Wyoming – fighting the good fight

Wyoming, as I’ve pointed out earlier, is one of the Axis of Evil. Governor Gordon has resisted calls to lockdown the State by putting as many people as possible into house arrest, and going all Chinese.

Still, the governor (apparently with the consent of the legislature) HAS issued significant mandates as well as guidelines; assemblies of greater than 10 people, mandated closure of many types of businesses, closing of schools. (As have the other six states in the Axis of Evil.) Casper, Cheyenne, Laramie and other cities are ghost towns. Mining and mineral processing IS continuing, albeit at a slower pace and with due precautions.

This is NOT enough for the panicmongers. Like those attacking Governor Noem in South Dakota and other states, they are spreading fear and

However, the evidence is that Wyoming’s people are NOT in serious danger from the dreaded Beer Flu. I’m not saying that they can’t become sick, or that it isn’t possible to die from it. But clearly, there are a lot more people dying and getting sick from other things. The Billings Gazette, claims there are over 300 cases of coronavirus disease in Wyoming (as of Friday). The Wyoming State website states only 253 cases. (I tend, for once, to believe the State and NOT the media.) It also states more than 5,000 tests have been run – so the INFECTION rate is only 5% of SUSPECTED cases.

However, everyone agrees: NO ONE HAS DIED IN WYOMING from COVID-19. So far this year, Wyoming has had at least 15 traffic deaths (down from 39 last year at this time). And nearly 150 are reported as RECOVERED. This is in a state of about a half-million people.

Nevertheless, as the Billings article reports, the Beer Flu Panic is creating major distress for Wyoming – because of the lockdown in OTHER states and because of the measures that Governor Gordon HAS implemented: the closures of “non-essential” businesses and activities. So a group of lovers of liberty gathered on Thursday to publicly call upon Gordon to withdraw the mandates and allow daily life to return to somewhat close to normal. They carried signs and talked to people (maintaining their distance, it seems) in front of the courthouse in Casper (largest city in the State but NOT the state capital).

But all the “experts” can do is claim that Wyoming will run out of hospital beds by 8th of June with more than 1300 cases requiring hospitalization, unless the State orders “stay-at-home” by the 31st of MAY! Is this not bizarre?

The people “protesting” know that protests do little or nothing to change the minds of politicians and the media, but they do understand the importance of informing people and getting people to work together. By calling for an END to the repressive government measures, they believe (I think rightly) that it will make the Governor, Legislature, and staff MORE able and likely to stand up against the doomsayers and “safety at any cost” crowd.

Good for them.

The pattern of Coronavirus in Wyoming is worth a couple of words. The maps show that there are three major areas with “significant” (by Wyoming standards) numbers of cases. Cheyenne is one – I think because it is part of the Front Range urban complex (which is otherwise all in Colorado), a cesspool of disease and pollution at the best of times. A second one is the Lander area in west central Wyoming, home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho nations, which started early, probably from tribal members traveling from other AmerInd nations. The third is the Jackson Hole area in Northwestern Wyoming. That is a well-known area for being infected by the “elite” – celebrities and the wealthy who have second (or third or fourth) homes there. Like Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge in Colorado, these jetsetters brought the disease with them. (Like they bring so much else negative to an otherwise beautiful location.)

There are a fair number of cases along Wyoming’s interstate routes, as is the case in Nebraska and the Dakotas, brought by less prominent travelers. Although one of several Wyoming counties withOUT a single case is Platte, which county seat, Wheatland, is right on I-25 and less than a hundred miles from Colorado.

It seems that Wyoming’s people can take care of themselves, and don’t really need government to nanny them. And most of them realize it. Mama Liberty would be proud, even as she worked to get the government to back off still more.

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