Quick thoughts: Beware of the blue gang

By Nathan Barton

Although this story is dateline Chicago, it is similar to activities happening nationwide.  First, we see the arrogance (and greed) of so-called “law enforcement officers” in many jurisdictions. It is coupled with the refusal of state legislators and Congress-critturs to take action. We must end the immoral, unethical, unconstitutional, tyrannical abuse called “asset forfeiture” which is a blot on us all.

This comes from the Institute for Justice (link below) courtesy of a correspondent:

Chicago police run a vehicle impound racket

Imagine dropping your car off at the local mechanic because you need to get your engine tuned up.

A few days later you come back to pick up your car, only to find out that it has been impounded by the police.

That’s what happened to one couple in Chicago.

It turned out that one of the mechanics took their car out for a joy ride. He was driving too fast, was pulled over, and arrested for driving without a license.

The police then impounded the vehicle, even though it wasn’t his.

The couple went down to the police station to get their vehicle back, but the police insisted that they pay thousands of dollars, even though they did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, the police are charging them storage fees to keep the vehicle in the impound parking lot.

The couple managed to scrap together the money to have their vehicle released… only to find out that the police had already sold it at an auction!

This wasn’t an isolated incident either. The City of Chicago does this countless times per year, for offenses as minor as littering and playing loud music.

(Chicago brings in about $28 million per year impounding cars and running up storage fees.)

Now the Institute for Justice is helping the couple lead a class action lawsuit challenging this Civil Asset Forfeiture racket.

They argue the scheme violates due process, by forcing innocent vehicle owners to account for crimes drivers committed. Plus, holding the vehicles ransom until fines are paid is an unconstitutional seizure.

Click here for the full story.

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  1. Darkwing says:

    “To protect and to serve” themselves


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