Truth to power…

By Nathan Barton

Today, continuing a “tradition” that dates back to the French Revolution, progressives (liberal fascists) boast about how they “speak truth to power.”

We, the masses, don’t deserve to hear the truth, of course.  That is the other side of the coin for this gang of statists.  And we see that side of the coin everyday in the newspapers and on-line, and hear it every day on television, radio, and in the movie theaters.  That is, the media. The strong wings that hold up the bloated body of the purulant statist albatoss around everyone’s neck.

It seems that the media is upset that the guy sitting there in the White House (or at least running around there) has upset some good American allies. I know, that is nothing new.  But bear me out.

A few weeks ago, CNN and other media outlets complained that Trump’s speech to the NRA angered the French and the Brits.  He dared to point out that the killings of all those people in the attack on night-clubs in Paris might have been stopped by a few people – even one – with a gun. And – gasp! – stating that strict gun control laws failed to stop the killings.

Worse, he said that the recent epidemic of knifing people in England and other British possessions was a problem, and that at least one hospital in Britain had been compared to a war zone hospital with blood on the floors.

The media reaction was actually mild compared to the actual reaction from the other side of the Atlantic.  One French politician called the remarks shameful and obscene.  A Brit politician said that Trump is “probably lying.”

None of this comes as a surprise, of course.  Neither these people and groups being upset, or their idea that Americans are murderous, lying, cowboys who want to gun down people en masse.  Nor the fact that the Brits and Europeans are unwilling to face reality. To say nothing of media.  Who act as though they believe that the “real reality” is what they create in their studios, sound stages, and those little magic circles around their reporters and camera crew.

As Heinlein put it, an armed society is a polite society.  Neither British nor French or Belgian society can be called polite, much less peaceful. To say nothing of places like Sweden, now rape capital of the Western World.

The media is appalled at Trump, outraged at the NRA, and shocked beyond belief at the American public, that refuses to follow the advice of their betters in Hollywood, academia, medicine, the media, and the Tranzi (liberal or progressive) political realm.

What it boils down to is that the media, and European elites, cannot abide truth – even the tiny little bit that Trump is willing to speak.  It is against their agenda.

And what is their agenda?  To gain more and more power (and wealth).  They can most easily do that by taking that power from other people.  Including the power to defend themselves.

We should, we are told, repeal the Second Amendment, ban private ownership of guns (soon to be followed by knives and no doubt small pieces of wood and flexible strong wire, string, and fishing line), and submit still more to our natural masters.

Many point out that “this ain’t gonna happen” but it doesn’t keep them from trying again and again.  Nor from being blind about the true state of affairs as far as death with firearms in the Fifty States and the rest of the world – including suicide versus homicide versus accident.  And the shameful situation in Europe, to say nothing of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where the cruel and powerful continue to dominate and control those weaker, and less able to defend themselves because their arms are denied them.

But back to the main point.

It is great to “speak truth to power.”  But it is far, far better to “speak truth all the time to everyone.” It is pretty neat that sometimes someone WITH power speaks truth, not just to other people with power, but to all of us.  But don’t count on it happening very often.  If it did, why, goodness, peace and freedom might break out all over the place!

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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4 Responses to Truth to power…

  1. judymarie81 says:

    Reblogged this on TruthPatriotRN.


  2. Rocketman says:

    It seems to me that anyone criticizing some else’s morals should first have morals superior to those that they are criticizing. The British for example, have been actively suppressing information on gang rapes by Muslim immigrants in England so as not to offend their religion. Therefore, they have no excuse whatsoever for criticizing Americans and their love of firearms.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Who makes the decisions about which “morals” are superior? I suspect you would not agree to have someone else make that determination for you. 🙂 The conflict in the world is not due to any relative value of a person’s “morals,” but completely hinges on who gets to control other people and their property.


    • tpolnathan says:

      How do we define “superior morals”? As lovers of liberty, we can probably agree that anyone who claims to have the “right” to initiate aggression against someone else – or that claims someone else (like government) has that right to initiate violence, has inferior morals. But if someone (or some group) claims that they can initiate aggression against others, no matter what their position on human rights, they are not superior morally, even if they are right on some particular situation or human right.


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