After the 2020 elections…

Let us assume for now that Trump does win the 2020 elections in less than 10 months. That he defeats whatever Regressivist, whether it is Sanders, Biden or Warren (or even H Clinton or M Obama). And that the GOP retains the Senate and gains control of the House of Representatives.

What then? Certainly not utopia, or the glorious future that the conservative pundits and talk show hosts advocate. And definitely NOT the total collapse of the Fifty States and the destruction of the world (are we down to ten years now, for global warming to kill us all) that the Greens and others predict.

The fight for liberty – and the fight to see which group of statists to control us and steal that liberty – will continue. The Regressives will continue to try to control, to rule. Especially the Democrats as they now exist in 2020.

If the Democratic Party were rational, they would immediately begin rebuilding their party, moving to the center and at least pretending to reject their radical Tranzi, “Progressive” positions and platform. Things like universal, single-payer health care. “Free” higher education for everyone. Completely open borders and unlimited immigration. Socialism to combat manmade global warming. Near-universal disarmament (at home and maybe aboard). And all the rest.

Rationally, they would tone down their rhetoric, cooperate more with Trump and the Republicans, sit on their radicals, and encourage (and promote) their more moderate members. They would work hard in rebuilding grassroots organizations in a more centrist orientation.

They might even sever their ties with the corrupt practices of their politicians of the past. Find new leadership for whatever is left of their structure in Congress.

IF they were rational.

But I don’t think that they are. They have cultivated, fed, the madman in their hearts. The fanatic, the extremist, the natural human beast that lives in all of us. But which reasonable, rational, and moral persons control.

So I think that instead, they will double down. The Democratic Party is very likely to reject slipping a bit back towards the center and instead become more extreme. In common parlance, move even MORE to the left. Try to push the Fifty States more and more into the European, and Eurasian mold.

I think that they will demand MORE government. MORE controls. MORE laws and regulations and punishment of people and business and voluntary efforts of all sorts. They will respond to yet another rejection by many parts of the Fifty States with anger, even rage. Especially against those parts of the States that they control who are restless and not submissive to their “democratic government.”

And I believe that they will do their best to up the ante. To come up with whatever they can to replace the Occupy movement, the Resistance, and even their Antifa thugs. What form that will take, I do not know. At least not the name and organizations. But I think we can predict their tactics – and their strategy.

The strategy that will be pushed is simple. Terrorize people into fearing each other, and their political opponents, in every way. Into fearing free enterprise, and foreign entitites, and freedom itself. The objective? To get as many people as possible to demand more government, more control, more “leadership.” We’ve seen this going on for years, but expect a defeated Democratic Party and power structure to hone in on this strategy. After all, its worked pretty well, so far.

The tactics? Again we’ve already got a good idea. They are going to villainize us and everyone else that they hate (and fear) as much as possible. They will continue to talk trash and try to come up with ways to trap more and more people as lawbreakers or just horrible nasty bigots and ‘phobes.

And if the Sanders’ supporters out there are any indication, they will try to set up their “reeducation centers” (gulags, reservations, relocation centers, etc.) and put a lot of us in them, while locking down the rest of the Fifty States.

I don’t think that they will succeed. Indeed, I suggest that we give them as much rope as we can to let them hang themselves. While we are prepared to survive and prosper in peace when their shaky foundation collapses around our ears.

A final note: The GOP’s reaction may also be fairly predictable and not one which enhances liberty. Many will immediately do their own shift farther to the left, to “balance” the status in Congress, and in response to their own deep-seated hatred of Trump. Whom they will sell out in a heartbeat. Their compromises will be all about their own power and wealth, with lip-service and nothing more to the cause of Freedom that they cry out so much about. They lack convictions and courage, and have for decades. (Admittedly, not all – there are a few who continue to show love of freedom (in some things, at least) and some understanding of what liberty means – but they are not the ones in power. The ones I expect to do just as much to harm liberty as the “blue-staters” are the McConnells, the Romneys, the Thunes, and their ilk.)

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to After the 2020 elections…

  1. Darkwing says:

    No matter how much change there is NOTHING changes. In my 70 plus years on this planet, I have heard it all and they have all lied to us, problem is that the sheeple keep electing them thinking that things will change.


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