Another “answer” in Search of a Problem

By MamaLiberty

There’s a place for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Do the Boy Scouts really need to embrace girls? (Mike Baker at Fox)
I admit to being a bit old fashioned. Believing that there’s a place for a Boy Scouts organization and a Girl Scouts organization that focus on their respective genders doesn’t make me a misogynist or a sexist or anything else ending in “ist” or even an “ism.” I happen to believe that there’s value and benefit in girls having their own space and boys having their own space on occasion…as long as they offer equal space and opportunity.

I was a Girl Scout for a while in elementary school (1950s), and then went on to join Camp Fire Girls. In high school, I took great pride in being a summer camp counselor for Camp Fire Girls and have many fond memories.

I spent nine years doing various volunteer things with the Boy Scouts. Starting in 1975 as a Den Mother, Roundtable commissioner, then a unit commissioner, and finally the regional training chairperson, I followed my sons through the ranks and enjoyed very much all of the projects, camp outs and jamborees. The boys never did reach Eagle rank, but they spent a number of years as proud members of the Order of the Arrow. And they grew up to be fine men, husbands and fathers.

That was 40 years ago. It was difficult then to get 8 year old boys to join the Cub Scouts, and even harder to get their parents to participate. I understand that this is even more true today, and I can sympathize. But recruiting girls is most certainly not the answer. And it’s not as if there is no alternative, of course.

This silly idea is not nearly as bad as the BSA decision to allow homosexuals to be leaders, in my opinion, and I’m sure that has seriously contributed to the decline of the organization. We’ll have to see how it all plays out, of course. This may simply be the final straw.

But, if girls do join, I think they should consider changing their name.

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2 Responses to Another “answer” in Search of a Problem

  1. Mike says:

    Hiking in the hills. Be back by supper. Not much to be afraid of, except your own lack of sense.

    Yeah, my own kids, much less my grandkids, didn’t get to live like that.
    As a boy (not trying to be crude or rude), on camping trips the “bathroom” was where you are.

    Now it seems we’re not even sure who the boys are. Or who the girls are. If we do figure it out, they might change in a day. Ridiculous.

    Let boys be boys. Let girls be girls. Sometimes the boys show off, and look like fools. Sometimes the girls put them in their place. Sometimes boys protect the girls. Sometimes the girls show a strength that boys can learn from. But boys are still boys, and girls are still girls. Cherish them for what they really are, rather than this “modern” fabricated garbage. Life is so much better that way.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Yes indeed, Mike. So many things turned on their heads these days. I suspect this is just another part of the effort to homogenize everyone into featureless drones. The “progressives” and statists of every stripe hate unique individuals, and will do anything possible to destroy them. But “we” still know who and what we are. It’s up to us not to forget it, and to teach it diligently to our children and grandchildren. The “Boy Scouts” have turned into a socialist, statist outfit for sure now. Get the children OUT of government “schools” and these subversive clubs. Fast.


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