Attack on the “free world”

By MamaLiberty

London terror attack: May calls assault attack on free world, threat level remains severe

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday that the country’s terror threat level will remain at “severe” after weekend attacks in London left seven dead and nearly 50 others injured.

May described the assault as an attack on the free world.

Indeed, each such attack is an assault on “the free world.” Well, it would be if this was a free world, of course. Unfortunately, this response to such attacks creates less and less freedom, and certainly less and less safety for the potential victims everywhere.

May’s response is as impotent as it gets, since the people remain helpless to defend themselves. I’m glad some had the guts to throw chairs and bottles at the murderers, but we all know that is as effective as the mouse baring his teeth at the cat. Calling 911 (or the UK equivalent) has never been more futile.

May’s proposal merely doubles down on the useless and provocative “ban” on a few things she and her government fears, and which have nothing to do with the real problem. Start to tear down all of the terrible barriers to peace, prosperity and liberty that your (and every other) socialist government has built to keep the people helpless. End the insane “ban” on self defense and defensive weapons, lady. That’s the only path toward having a free world.

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4 Responses to Attack on the “free world”

  1. Arnold says:

    Read that she announced to set up even more surveillance cameras as a response. As London isn’t the most monitored city in Europe already.


  2. Darkwing says:

    Point: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Point: :Fear is the only way to control the people”. Point: Elected people and groups are quick to dance in the blood.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      The blood dance is just so obvious… I simply can’t understand why the people who “elect” these monsters continue to think it’s a good idea.


      • kirk says:

        as Orwell stated, or close to it: those who elect corrupt pols are not victims, they are accomplices. that people will be accomplices to their own demise via the voting booth astounds, but, nevertheless, it does occur, regularly.


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