More blackrobe nonsense and insanity – mental illness in public schools

By Nathan Barton

I am reminded of the poster: “I was so shocked by being told I am delusional, that I almost fell off my unicorn.”

It seems that at least one Federal Judge believes that mental illness should be supported by government – not curing it, but allowing people the “right” to make others suffer for their delusions.  CNN reports: “Court: Federal civil rights law protects transgender people” (Freedom Net Daily headline). “A federal court ruled against a Virginia school district on Tuesday, holding that federal law protects a transgender student who sought to use the boys’ bathroom at his [sic] school. The ruling is a victory for Gavin Grimm — a transgender male [sic] — who began his[sic] legal fight four years ago and has since graduated from the school. The court denied a motion filed by the school district to dismiss Grimm’s lawsuit. Grimm’s lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union argued that Title IX — a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs — includes discrimination based on gender identity.”

Again, I assume that future decisions by judges will state that, for instance, potential students who are actually sixty-nine year old men, but “identify” as being ten-year-old girls, will be able to force schools to let them attend school and participate in girls’ gym classes and locker rooms.

And that if an animal psychologist testifies as an expert witness that the big bad wolf self-identifies as a cute little piglet, that the three little pigs must allow him to come into their brick fortress.  Especially if he is hungry.

I do not say that someone should not have the “right” to be wrong – whether it is being wrong about what sex they are, or what they worship, or whether they believe that 2+2=5. But when others are forced (especially by government) to accept and affirm and live by the wrong idea, that is insanity.  Take that 2+2=5 nonsense.  If the clerk at a local convenience store believes that, and gives you back just two dollars from a five-dollar bill for a two-dollar purchase, that is still theft.  Still wrong, no matter how sincerely they believe 2+2=5.  The situation is (in my opinion) much less serious than someone with a penis claiming they are a girl and demanding to shower with all the “other girls.” A society which allows or even demands that is seriously in trouble.  A government trying to enforce that is even more evil (if that is possible) than other governments.

It is not enough that society (the state) has gone completely off the rails.  The judicial system, led by judges who “fear neither man nor gods,” is not just off the tracks, the ballast, and the bar ditch, but someplace over in the next section of land.

Our fables and fairy tales used to deal with the insanity of emperors who had no clothes.  Today, that child will be taught by their teachers (reinforced by administrators, public health professionals, the media, and no doubt their corrupted parents) that, no, dear, the emperor really does have gorgeous clothing draped around his body.  And that potbelly and narrow shoulders you think you see are a product of self-projection and your own delusions: he’s really an Adonis.

We are letting the teachers, the educrats, the politicians and the judicial system raise a generation which is incapable of telling male from female, right from wrong, and truth from lies.  And being applauded for doing so.

Don’t believe me?  Go ask a teacher who is a recent graduate from some big state-run university specializing in education what the sexes (excuse me, “genders”) of the students in their 1st or 4th or 7th grade classes are, and let me tell you, you will need a form with a whole lot more than two (or three, if “don’t know” is a choice) boxes on it.

We live in a world today where Wikihow has to provide instructions on “how to safely use a public restroom.” Or as one wag put it, “can we survive living in a society where decisions are made by people who can’t decide which bathroom to use?”

In a democracy, that could be a really serious problem. (Or in a system that was supposed to be a republic and a confederation and has already descended through the evils of democracy into a totalitarian state run as a tyrannical oligarchy.)

Which points out the obvious: government is incapable of running society.  Shall we regulate ourselves to death or just into insanity? If we let our “betters” (or those who self-define themselves as “the elite”) decide what we can and cannot do each hour of our lives, we can expect life to get more and more miserable.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, get your children (and everyone else’s) out of these wretched institutions that are ruined by government and financed by theft.  (And which then go and steal the minds, souls, and bodies of the young.) If you aren’t any good at teaching or if you aren’t educated well enough yourself, find someone who IS and work with them – it might be a neighbor, a relative, even a preacher or … gasp, an engineer. It is going to be better than the public schools. But work WITH them, and pay attention, and get more education yourself.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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7 Responses to More blackrobe nonsense and insanity – mental illness in public schools

  1. judymarie81 says:

    Reblogged this on TruthPatriotRN.


  2. “We live in a world today where Wikihow has to provide instructions on ‘how to safely use a public restroom.'”

    The “answer” to “public” restrooms is not complicated. Label the restroom “restroom” and expect that people will use it as one. If it’s a one-seater, let the door be locked. If it’s a multi-seater, have stalls. The idea that some educrat should get to feel up everyone who goes in and decide whether or not to “allow” them to is repugnant.


  3. beau says:

    divide and conquer has been going on for so long, successfully, that the ‘divide’ issues have gotten down to the level addressed (“which bathroom am i to use?).

    a stupid, silly people cannot long survive.


  4. Darkwing says:

    If you are not sue what gender you are, drop your pants or lift your skirt and check the stuff, that is you answer.


  5. Tricia says:

    This is truly insane. Off the rails indeed!


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