Vicious, indeed

The week gets nastier, indeed. While I’ve no doubt this sort of thing happens all the time on modern American campuses, it is still rather blatant. It shows the growing incivility and outright hostility on campus.

Student makes “slit Republican throats” gesture while screaming threats and insults against The Donald and his supporters.

This Twitter posting shows the vicious response of a “random” college student to encountering a Trump reelection campaign table on the Arizona State University campus. With the rhetoric coming out of DC these days – and on the Democratic Massa-wannabe campaign trail – I expect this sort of thing to become far more common in the coming months.

As Miguel, who shared this with me, pointed out, who would have thought that concealed carry on campuses would be necessary to deal with the Tranzi types who usually are so “anti-violence.”

It reminds me of an incident last fall at George Washington or Georgetown University where a group of Catholic men protesting abortion were confronted by hate- and spit-spewing students making various threats.

Note: I don’t use Twitter, I don’t tweet, and the only time I visit that website is when someone suggests I check out a post. Ditto for Facebook.

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2 Responses to Vicious, indeed

  1. Darkwing says:

    I was thinking that it was bad at the beginning of the Trump era, it has gotten only worse and it will not get better. This country has not been so divided since the war in south east Asia. Hope I am PC.


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