COVID-19 treatment found?

Important news about treatment for COVID-19 – Please share

By Roger McCaffrey, shared by Tom Woods

Hydroxychloroquine, used in combination with Zithromax (and without), is being tested in several key medical centers right now for COVID-19. That is virtually an overnight development, and that means one thing: there are many successes.

While the New York Times and the major networks, in their unrelenting quest to destroy President Trump, dissed him for daring to mention an “unproven” drug a few days ago, he mentioned it with forethought. And yesterday, Dr. Scott Gottlieb wrote another WSJ piece—which are memos to the President, among other things—in which he made the obvious urgent recommendation: “For the most promising drugs, we should scale up manufacturing before we know for sure if they work.”  

Beneath his op-ed piece was this one by two prominent private sector doctors:

The fact is that Hydroxychloroquine has proved successful, turning the lives around of many COVID-19 patients already. (Does it not count to CNN if they are French?) One was featured on Tucker Carlson’s show last night, Monday—it’s a must see, though, not because of the patient’s story, which was notable enough. Carlson interviewed the key government medical figure in this drama, the FDA chairman, who flatly declared that Hydroxychloroquine is available for COVID patients—the FDA is not in any doctor’s way.

This is absolutely vital for drug companies, hospitals and doctors, and their lawyers, scared ever [more] by the Times and the networks.  

Carlson then interviewed Dr. Mark Siegel, who is a paid consultant but is also in clinical practice in New York.  He said he would not hesitate to prescribe this drug for a COVID-19 patient. 

Of crucial importance, Siegel notes, is the distinction between chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine—they are not the same, and it’s the latter that you want, a souped up version of the former, which is used for malaria.

Of equal importance but not stated on the show is that the patient who was dying was administered the drug by IV drip. Because it’s also available in pill form, you need to be aware that it’s not the same when time is of the essence.  

Folks, I can’t stress enough, having dealt with timid and evasive pharmaceutical executives and medical specialists with my son’s life urgently on the line—with a brilliant new drug briefly withheld by Novartis because it was “unproven in children”—how important Carlson’s Monday program is going to be. He will never get the credit for what he’s done. But Carlson’s quick left-right combination of the FDA commissioner and Dr. Mark Siegel will embolden doctors and drug manufacturers alike…thereby saving many lives. Ditto the WSJ op-ed pieces mentioned above. 

What the WSJ articles this past month are signaling, is that an intense political battle, over drugs that will save lives right now, is going on in the relevant agencies and the White House. You need to be aware of it. Trump watches Carlson, talks to both him and Gottlieb, and will also be encouraged. Remember, medical robots like Dr. Tony Fauci are not showing the president treatments that are working. They are instead lecturing him, as doctors do, and demonstrating their superiority to him, because they want to influence him (which he is inviting), and we all understand why.

And yet: appearances to the contrary, they don’t really give a darn whether you, your Dad, your daughter, live or die because they’ve held up a promising drug for an extra couple months. Friends: they do not give a darn about you. Some people do care about you. Unfortunately, just not the average medical bureaucrat in Washington or your state capitol.

You also need to line up a plan if you or a family member contracts the virus. Please do not automatically accept the protocol of your local hospital or doctor. These protocols were drawn up for the last virus, the last war—with zero reference to what is today saving patient lives.

You should also be aware of the near-100% success of blood serum antibody use by Johns Hopkins—and I’m certain now other scattered institutions—for COVID-19 patients who were likely dying. Do not meekly allow your local medical zeitgeist to kill you. It does not matter if you really like your doctor. That’s not relevant. Does he or she have courage and resolve? You might need that. You don’t need a protocol more suited to the SARS virus.

Nor should you assume that if somebody young in your family has the virus, it won’t be serious. Find out with bloodwork if the patient has decent IgG [
An IgG deficiency is a health problem in which your body doesn’t make enough Immunoglobulin G (IgG) or antibodies] levels and chemistries. If you have baseline bloodwork on file, print it, get it out, have it handy, for any and all family members. On the margin, it could save a life. For example, if you have a tendency to lowish IgG levels, your COVID-19 doctor needs to made aware of it.

End of article by Roger McCaffrey

Nathan’s notes: In addition, see the following:

Nathan’s comments: Keep in mind that the media and many government officials have stated that this is all baloney – and in fact the governor of Nevada has BANNED any use of anti-malaria drugs for COVID-19 patients. Some have claimed this is nothing more than a Trump hoax. If death is imminent and doctors are refusing to treat someone because they are too old (as has been happening in northern Italy and is being threatened in the United Kingdom), and the drug is well-known and approved for other uses, I see absolutely no reason that treatment should be denied.


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