California’s time is running out

The news out of California grows more and more bleak.

Consider this article from last week’s Independent Institute’s Blog: “Nearly 1 million Californians may find themselves without power this week as a result of pre-emptive blackouts imposed by electric utilities Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison in an attempt to mitigate wildfire risk. But neither denying power to consumers whenever it is dry and windy nor throwing more money at the problem, which appears to be the state legislature’s preferred solution, represent satisfactory long-term solutions. What is really needed is less government interference in the energy and housing markets.”

It turns out that the Institute’s prediction was right on the money. Not just on doing without power, but about wildfire, the stupidity of the General Assembly, and more.

Consider also this recent story from the Orange County Register: ” Where do Californians go when they leave? New Census Bureau migration data for 2018 shows that folks who leave the state are likely to end up west of the Mississippi River. … where 691,145 Californians who left for other states now call home. … In raw terms of people moving, the top spot for Californians is Texas, which got 86,164 Californians in 2018. Next came Arizona (68,516), Washington (55,467), Nevada (50,707), and Oregon (43,058). … People do also move to California. In 2018, 501,023 arrived from other states. And yes, that’s the third-highest inflow among the states, after Texas and Florida. But it’s down 4.2% in a year and a five-year low. “

So it is only a drop of about 200,000 in 2018. Out of 40 million, that is not a lot. But it is a big difference from the first 160 years of California’s history. I suspect that this year, with the blackouts and fires and new laws, that number will go up a whole lot.

Without independence and/or separation of California into (at least) two states, the future of California is bleak. As far as both Democratic and Republican Senators and CongressCritturs are concerned, California is “too big to fail” and will be baled out at almost any cost. Even as an independent nation, California can still be expected to receive billions of dollars of “foreign aid” from DC – just as virtually EVERY nation on the planet (yes, including most of Europe) is given money stolen from the pockets of American taxpayers. But it will be less, and therefore the potential for sane people to get control of California will be enhanced.

Until that happens, the situation will just get worse and worse. And the process seems to be accelerating.

I am not able to state categorically that California WILL do better as an independent nation (or two, or one nation and one state). But I believe the indications: social, political, economic; are that it will. And I certainly think the Forty-nine States will do better. Much better.

I know that there are people who will (literally) kill and die to keep a single state, let alone California, leave the Union. I know that there are people who claim to love liberty but still cannot bear that the “Federal Union” be anything but eternal, and will overcome their moral objections to using force aggressively to prevent California’s (or any other states’) departure.

Just as I am sure that the current political masters of California will do anything and everything they can to have everything. They love the power and prestige of being an American State. They luxuriate in the inflows of federal money and the advantages of federal power. And they enjoy and abuse the power California exercises over the FedGov (and so many other States) because of its population and Congressional power and Electoral College power. As well as the economic and cultural power wielded by Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Everyone of those things argues for letting California go away. As quickly as possible.

I suspect that, despite more and more people abandoning California for other states (or even other nations), the number of Californians eager to leave the USA and then break up (or the other way around) is growing almost as fast as the firestorms and the blackouts are doing.

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3 Responses to California’s time is running out

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  2. Rick says:

    Even one half paying attention to the happenings in CA can tell this all is the direct result of bad governance. Now that Gov. Deer-in-the-headlights is facing two recall petitions (with enough signatures they become ballot initiatives), we can expect more grumbling from a less responsive government. Perhaps that is a good thing – if government too a week, or a year, off – but first they should undo what they’ve done.

    What’s not mentioned in the OC Register article is how many of those moving to CA from other states are returning Californians. Too, the article does not differentiate the influx of illegals from citizens.

    The man who wrote the article, Lasner, is an ass. His modus is to tell half the story but act dismissive to those who seek to provide the whole truth. IOW, be right to be wary of the likes of him.


  3. Darkwing says:

    I lived in CA in the 70’s and the early 80’s. It was a great place. The sheeple of CA passed Prop 13, good number, which limit property taxes, that was the death blow. The state borrowed money for all the stuff, the elected people gave themselves great stuff, the tax payers were ignored, the state of CA went to hell. The fires: I worked doing controlled burns, it stopped a lot of big fires, in the 80’s the EPA changed the rules that made those burns impossible, the state followed and put in restrictions, against the power CO. Now the state blames the power Co.


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