Once upon a time… no more

Yesterday was part 1 of this commentary.


How life has changed from fifty or sixty years ago. And not all due to technology.


You dispose of what does not work or when you get the latest gadget.

You throw more junk away than ever. And you can never burn it in a big steel drum in the backyard. Or get to explore and shoot rats in your friends’ family ranch ravine – or the town dump.

You squeal like little babies when offended. And you figure whatever you did that got some classmate upset or angry or hurt will go straight to the authorities.

You want what you really don’t need, and expect it to be given to you.  And you consider even luxuries (at least things considered luxuries by past generations) to be critical essentials which you MUST have.

You get on your soapbox and squeak about recycling and after your pathetic protest is over you leave all your trash behind. And after any other sort of a protest or gathering.  You “let George do it,” expecting government to pick up after you.

You rail about a ‘fair’ society. Life isn’t fair and you should never expect anything to be given to you. And give up something yourself?  Don’t kid me.

You claim racism….Yet you’re as racist as anyone else. (Actually, I saw this happen even in the early 1970s when I first had a chance to talk to Northern, inner-city blacks.) Indeed, you seem to have honed “racism” to a fine art.  And expanded how you define racism to include anything that is critical or not fully affirming.

You squawk about weather, calling it climate change because some celebrity or politician claims it is so. While they make money off of you. Lots of money. And you go out and protest and demand that they be allowed to not just take MORE money from you, but when they make more and more things illegal – things that even you did in the very recent past.

You get upset when someone disagrees or has a different opinion than you. You threaten them, you condemn them, and you try to get government and companies to shut them up.

You think murdering babies is acceptable.

I won’t go into what else you find ‘acceptable’, but you surely have no right to call me names.

You attack me as wrong when I don’t endorse and encourage your perversions or obscenities or claims to be a different “gender” (sex). (Which you don’t know, anyway.)  And you viciously attack even your own woke and progressive allies if they don’t embrace whatever new fad of perversion is being circulated this year.

You are stupid enough to threaten people, when you can never back it up. Because you know that even if it’s face to face, they will be the ones punished, not you. Because you are precious, a delicate snowflake who is also a social-justice warrior.

Social media lets you be anonymous. Gee, that makes you so tough.

You threaten to take my liberty away. My voice, my guns, my faith, my responsibilities. No, let me rephrase that.  You threaten to, you yearn to, take MORE of my liberty away.  The last fifty years and hundreds of thousands of pages of rules and regulations aren’t enough: you want more and more.

Because even though you claim to condemn and fear government, almost every “solution” to every “crisis” that you are screaming about involves giving more power to government.  You fear freedom: not just mine, but your own.

You want me to be under total government control, because you believe I’m just like you.  That if someone else didn’t control me, I’d run wild and destroy things and go out and mow down people with a rifle, a pistol, or a knife.  Because that is what you’d do, if your pathetic hatred and wildness were allowed to overcome your cowardice. You think that because you are incapable of self-disciple, everyone is.

Like I said, you want to take away more and more of my liberty.

Not going to happen.

My ancestors and I worked hard for what I have. I made hard choices, and lived with them.

And I will resist your efforts to take that away. To the point of death: yours if necessary, in my own self-defense and that of my family and my fellow lovers of liberty.  And even my own, if I cannot live free.

And I know I have something to look forward to – even after death.  And you don’t.

Again, thanks to Madd Medic for his wonderful idea for this commentary! I appreciate and recommend his own commentaries. (https://maddmedic.wordpress.com/)

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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