The War-Party State (following up on one-party states)

By Nathan Barton

My recent commentary on One-Party States triggered some thoughts. Just a few short words about some of these.  I may have a more lengthy commentary on it in the future.

One point made is that here in the Fifty States – especially in the FedGov, we do indeed have a type of one-party state.

My correspondent called it “The War-Party State” and suggested reading this recent posting by David Stockman. (Be warned, it is a lengthy read: Stockman is being interviewed by Mika Brzezinski, and the result is a poorly-edited transcript. By proxy, in talking to Mika, he is challenging the Deputy Warmonger-in-Chief, Zbegnew Brzezinski himself. (Warmonger-in-Chief title I award to Henry Kissinger.)

Ron Paul recently pointed out that Congress has idiotically attempted to prohibit Trump from withdrawing the US from NATO. Trump doing that would effectively retire NATO, as Stockman also points out.  It is a relic of the Cold War that is being used (a) to restart a cold war between the US and Europe on one side, and Russia on the other, and (b) used as an excuse for Euro-American imperialism around the world. Definitely a “benefit” of the War Party.

We can see this cooperation between the Dems and Reps in many dozens of ways, and not just in DC by any means.  It can take a variety of forms, but all of them are detrimental to freedom and liberty.

There is no need for this single-party to have any kind of unified administration or formal organization.  The entire game wouldn’t and couldn’t work that way.  Nor is there any reason for there to be lockstep agreement on all issues – just a few major ones that are public will do.  And of course, the two parties are in far more agreement on their hidden agenda: including more money and other power to the governments at all levels.



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3 Responses to The War-Party State (following up on one-party states)

  1. Darkwing says:

    One of our founders said that if we have political parties is will lead to major problems. Years ago, I once stated that we should not have political parties and anyone can file for any elected job. I was told by many that with a lot of people on one ballot it would confuse the voters. When I said the people should read up on these people and make a wise chose, the people would look at me with a blank stare.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Apparently, the only way “democracy” works is to dumb things down to simple, binary choices. Yes-No. Up-Down. Joe or Sue. And apparently (based on a lot of feedback, even that is too complicated for some people.) Some places (California comes to mind) are arranging it so that in the general election, there are ONLY two choices, courtesy of open primaries and first two past the post elections. And if you want to strike fear into politicians, suggest putting “None of the Above” on the ballot!


  2. J Pritchett says:

    One party State = Hawaii


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