Thugs in power – a compendium of cases

Theo Spark: Americans Are Losing Their Freedom

How quickly matters are deteriorating, in more and more states. And more and more communities. Governments at all levels have become MORE totalitarian, MORE tyrannical, MORE panicked. And the process is far from done: every media news report pushes more panic, more fear, and more demand for more tyranny.

And how people are being abused, are suffering, and losing their liberties, using the excuse of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am NOT saying that the virus is a hoax, NOT saying that you cannot get sick and die from it. But it is increasingly obvious it is an excuse, a fake justification, to terrorize people and cause them to panic and demand that government take control of every facet of our lives.

Please, wake up – if this isn’t happening in your community now, it is very likely to in the next few days or weeks:

From Brighton Colorado: Father handcuffed in front of young daughter for playing ball with her in a park despite law explicitly allowing it. He was hauled off to the police station in this Denver suburb known for its corrupt judges and law enforcement.

From Philadelphia Pennsylvania: Man dragged off bus by 10 cops for not wearing a mask on a public transit bus, even though there was no mandate for doing so. I suppose when there IS a mandate, harsher penalties will be imposed?

San Bernardino County California: New order prohibits public church and other faith-based services (apparently any size), banned “driving parades” that have become popular online, and threatened violators with a $1,000 fine and possible jail time.

Kentucky (Entire State): Governor orders house arrest for anyone attending Easter worship services, will use license plate cameras by cops to find guilty. In other words, a 14-day jail sentence without due process. The governor of Kentucky has issued dozens of edicts, many of which seem aimed directly at religious groups.

Fond du Lac Wisconsin: Children as young as 12 to be fined for breaking house arrest (including use of playgrounds or sports equipment): $90 for ages 12-13, $187 for 14-16, and $313 for 17 and up. That’ll put a dent in their allowance, especially if they (or their parents) are “temporarily unemployed.” Guess it will come out of the helicopter money from DC? The alternative is, of course, criminal charges.

Greenville Mississippi: Police officers issued dozens of $500 tickets to people parking in the parking lot of the Temple Baptist Church meetinghouse on Wednesday, inside their vehicles with windows rolled up, listening to a preacher inside the building by FM radio, claiming they were violating his decree for “no assembly.” In doing so, they came in contact, ungloved, with the people following state and federal guidelines.

Michigan (Entire State): Governor Whitmer has forbidden travel BETWEEN private residences and ALL public AND PRIVATE gatherings of ten or more, even among a family, with threats of fines up to $1000. In addition, the list of prohibitions grows and grows: stores are forbidden from selling many items. For some bizarre reason, power boats are prohibited on Michigan lakes, though apparently rowboats and paddleboats are not?

Gunnison County Colorado: The Health Director (whether with or without the Board of County Commissioners approval) has prohibited any NON-resident from coming into the County and ordered all non-residents to go back to their homes. Even people who own a business, property, or house, in Gunnison County (best known for Crested Butte).

New Mexico (Entire State): New Mexico Governor Dictator Michael Lujan Grisham made it clear, the day before Easter: ““absolutely clear that mass gatherings of any type are not permitted in houses of worship.”

Navajo Nation: Now, like other tribal nations, the entire nation is locked down, with curfew even for “essential” work and tasks. The Navajo Nation Police issued tickets (with fines and potential jail time) 151 times in just one night for “curfew violations.” Highways are closed – and so are “unessential” medical facilities, while the staff in those have been laid off.

There are now dozens more. Many are definitely attacking “houses of worship” – religious organizations. Others seem to be attacking things necessary for self-sufficiency and preparation: gardening for growing food seems to be particularly anathema.

How far is this going to go?


Let me repeat what I’ve addressed before in a previous commentary. THERE ARE FEDERAL LAWS AGAINST THIS THEFT OF LIBERTY. The DOJ is threatening action (as apparently is Trump), but where IS the action? A few court judges have found for liberty, but too many are js

Whether it is by a governor (or legislature), a county council or commissioners, a mayor or city or town council. Or a “special district” or health czar. And as I’ve also pointed out, the FedGov promises a republican form of government: the States are subject to the protections of the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution and the Bill or Declaration of Rights in their own Constitutions.

I decided to post this, even though I don’t have thirteen examples yet, to show how matters are deteriorating. I don’t think I need to repeat more from the news.

Honestly, it is clear that the people of the several States have the GOD-given CONSTITUTIONALLY-recognized right to ARMED REBELLION. To rise up against these tyrants, these elected (or unelected) dictators.

I think it is just a matter of time before people do just that.

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