Business as usual – regulators gotta regulate!

Many government agencies have gone to dispersing staff in home offices with minimal (or no) staffing in their normal offices. They are attempting to function, in some way: especially (and here I give them the benefit of the doubt) those trying to provide services to the public. Some have even gone completely on-line. (More on that later.) It appears that a much higher percentage of tribal bureaucrats and officials HAVE gone home – and not to work.

However, not all local, state, and federal agencies have shut down. (No, I’m not speaking of the local cops, usually. They are reverting to “blue gang” Gotham style, more and more, though. And playing jackbooted thug, chasing scofflaws who don’t maintain “social distancing” and drive to their favorite hiking or running spot. Or don’t look starving enough to justify a trip to the store.)

No, I’m talking about the alphabet agencies. Outfits like DEA, FBI, EPA, and ATF. And especially the FDA.

The FDA is delaying liquor companies being able to produce hand sanitizer by their bureaucracy, according to this Western Journal story, Thereby threatening people that otherwise would have those products. We can be grateful that the FDA does NOT control the production and sale of soap.

ICE and the Border Patrol are sealing the borders now, of course. The entire asylum system is shut down. Amazingly, most of the regressive and mainstream media are ignoring this – a “life and death” situation just a few weeks ago. But apparently, other functions of these agencies and their sisters are still going strong. Detention centers are still running. Although I’ve not personally heard of any raids, they apparently are still taking place.

The federal Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is still hard at work, protecting miners. including their mandatory semi-annual and annual inspections of operating mines – at least of those still operating. Actually, they are seemingly being more flexible than many, but training requirements are still there. Clearly, that agency would rather see someone die of COVID-19 than because of a mining accident or mining-related illness.

However, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has got their regulator dial turned up on high. The agency just published MORE updated temporary guidance (you can read it here) about how ALL employers must continue to have current updated respirator plans (in writing), fit testing, and all other documentation for respirators, including N95. Which all must, of course, be NIOSH certified. No handmade, American-made masks here, thank you. So if someone who is still employed wants to get their bosses shut down or in trouble, all they need to do is call OSHA and complain. Those phones are fully manned.

Other government agencies are still out in the field, at least somewhat, although their offices are unmanned or manned from home. The trees, the fish, and the wildlife – and the land itself – are still being “protected.” The Smokey the Bear ads and posters are still there – or going up for the season. Most campgrounds and visitor centers are closed, but apparently the fees are still being collected. And in some states, at least, the rangers and wardens are cooperating with the local and state authorities to turn scofflaws who don’t “distance” themselves or dare to try to have fund.

Which brings us to local and state regulators: it seems to be quite a mixed bag, but it appears that in the regressive, leftist-liberal states, the regulators are still in business, working with cops to come down hard on people and companies who don’t meet the conditions of the permission slips (permits) that allow them to operate. Many still require testing of emissions, for instance, even though the environmental testing companies and testing labs (not medical labs) have been shut down as “non-essential.”

And heaven forbid that closed restaurants try to sell their rapidly-getting-stale stores of food as “groceries,” as this story from LA relates. Restaurants have been stopped and cited (ie fines and worse) for selling people groceries curbside, because they don’t have the right licenses to do so. And at least in some locales, people setting up temporary food delivery to people short of food (such as school children) have been shut down, again for not having the necessary licenses, permits, certification and training. After all, the public health must be protected, even if it means people get to starve. (Of course, we don’t have ANY Depression-type soup kitchens, because that sort of assembly together – especially in a church building – has already been regulated out of existance.

Several tribes have gone another step forward. They are not only putting up roadblocks to prevent people from entering or leaving the reservation (at least not without a 14-day quarantine somewhere), they are (like Rhode Island and Gunnison County in Colorado) forcing “non-residents” (and in some cases, all non-enrolled people, I’ve been told) to leave their lands: deporting them. Using tribal police aided by regulatory agency personnel.

Which reminds me of an odd fact, to end this commentary on a somewhat funny note. For years South Dakota (and possibly other states) had a frontier-era law on its books that defined a group of three or more tribesmen (AmerInd or “native Americans” – a term I hate) as a “war party” and assumed to be armed and dangerous, and able without much liability to be shot on site. Or at least driven away. So in 2020, we’ve gone full circle. Now the wasicu (Ahkota) or “White eyes” (Apache (Inde) from ‘Indaa ³igá’í) – that is, Anglos or settlers are the ones being driven off and forbidden from having more than two people together. Is that karma?

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