Who watches the watchers?

We all realize that there are a lot of crooked cops out there. Corrupt, self-serving, abusive of those they are supposed to serve, and more. We can push up examples of all the self-sacrificing, honest, caring, police officers that we want, but their behavior cannot excuse the behavior of their brothers and sisters in blue. Especially as it is more and more obvious that it is these people and their organizations are intended to take the lead in the new, extreme surveillance state that the COVID-19 panic is “demanding.”

So this should come as no surprise. BearingArms.com reports that “several” Los Angeles Police Department officers and one LA County Deputy bought stolen weapons at discounted rates and without the required federal paperwork. Even more, the guns were stolen and sold by an employee of the LAPD’s own gun store, at the Los Angeles Police Academy! Although almost 40 were stolen, a dozen have NOT been found. This is just the latest example of the corruption, law-breaking, immoral behavior of these “sworn officers” (and their hatchlings – the police cadets – and bosses).

This is far from the only such event in recent weeks. It is actually amazing that the local state’s attorney found the time (and will) to reveal and act on this.

Rightly or wrongly – and I believe, wrongly – many communities and people depend on police. Right now, in many places, the cops are being used in the lockdown – house arrest system and mandatory closure of businesses – by local authorities and states. Yet at the same time that these agencies and their uniformed goons are supposed to be protecting the public, we hear more and more examples of the brutality, stupidity, and abusive behavior of these cops. Urged on by their “civilian masters” in many cases.

Breaking up peaceful protests. Arresting people for violating illegal orders for curfews and closures and house-arrest. Threatening more and more people for anything that they don’t like.

And in particular releasing violent criminals from jail or actually refusing to arrest people on charges as serious as violent assaults. Criminals released to “protect them from” Beer Flu are going out and preying on the people that they had been put into prison for. Supposedly to protect those victims (and future ones) and to punish the criminals. We read about this at Bearing Arms in NY and in Florida. It took less than 24 hours for the criminal in Florida to kill someone.

Such catch and release was already common in California and New York due to “bail reform” pushed by many do-gooders and corrupt public officials (including police. Now it is getting worse.

And despite reports and information to the contrary, apparently believing that they – as usual – are exempt from following the very decrees and “guidelines” that they are threatening and using force to enforce. Apparently believing that they are some how immune from the disease which is the excuse for this.

(NOT ALL cops, I hasten to add. Many cops are refusing to arrest people for “minor crimes” for fear of catching COVID-19 from those they arrest and interact with. Again, is this not another example of corruption?)

The brutality, the abusive behavior, the arrogance, the lack of respect for law, and yes, the stupidity, have been evident for years – decades. Yet now, despite the demand of headline space and news report time “needed” for the coronavirus panic, we are seeing stories of this behavior sneaking through.

And with this public health emergency, we are seeing the same behavior coming from OTHER branches of government at the local and state level. Both social services AND public health agencies are demonstrating these same traits. Particularly the arrogance and abuse – and the use of force to implement their edicts and those of their masters.

Which is NOT members of the public. Their masters are their own bosses, in uniform and not: crooked politicians and their partners in control and corruption, and whoever it is that can pay them off.

The root of this is sometimes seen as cops failing to live up to their oaths, usually to defend and protect the Constitution and the laws of the land. As important as this is, the real cause is the enormous power and immunities given to police by the politicians – and by implication, the people. A refusal to act on the intent as well as the letter of the Constitutions (Federal and State) and prohibit standing armies. Coupled with the militarization of the police: but with or without military equipment, weapons, and attitudes, it is clear that the Fifty States for the most part are a garrison state under occupation by people who are also our neighbors – and too often even family.

This in turn is caused by – and causes – the worship and near deification of law enforcement officers. Second only to the worship given actual military and naval personnel, and ahead of the worship of firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Too many people worship them and surrender themselves to them as though they are substitutes for God: they accept no responsibility for their own actions and give up liberty for a bogus security.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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