Climate branding news

I understand that “manmade climate change” and “manmade global warming” are being put to rest by the media and the environists.

The new phrase is “global meltdown.”

It is a neat term – “meltdown,” that is. I don’t know if it originated with the nuclear industry or not. It is used to describe a catastrophic failure of a nuclear reactor which runs away – where the chain reaction is uncontrolled.  Not to the point of a nuclear detonation, but to the point of melting the steel, concrete, and other materials which encapsulate and support the reactor. So that the nuclear fuel melts the entire thing down like a soft candle, but one which can take the candlestick or dish with it!

Meltdown implies something that is manmade, but uncontrollable, and is most often used to speak of people who are emotionally devastated and unable to control themselves and their response. Meltdowns are what fragile, emotional, people have – people under great stress caused by other humans. I guess it fits their mindset.

Actually, it is more a word I would apply to the proponents and disciples of this new but always-changing religion of… global meltdown.

For example, we’ve seen lots of examples of teenage angst and meltdown from Watermelon Saint Greta Thunburg.  The term fits her… fits … perfectly. And the millions of children (including teens) who like her have an irrational fear of the end of the world (soon to be just 10 years away).

We see it in the way the celebrities of Hollywood (and Nashville and NYC and elsewhere) panic at the thought of not getting all humanity to give up anything invented since about 1830 in order to prevent their long-proclaimed and ever-closure destruction of the world.

And we see it (and not just on the subject of manmade climate meltdown) in the politicians in DC, many international capitals, and too many state capitals. (To say nothing of the actions of the politicians in so many “People’s Republics” in cities and counties of the Fifty States.)

Indeed, it seems that even the environist who is trying to push this new brand is a perfect demonstration of an emotional meltdown:

“It’s time to take the gloves off and stop pretending. Sometimes a brand name needs to be hyperbolic to truly capture hearts and minds. If we don’t take massive action now, Earth will be uninhabitable — an irreversible barren wasteland, Plants and animals will die. Humans won’t be able to survive extreme weather like floods, droughts and fires. If we don’t change, we won’t even be able to spend time outside.”

Environist advertising flack

The inability of promoters of manmade global warming and the need to surrender all power to convince the vast majority of people obviously has them in a panic.  The inability of these environists to be coherent and be rational – much less demonstrate any logic – is exemplified by this quote.  This guy, I note, is nothing more than an advertising flack (a “professional” namer) but surely he has resources to call on to get his story straight.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but never has the global warming crowd ever claimed (let alone proved) that rising temperatures will turn the earth into an “uninhabitable, irreversible barren wasteland” in which “humans won’t be able to survive extreme weather like floods, drought, and fires.”  Or even worse (in this guy’s view) we “won’t even be able to go outside.”

Since we are not going to survive, he claims, worry about not being able to go outside seems to be a fairly low priority.

He also claims that plants and animals will die.  Got news for this seeming snowflake social justice warrior: Bud, plants and animals already die. Every day, and every minute of every day.  It is called life in this fallen world of ours. And the supposed problem with global warming or climate change (or whatever) is NOT turning the entire planet into a desert: it is supposedly flooding normally dry land with a higher sea level.  And by the way, bub, humans have been surviving floods, drought, and fires for thousands of years – most all of those without the technology we can use today to survive those things.

But he clearly believes this – or he is another Darren (Samantha’s husband in Bewitched) whose personal beliefs change with his clients – if not with his underwear. As do the editors and publishers of the rag in which this proposal appeared.  Otherwise, would not an editor or publisher suggested that he correct his hysteria?

If we MUST rename (yet again) this new environist religion and excuse for extreme socialism, we might consider something truthful.  “Global climate hysteria” perhaps.  Or “global environist panic.”

Or perhaps the Watermelon Saint Greta can come up with something as she pulls out her pipe and toots her merry tune.

Afternote: Why is she a “watermelon?” I’m not being racist. She is, like most watermelons, green on the outside and red (NOT GOP red!) on the inside.

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2 Responses to Climate branding news

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  2. Any scheme to take wealth, property, and freedom in order to save the planet’s climate, is nothing more than government authorized theft.

    In order to actually impact the climate, someone needs to find, access, and control the thermostat for the giant ball of fire in the sky.


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