Lies and more lies – lowlife living

By Nathan Barton

If you do not know the name “Keith Ellison,” see the end of this commentary.

This lowlife, now with the authority of being Attorney General for a major liberal midwestern state, sent us an email recently. Filled with lies and intended to twang the heartstrings of the reader.  Typical of politicians of all types.

It is a perfect demonstration of the mindset of politicians:

Deborah – I wanted to reach out with a couple thoughts after watching President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight.
It would be easier to take the President’s calls for unity seriously if 800,000 federal workers hadn’t just been forced to endure the longest government shutdown in history because he couldn’t spend $5.7 billion on his unpopular, archaic border wall.
It would be easier to believe the President has the best interests of the middle-class in mind if he hadn’t spent the last two years trying to roll back affordable health care, consumer protections, and workers’ rights.
It would be easier to believe the President honors the basic human rights of all those who come to the United States if he hadn’t ripped children away from their parents and tried to ban Muslims from entering our country.
Let me be clear, I did not run for Attorney General to oppose any one individual. But I did run to help people afford their lives and live with dignity, and I’ll continue to stand up to whoever I need to in order to get the job done.
Thank you,
Keith Ellison

This is of course based on the biased and warped thinking of the “liberal” Regressives of the Democratic Version of the War-Party.  I am not defending Trump, but lets look at a few of these Tranzi fairytales.

Did the various DHS agencies rip children out of the arms of their mothers? It is a bit of hyperbole on the part of the writer to say so, but they did separate border jumping parents from their children.  And yes, it was on Trump’s watch.  BUT it was also under their current demigod’s watch also: yes, under Obummer, the children of illegal immigrants were separated from parents by a policy implemented by his regime and continued by Trump’s.

Did Trump try to ban Muslims from entering the US?  Yes, but not ANY or ALL Muslims, just those from countries where there was a very good probability that these people were or had ties to Islamists – extreme Muslims.  As did (to some degree and with little consistency) previous regimes. Including Democratic ones, with the support of the same Democratic politicians now condemning Trump. (Admittedly, Ellison himself may not have: he was too busy abusing women, maybe.)

Skipping over the jingoistic rhetoric of Ellison, when he talks about “rolling back affordable health care, consumer protections, and workers’ rights,” he is talking about what others call “deregulation” and “getting government’s nose out of our business” – either AS business or as private citizens.  Can anyone demonstrate that ObummerCare was “affordable”?  Or even that it was “care” and not just abuse?

I’m not really sure how catering to the demands of 800,000 federal workers, who got their pay delayed by a few weeks, is contrary to a desire for unity on Trump’s part.  And according to polls, for bad or good most Americans don’t seem to find a wall (or fence or barrier) along the borders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California “unpopular.” And as Trump pointed out in his SOTU, if it is “archaic” then so are the security measures of dozens of Tranzi Democratic elites.

But to Ellison and those like him, especially when they think that they are preaching to the choir (as was the audience of this e-mail – or so his staffers think), they don’t mind shading the truth, spinning the tale, or just plain lying.

Not that the GOP and Conservatives (neo- or other-) care a whole lot about telling the truth.  We can find examples of that in every state and virtually every congressional office suite. But Ellison and those like him – many with D after their name – are really hot about spreading the fake news and twisted words. And good about it as well.


Ellison was a Muslim Congresscrittur from Minnesota, and he cozened enough Minnesotans to win his current office of Attorney General last November.  But he has much bigger plans than that.  And he is a Teflon candidate: while people were crucifying Kavenaugh about supposed (and later disproved) charges of sexual assault and worse dating back 40 years, Ellison was not held accountable for abuse of women documented in video and sworn testimony from just a few years back. Indeed, you couldn’t even get most of the media to report that he was being accused of such things.  At the same time that they report his lies as gospel truth.

But when you come right down to it, lies and abuse are not the exclusive domain of Democrats or even Tranzis or Regressives of any type.  It seems that most politicians, whichever wing of the War-Party they are part of, spread lies constantly and leave shattered lives behind them. To say nothing of stealing and squandering trillions of dollars. And always searching for the next scheme.

Honestly, give me “trailer trash” and “poor white trash” and “poor black folks” any time over the scum like Ellison, Congress, and most people in power, whether it is DC or Denver or St. Paul.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Lies and more lies – lowlife living

  1. beau says:

    A black muslim who hates this nation is nothing new. Electing such an individual to such a position is something new, however. We are further down the road to destruction than many know and accept. This is just one, of many, indicators of this.

    Watch what he does rather than listen to what he says.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Indeed, beau, I have been watching what he does. He beats up women, he constantly solicits money for his various causes, and apparently came out of Congress a lot more wealthy than he went in. And we don’t even have to look at his voting record.
      But I understand your point. Most politicians talk one thing and do another – or a lot more.


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