At last – a return to sanity?

By Nathan Barton

It appears, as I write on Thursday afternoon, that the FCC has killed “net neutrality” – two years after the hideous abomination was put into effect by the Obummer regime acting on behalf of George Soros and a cabal of Tranzis trying to turn the internet into a government monopoly, like a “public utility.”

Laissez Faire Books has a great article on it, and a neat logo.

But just because net neutrality is dead does NOT mean that government control of the internet, and government attempts to prevent innovation and better, faster, larger ways to communicate will come to an end.  Not in the United States, and not in the world.  (Oh, by the way, the world has NOT come to an end just because the FCC repealed this piece of garbage.  Nor will it end if the courts uphold this decision to roll back a tiny little piece of the regulatory state. And we’ll see if the “Resistance” really riots over this or not.)

But government WILL continue to try and gain (and regain) control over communications.  This is a never-ending battle: freedom of the press (real freedom, not license to lie and propagandize), privacy of the mails, open freedom to publish and print and broadcast and just plain write will continue to be attacked by the minions and beneficiaries of government power – and those people too stupid or too compromised to understand and resist the people who so desperately want to control us – and everyone else.  And who WANT to be controlled.

And we are far from free right now – even with things like this FCC decision to give up power.  There are many ways in which government and its fellow conspirators in media and crony capitalism and the immoral criminal class in general can control what we say and write.  Directly and indirectly.

And that does not count the idiots who mistake liberty for license, and use every possible means of communication to spread their lies and urban myths and bizarre paranoid claims of everything from imaginary planets to the ideas that government is our mommy and loves us.  Those who misuse freedom to cozen and con people.

What do we need to look at? We must stop:

a.  Depending on the benevolence of government at ANY level: neighborhood, local, county, regional, state, federal, or international.  Benevolence is a tool of government: a tool for control, a tool to reduce resistance and opposition. Government does not exist to help people – helping people is a pretext, an excuse for government to exercise power and steal wealth.

b.  Depending on any organization, any institution – including local ISPs, media providers, the press, telecommunications firms, utilities (government- or investor- or consumer-owned), educational institutions – to provide anything that is not motivated by the desire to make a profit, whether they call it a profit or not.

c.  Depending on good will from any organization or group or individuals that is not, ultimately, based on their own self-interest, whether that interest is making a living, getting wealth, getting power, or based on religious motives.

d.  Depending on ANY piece of paper – constitution, contract, oath of fealty, or anything else – that does not clearly spell out the benefits and obligations of all parties involved, and provide for withholding benefits if obligations are not met: that cannot clearly identify the self-interests and how those interests can be protected by the parties involved.

e.  Believing anything that we are told by politicians, bureaucrats, enforcers, celebrities, businesses, organizations, or institutions, that cannot be demonstrated to be true through some means OTHER than those telling us things and their natural allies and fellows.

f.  Using only means of communications with one another (family, friends, comrades in arms or in liberty) which are controlled by others, unless we have alternative methods of communication so that we can be reasonably assured that our communications are not compromised, intercepted, or prevented.

I realize this is a partial list and none of these things are easy to do – or even easy to understand.  What it boils down to is accepting personal responsibility for what we do (and what we fail to do), and finding ways to work around those who want to lord it over us – to control us.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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