Hope for liberty in the 21st Century

By Nathan Barton

You didn’t hear it on the hourly news, the daily or weekly news roundups, or the newspapers. (Or at least I couldn’t find it.)

But the gang of murderous thugs and tyrants who rule most of the Arabian Peninsula and hold much of the world at their mercy for oil got their hats handed to them recently.

You CAN read about it at Lew Rockwell, reposted from Strategic Culture, fortunately. The Yemeni, on the receiving end of Saudi rage for years, launched a successful raid deep into Saudi territory at a port and provincial capital (Jizan or Jazan) on the Red Sea coast.  This incursion into the far Southwest corner of the Saudi Kingdom chewed up three brigades of the Saudi Army.

When?  This weekend, the 28th of September, 2019. Even though you can’t find any mainstream media coverage of it. Not a surprise, given where the MSM stands on so many things.

IF it happened (and Lew Rockwell is generally pretty good in reporting accurately), this has changed the entire situation in the Middle East.  And just 14 days after that drone and cruise missile attack.

As a follow-up to that Houthi/Yemeni (or Iraqi) drone and cruise missile attack on Saudi oil resources and facilities, it may be a classic example of asymmetrical warfare waged by the Yemeni against their royal tormenters.

Why do I say it is hopeful for liberty?

Because once again, it is demonstrated that poor, supposedly low-tech opponents can successfully fight against theoretically overwhelming, tech-superior, and well-funded standing (and deployed) armies. Even if they don’t have the classic characteristics of those fighting 5th Generation warfare. Even when much of the world is against them.

And even when they are on the wrong side of liberty.

In the war between the various claimants to power in Yemen and the rich Saudi bullies, I don’t really think that there is a “good side” – they are both evil.  They are based on various sects of Islam, are various tribes of Arabs, and enjoy a long history of tyranny, murder, theft, slavery, and much more.  Those innocent civilians (however many there are) of Yemen and that Arabian province (far, far away from the rich oil patch of Arabia and the Persian Gulf) will fair poorly regardless of which side(s) wins.

It’s really no different than the situation in Syria or “Iraq” (Mesopotamia). They are still submerged in the deep, deadly waters of pre-Christian, pre-Enlightenment, pre-Declaration of Independence human society: miserable in virtually every way. And even if the underdog Yemenis win, their victory will probably resemble more the post-War South or Korea after the ceasefire than anything peaceful and free and prosperous.

But others CAN learn and CAN be encouraged by what is going on.

The Saudis, wrongly supported by the West, are clearly the favorite when it comes to betting on them. Especially fighting against another population of Islamic Arabs. Their war has been fruitless, costly, and inconclusive in any way.  It can be the same way if (when) the peoples of more prosperous, more advanced, and more Western nations decide that enough is enough.  And rise up to overthrow their nanny states.

The Western governments are just like the babysitter tells the recalcitrant child, “wait til your parents get home” or the frazzled mother warns, “when Daddy gets home, you are in for it.”  These governments of the West, socialist in name or not, ultimately depend on the power of their militaries (or that of their allies) – including their police forces (military in all but name). To enforce their tyranny: steel gauntlets in velvet gloves. To back up their rules and regulations, keep the victims from thwarting the parasites.

But if those high-tech militaries and police forces can be defeated with basic weapons and adaptation and innovation using common “civilian” tools… Enforcement becomes problematic.  Especially if there is some sympathy (active aid) available to the resisters within the military and the bureaucracy.  And especially if they have an “enemy of my enemy” outside providing at least some limited assistance.

IF they have the will – the guts, the drive – to say enough is enough. To draw lines in the sand, to not be pushed. To say, “thus far, and no farther.”

if WE have the guts.


About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Hope for liberty in the 21st Century

  1. beau says:

    on the fact that the Yemenis gave a drubbing to the more advanced Saudis: we in this nation have forgotten that the colonists took on the most advanced military power of the time, much more so than the opposing colonials, who then threw that advanced military off the continent. when that same great power tried again, throwing them off the continent was again achieved.

    to the ignorant pol (can’t even remember the ignorant jerk’s name) who, when speaking of removing firearms from citizens, asked how citizens would fight the govt with their AR’s when the govt has F15’s, my answer is this: LEARN REAL, NOT REWIRTTEN, HISTORY and you will not become the IGNORAMUS 0N DISPLAY, but, then, you would have to cease being a politician to enter that class of individual.

    ‘leaders’ who know nothing of their own history represent people who know nothing of their own history, so such things as the above are repeated everywhere, to our detriment.


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