More troubles on 04 November 2017?

By Nathan Barton

Is the end of the world as we know it coming on the first Saturday in November? Two days from when I am writing this?

Not long ago, I published a commentary about the supposed massive ANTIFA/BLM uprising scheduled for 14 major American cities that day, and calls for massive government crackdowns (including violence) to prevent a new Marxist revolution.

Now, according to good ol’ Dave over at the Common Sense Show, there is “strong evidence” that a “massive” collapse of the electrical system is “scheduled” for that same day.  The UN is on the move, preparing to take over the Fifty States after North Korea (or some unnamed group, in a false-flag event) detonates a nuke over North America and collapses the entire electrical grid.

This, Dave writes, is tied to the ANTIFA/BLM action on Saturday.  And the center of this vast conspiracy and threat is none other than Rawlins, Wyoming, a “small town” (actually, one of the three largest cities in Wyoming along I-80.  It is obvious that Dave doesn’t know diddly about Rawlins, Wyoming, the Red Desert, I-80, or anything else of importance in that area, much less about how communications works.  There are pictures – very small and obviously cropped, which he claims are of UN communications vehicles that are EMP-proofed, and part of this plan to take over the Fifty States.

If I wasn’t explicit enough in the earlier commentary, let me make it clear: these sorts of people are entertaining, but have to be treated like enemies, and never, ever believed. They are like broken (analog) clocks: when they are right on something, it is both infrequent and purely coincidental.  They thrive on making people panic because it makes money for them.  And once in a while, through sheer luck, they say something that is close enough to something nasty that happens that they can crow about how right they were.

In that they are no different than the government scaremongers and the televangelists, who conveniently forget their widely-broadcast and screamed predictions about the end of the world never come to pass.

Mama’s Note: These “end of the world” predictions are certainly amusing. Just as with the possible eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera and so many other such things, such an event is nothing to worry about… what in the world could anyone DO about it anyway? I have plenty of more immediate things to consider, most of which I can do something about… if I care enough.

As for the potential attacks from the leftists, of so many varieties, I’m not worried at all.  They might actually cause much trouble in the big cities, but they wouldn’t get a toe hold here in the heartland. We are armed, and we won’t put up with much of the nonsense…

Best ignore them.  Even if sometimes, they are right.  Rawlins is NOT a good place to be, for example. (And I should know, a bit – not knocking the fine people of Carbon County, but I had to drive through Rawlins both Tuesday AND Wednesday – and it is just as bad as ever.)

No, it is not because of spooky UN commo trucks and deep conspiracies, but because Rawlins is on I-80, which (like I-40) is a major transcontinental route (and like I-40, parallels a major rail line) and is a place where really nasty weather can strand you and prevent nice things (like food) from getting to you.  It is, naturally, a key location for federal control, with or without UN meddling.

And Rawlins has a prison – big by Wyoming standards,  And the city has a large Spanish-speaking population mostly of Mexican and other Latin American origin.  Again, there are many fine Latin American immigrants and descendants, but most in Rawlins seem to have a direct connection to the prison population and various shady enterprises: they seem to show up in large numbers on police blotters.  Many of the crimes (committed by Latin American, AmerInd, and Anglos in Rawlins) seem to be associated with the transportation system. So all these things add up to a large law enforcement presence. Which has its own drawbacks, of course – even in Wyoming.

But back to this “UN takeover” business.  There are much, much better places for the UN to set up shop – such as Cheyenne or Laramie, or even Casper, as a place from which to “take over America.”  And honestly, Denver is the better choice by orders of magnitude, being both a city friendly to UN type things AND with a massive (though spooky, according to the doomsayers) airport, far better communications and transportation in all direction, and- possibly – already under UN control in all but name.  I suspect any UN activity in Rawlins – or most places in Wyoming – would be only a sideshow to actions in Denver, Salt Lake, and other major urban hubs.

As for the timing: there are only fifty-two weeks in a year.  There are multiple training exercises by various federal, state, and local agencies taking place every week.  And no doubt, some of these involve foreign participation: US allies and the like, and even UN.  In fact (though it is no longer much advertised or touted), we just had a major annual UN event a couple of days ago.  Halloween is a big fund-raising day for UNESCO (I believe that is the United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization) – back in the 60s and 70s, that was touted as an anti-dentist measure: get donations for UNESCO rather than teeth-rotting candy!  (With the added benefit of being anti-American, anti-capitalist, and anti-industry: what is more American and capitalist than the candy industry?)

I’m surprised none of these doomsayers put together THAT connection.  The UN will try anything to corrupt and take over ‘Merica, after all.

Maybe they should pay more attention to being prepared to deal with our homegrown tyrants and jack-booted thugs.  That sad sector of our society really doesn’t need any help from the UN to be plenty evil and a threat

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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