Now it gets nasty

I am sure most of us know that old addage: “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt,” usually said by mothers in some form. I’m told it originally came from Rome: “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eyeball.”

That thought comes to mind as I view this week’s political scene.

Fully expecting the acquittal which the Senate approved by majority vote on Wednesday, Trump doubled down during 120 minutes of rhetoric in his State of the Union speech, in essence heaping ashes on his Democratic (and Republican) political enemies. He didn’t call them out, he didn’t even mention the impeachment.

At the same time, still stinging (and stinking) from the fiasco in Iowa, Nancy Pelosi planned in advance (according to her own words) to demonstrate her contempt for the man. No doubt regretting that she let the Squad and other radicals in her party railroad her into going ahead with the impeachment, she carefully prepared for and then ripped the President’s script up within seconds, telling the world two things. First, she didn’t believe (or didn’t want to believe) a word that Trump spoke. Second, things are far from over between them: Pelosi and Trump, Dems and Republicans, left-wing statists versus right-wing statists.

I suspect that the Democratic leadership expected to have a clear winner (probably Biden) in the Iowa Caucus on Monday to present a clear choice for replacing Trump, even knowing that they didn’t have the votes in the Senate. They no doubt were expecting at least three never-Trumpers on the GOP side of the aisle to vote to convict Trump of their charges, thus being able to claim that the Senate itself is corrupt. No “due process” (no witnesses), juror tampering, a 50-50 hung jury, and a whole lot more. I wonder how many “final draft” scripts and press-releases were sent to the trash bin after the Wednesday vote? On top of the SOTU speech and Iowa?

The Iowa fiasco has seriously hurt the Democrats, not just in Iowa but nationally. The continuing delays and rumors about double-dealing – and the very poor showing of the annointed one (Biden) – make it worse. The GOP statists are pointing out (with glee) that no one can trust an organization or people like that to run the country if they can’t even organize the cowed and passive Democrats of Iowa. Even worse, both Mayor Pete and Bernie are crowing victory, Warren is spinning down to crash and burn, and Biden is … being Uncle Joe. And still worse, a large GOP turnout in Iowa, despite the certainty that Trump is the nominee, shows that Trump’s support was growing.

In spite of the impeachment game – or perhaps because of it. No doubt some naive Dems and Never-Trumpers were hoping “third time’s the charm.” But they messed their own nest: there were DOZENS of charges of constitutional violations, crimes and “high misdemeanors” that COULD have stuck (in a non-political setting at least). As could be said for virtually every sitting president. But those are the same violations, crimes and misdemeanors that every Congress has also been guilty of. Trump’s removal from office would have brought the whole house down.

But none of his opponents want that: they don’t want to see the FedGov collapse – they want to completely (and forever) dominate it. For all our faults here in the Fifty States, they recognize that this polity is best opportunity to rule the whole human race in six thousand years of human history. (Or at least since the Tower of Babel.)

Which is why, even after Iowa, SOTU, impeachment, and all the sideshows, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Trump is clearly indicating he is going to be vindictive. He will go after anyone involved in RussiaGate, UkraineGate, and the impeachment fiasco. He will continue to rub everything he can in his enemies’ faces, just as he did with General McGee and Rush Limbaugh and the others he honored. As he did to Romney on Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast. It’s open season as far as Trump is concerned.

But his actions are nothing when compared to what Pelosi, other Tranzis, and especially the Mainstream Media have already done. However vitrolic their rhetoric has been in the past, they have doubled, and doubled again.

Maybe the impeachment was supposed to be a vaccine for Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). But instead, it seems to have been a booster – or released a more virulent strain. A very brief review of media news stories and opinion pieces this week reveals that they are doing everything but calling for a coup or assassination. Or calling for a collapse of the economy – not just warning about one.

And is that too far away, as we have count down from 270 days to the November elections:

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3 Responses to Now it gets nasty

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  2. Darkwing says:

    “Now it gets nasty” it has been that way for 4 years and it will get worse. Wait till the shooting starts by both sides.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Has gotten worse and will continue. Nastiness, like temperatures, has degrees.
      Like you, I think it only a matter of time before the shooting starts. A pox on both their houses.


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