blame is impressive.

  1. The Russians
  2. Wikileaks
  3. Former FBI guy James Comey
  4. Alex Jones (InfoWars)
  5. Her campaign staff
  6. Democratic National Committee
  7. Facebook
  8. Sexism (especially that of Bernie Sanders, Democratic voters, and Republicans)
  9. Republicans who suppressed votes and voters
  10. The New York Times (and other mainstream media)
  11. “Twitterbots” – whatever those are
  12. Self-hating women
  13. Obama

I am sure that there are a lot more that she (and her aides) would add.  And Bill himself could come up with a couple of Baker’s Dozen worth.

Here are my thoughts about why she DID lose the election.

  1. The voters in enough states didn’t like her
  2. The economy under the Obama Administration
  3. Her campaign strategy, on many fronts
  4. The Democratic Party’s (and her) swing to the left in recent years
  5. Her seeming health issues
  6. Her assumption that she was going to win
  7. Her corruption
  8. Her vicious attacks on Trump and lots of other people
  9. Her political platform
  10. Her political associates and associations
  11. Her warmongering
  12. Her alienation and disdain for too many voters
  13. She was a “terrible candidate”

Or, to sum it up – she did it to herself.

But, as is becoming more and more clear, except for a few key issues – and those include her personality and personal political goals – it does not matter whether she or Trump won – and probably would not have mattered if Jill Stein or Gary Johnson won.  (Remember them?)

Today, it is popular to blame the “Deep State” for our governmental headaches – for the severe problems government causes us every day.  But in reality, the “powers that be” are more than just hidden, powerful bureaucrats and key insiders and their financial backers and mentors and minions.  Every person in government – especially those in elected positions and key political appointed positions – are to blame.  And those who use government as their livelihood and as a hammer to attack those they are opposed to or compete with.

More than ever, I am firmly convinced that the Fifty States dodged a bullet by NOT having Miz Hillary win in 2016.  Consider Trump as bad as you will, but she would have been worse.

Mama’s Note: The real problem is the continued faith of most people in the “authority” of the government, the “powers that be”  – however much they dislike what is happening now – their belief that they must have a “government,” and their acceptance of the “constitution” as the legitimate foundation of that government. Some people are starting to question all that, and fewer seem to think that they will somehow be able to “elect the right people” to make that false dream true. That’s the direction the population in general must go, but it’s going to be like pushing a boulder uphill. It keeps coming back down and crushing people. And will continue for a long time, I fear.

Whether or not Trump is “better” than the Hildebeast, only time will tell. Personally, I almost wish she had “won.” However better he is, Mr. Trump is no friend of individual liberty either. With the Hildebeast, that boulder might have smashed enough people and systems to wake up those who need to resist, revolt, decide not to trust any politicians… but maybe that’s just me.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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8 Responses to Baker’s Dozen ™ Miz Hillary’s List-to-blame for losing the 2016 election

  1. One of these things is not like the others:

    “The Democratic Party’s (and her) swing to the left in recent years”

    The main reason Clinton was the nominee is that the Democratic Party remains a center-right party.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      OK, Thomas… I’d really like to know why you think that actually makes any real difference? 🙂 The boot on my neck doesn’t feel any less heavy knowing that.


      • It makes a difference because facts matter.

        Let’s say that instead of a boot on your neck, you have a truck tire on your leg.

        On the one hand, you don’t care whether the truck is a Dodge Ram or a Ford F-150. You just want the truck tire off your leg.

        On the other hand if it is a Dodge Ram and I keep running up to people saying “we need a bunch of people over there to push that Ford F-150 off Mama’s leg,” I’m not helping. I’m pointing them in the wrong direction.

        Republicans have been screaming “most left-wing administration EVAH!!!!” since the 1990s, when Bill Clinton (who was somewhat to the right of Ronald Reagan) was president.


      • MamaLiberty says:

        OK, I can see why you think it matters. 🙂 Still doesn’t matter to me. I don’t give any importance at all to this left/right thing, nor political “parties” or any other component of electoral politics. I can only see that the bottom line, the actual effect of it all winds up the same… the boot on my neck – regardless of which “party” or fraction is in control. And as long as the politicians can continue to keep people worried about what flavor is in control… they will probably remain in control! And they will remain in control as long as people don’t question the authority of those controllers! All of them!

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      • “as long as the politicians can continue to keep people worried about what flavor is in control… they will probably remain in control!”


        And one of the way the politicians continue to keep people worried about what flavor is in control is getting people to believe that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and their parties, represent qualitatively different belief sets (“left” versus “right”).

        To the extent that “left” and “right” are meaningful, major party American politics occupies a tiny sliver of that spectrum just to the right of center. The difference between Clinton/Democrat and Trump/Republican is about as significant as the difference between Miogryllus saussurei (the eastern striped cricket) and Miogryllus lineatus (the western striped cricket).


      • MamaLiberty says:

        True! I keep saying the same thing. So why do you (and so many others) spend so much time and energy discussing that insignificant “difference?” LOL


  2. Dave Kristopeit says:

    Nathan, you did not have to go any farther than your point number one above, she simply did not get enough votes. I read somewhere that she was basically elected president of California and Trump was elected president in the other 49 states.

    But Mama is right, fewer and fewer people believe they will be able to elect anyone who will make a difference. To paraphrase Forest Gump, Government is what Government does. And what government does is to increase its power at the expense of its citizens freedoms.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Dave, there isn’t anybody who will “make a difference” as a politician. Even if you could get people to agree on what that “difference” might be… Until people are willing to accept the fact that there is no legitimate authority for anyone, different or not, to even attempt it… they will simply suffer one disappointment after another trying.

      Democracy (republic or any other form) is the insane idea that individuals are too stupid and evil to control their own lives, but smart and good enough to either elect some from among them to do it for them, or the even more idiotic idea that everyone’s business is up for a “vote” from everyone else. The non-voluntary government forms grow OUT OF THAT insanity, not the other way around. When people decide to mind their own business, and be responsible for what they choose… Then we can get somewhere.


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