Racism rears its ugly head

By Nathan Barton

Apparently, some part of “The Resistance” based in Louisiana State University (LSU) is demonstrating their incredible racism by demanding that the LSU mascot, the Tigers, be replaced by a different one.  They claim that the Tiger is a racist mascot because it was the nickname and mascot of a Louisiana militia unit which was part of the Confederate States Army during the late unpleasantness (the War of Yankee Aggression (1861-1865)).

What they fail to recognize (or refuse to) is that the modern Louisiana Army National Guard 256th Brigade is STILL known as the Tiger Brigade, and includes hundreds of proud BLACK men and women soldiers who are very proud of the unit and its nickname, and in no way consider it to be racist.  Any more than the hundreds of thousands of black soldiers serving in US Army units consider their units, unit designations, or nicknames/special designations to be racist.  Even though many of those units are the same units which fought on both sides of what is officially called “The War of the Rebellion” and popularly known as the American Civil War, occupied the conquered South after that war – and enforced evil federal laws such as the Fugitive Slave Act and various forms of segregation from the adoption of the US Constitution right up to the mid-1950s.  Or were units which were segregated for nearly a century after blacks were finally allowed to enlist in the Army during that war.

Not only that, but they ignore the fact that thousands of black LSU students have been and are proud of their membership in LSU Tiger sports teams over the past 50+ years.  I am not a sports fan and have not the slightest idea of what success LSU teams have had in everything from football to basketball to archery to synchronized swimming and concrete canoe building over that time, but I do know that their jocks are proud to be LSU Tigers, successful champions or not.  Any university’s sportsmen are.  You can be sure that mega-university sports teams are NOT “racist” (by any reasonable definition) today.

But real history doesn’t matter to what are now being labeled by the American Right as “Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) and by many of us as “snowflakes.” They are sick, sick, even insane people who cannot and will not accept history or reality.  They are vicious, even towards their own comrades, who dare accept or say something that can be attacked.

But instead of being slapped down for their incredible stupidity and arrogance and ignorance, these whingers are coddled. They are told what brave people they are for “speaking truth to power” and pointing out the hypocrisy of the administration, faculty, and staff of LSU.  All of which seem convinced that their very careers, if not their lives, depend on kowtowing to this small clique of braying donkeys.  But in reality, are no doubt congratulating each other on how successful they have been in creating the personalities and mentalities of these snowflakes.

We can see that at LSU, and at Evergreen State College in Washington, where “white” faculty, staff, and students are attacked for refusing to accept their role as scapegoats and flee campus during some sort of Day of Diversity in which colored people are supposed to be in charge.   Other campuses are going through convulsions because some clown or another has put a noose in some gym or other prominent place, because (according to the snowflakes, I guess), the nooses are some symbol of “racism.”  (Far more pale-skinned people have been hung by the neck until dead than dark-skinned people, both in the Fifty States and elsewhere.  Even when you count the Dakota hung by these SJW’s hero Honest Abe and others.)

It isn’t just colleges.

People are now being declared racist if they are not of the proper “racial” heritage and dare to own/operate/work in “ethnic” food restaurants and cafes.  You can’t be of Irish ancestry and run a Mexican food restaurant, or of English ancestry and run a Chinese or Thai eatery.  (I don’t know if it is racist to be of German ancestry and run an Italian restaurant or even a Pizza Hut.  Probably.)

If you wear “ethnic clothing” and don’t have a certificate of racial purity, you are racist.  Your family all come from Poland? Don’t you DARE wear a buckskin dress with beads.  Your family originally hail from Japan?  It should be a crime if you wear a lace shawl or a serape.

You would think that the Fifty States are descending into a society which is the most evil, racist, bigoted, monstrous society in world history.

And maybe we are – but not necessarily because Anglo-European Americans  are hating and hurting blacks or AmerInds or Asian-Americans or Hispanics.  But because we have progressive snowflakes (most of them “whites” of Euro-Anglo ancestry) who have become haters of their own race, and together with the various Hispanic and black “leaders” (the Jesse Jacksons and Jorge Ramos’ of the world), seek to – not END racism, but rather, reverse it.

This isn’t about “liberating” some people, or even some groups of people, but rather about taking further steps to enslave people, in groups or individually.  This has nothing to do with freedom or with liberty.  Rather, it is just another form of using force to control people and to steal from them. Using government and political pressure.

Which is really what racism is all about, isn’t it?  Various groups get and keep control over their subjects/followers by making them fearful of others – and doing it by groups (wholesale) is the best way to do it (from the point of view of the controllers, at least).

Mama’s Note: The irony is that America has been the “melting pot” of all races, creeds and cultures for as long as it has existed. In fact, there is almost no place on earth that can claim any kind of “racial purity” now. And the few I can think of are slowly dying out. The people of the world have exchanged blood through marriage, culture and religion, right along with every sort of trade good, almost from the beginning. I think that is a survival trait, not a problem of course.

But I’m not too worried about the snowflakes and their irrational demands. The strong, intelligent and willing traders will survive. The snowflakes, probably not so much.In any case, so far I’ve nevcr even met anyone who actually cares what they think!

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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5 Responses to Racism rears its ugly head

  1. Nathan Barton says:

    Undoubtedly the best course of action – at least naked feet. Of course, we could discuss the politics of tee-shirts…


  2. Darkwing says:

    Are my work out shoes racist because they are white or I am the racist because I bought them white or the company racist for making them white????? Please help me.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      The whole PC thing is insane, and getting worse. The best thing is to ignore them. You can’t reason with the irrational.

      The only thing I have against white tennis shoes is that they are impossible to keep white. I have two pair now, and they are both grey with various mud and grass stains. Ugly as sin no matter how I wash them. 🙂


    • Nathan Barton says:

      In the view of the statists and all their ilk, as long as your skin is some shade of pink (“white”) (even if you have a dark tan) ANYTHING that you buy, own, admire or come in contact with, which is white, is proof that you are a racist. Ditto for the company that manufactured them, whomever sold them to you, or bought them and gave them to you as a gift. The shoes themselves are, of course, racist – and also a symbol of a willingness to destroy the environment and the planet (since such whiteness is not “natural”).
      But keep in mind that if you chose to wear black or brown or tan or red work-out shoes, you would be worse than just a racist, as you are now “appropriating the culture” of “people of color by faking your sympathy for their suffering due to the racism of white people like you.
      I think you might be okay if you wear blue, green or pink. Definitely stay away from grey unless you are at least 60. And of course, yellow. (I’m not sure on the pink, as that might be appropriating the culture of homosexuals and/or womyn. Check with at least a sample of 200 or more liberals in your community and if they are agreed unanimously that pink is okay, then go ahead.)
      As Mama said, the insanity is strong in them, and it is contagious. Actually, now that I think about it, you are probably better off going barefoot. Not just for working out, but all the time.


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