Lockdown Rebellion spreads

As discussed in previous commentaries, there is growing evidence that this time, American governments may have pushed too hard.

Even while there are those who tout their “conservative” credentials and demonstrate their fear of illness and the ability of others to be responsible. People who espouse that we can “give up individual liberty” to “fight a war” against coronavirus.

More and more people are NOT buying that.

The weekend of 18-19 April has demonstrated that. As more and more State governors (dictators) doubled down on prohibitions and extended the tyranny (and terrorism). As more stories came in of people harassed, ticketed, and arrested for violations of “guidelines” and the decrees of power-mad politicians and medical “experts.”

I’ve not found a good list of all the places where the people has staged an “Operation Gridlock” or similar version of what the Daily Mail and others have called a “Lockdown Rebellion.” So here is my list, so far:

Colorado: Motorcade protest (the Operation Gridlock) around the Capitol in Denver has traffic blocked by “counter-protesters” who are apparently medical personnel standing in the streets, even while Denver cops threaten to ticket the original protesters for “impeding traffic.” Meanwhile, one more county has banned all “out-of-county” traffic on its county roads supposedly to prevent spread of the COVID-19, while proudly pointing out they are the “worst impacted” county in the Fifty States due to 82% of the county being employed in tourism and gambling. (Never mind the death toll in NYC or what has happened in Las Vegas.)

Wyoming: although one of the Axis of Evil, Wyoming’s relatively low-demand shut down of businesses and activities was protested in Casper and other locations, demanding that governments “defend liberty” instead of tyranny. (Wyoming has only 313 cases and just 2 deaths attributed to coronavirus.)

Utah: Similarly, another Axis of Evil state also saw protests, many against the totalitarian behavior of local governments.

Ohio: Although the Ohio governor said that protests were okay as long as people maintained “social distancing,” the media did their best to trash the protests in the state capital, claiming that anti-Semitic elements were involved and that the protests were evil.

Kentucky: More and more people protesting in Frankfort, continuing their protests of the dictatorship of Andrew Beshear, while a Federal Nazgul rejected efforts to restrain the dictator (the Telegraph).

Washington State: 2500 people gathered in Olympia to protest tyrant Jay Inslee’s lockdown. Among the dictats being protested: a total ban on all fishing.

Michigan: People continue to sign petitions to remove der fuehrer Whitmer for her royal decrees, including such things as closing off parts of stores with “unessential” items like seeds and gardening tools. It is claimed that the initial Operation Gridlock in Lansing last Wednesday may have included 30,000 vehicles and 100,000 people. This was repeated on a smaller scale on Friday, as the official number of unemployed passed 1 million.

California: Protests in multiple cities, demanding an end to lockdowns and reopening businesses.

Maryland: Annapolis protesters demanded the governor “Reopen Maryland.”

Minnesota: Protesters picketed the dictator’s mansion, claiming Walz was “not essential” and declaring the house “vacant.”

New Hampshire: Signs bearing the state motto “Live Free or Die” demonstrated the hypocrisy of their State government.

New Jersey: Protests in Trenton were organized by a woman now charged with violating the decree prohibiting assembly.

New York: Protesters in Albany demanding reduction of restrictions called Cuomo a Communist – sure to guarantee that more Democrats and others will demand he replace Biden as the Democrat nominee for Massa (POTUS).

North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Arizona, and no doubt others are all sites of continuing protests. A large one is planned for Monday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. A fairly good, if biased summary can be found on the Daily Mail.

The Lockdown, including the closure of businesses, prohibition of “non-essential” activities, and house-arrest (stay-at-home) ironically frees people normally at work to come join protests, unlike the typical “Occupy” and so-called “Anarchist” protests.

Meanwhile, some dictators are already using the protests as excuses to extend the Lockdown, while some used the protests as backdrop to proclaim new restrictions and requirements.

A few states, including Idaho, Florida, and Minnesota, HAVE loosened restrictions.

But at the same time, more and more people are panicking still more, demanding that NEW restrictions be imposed. Many want States which don’t have Lockdowns immediately join the mob (of tyants, not protesters) and become dictatorships themselves.

The mainstream media not only supports such things, but also trashes the protesters as “right-wing” and tars them with claims of anti-Semitism, racism (including “fascist” and “racist” Confederate flags), and ignorant, uneducated shills of big business.

However, it appears that the charge of fascism can be more laid at the feet of the tyrannical State governments. Several States (among them Nebraska, New Jersey, and California) have “coordinated” with Zuckerberg and his Facebook to censor free speech by those organizing protests, which he claims is “harmful misinformation.” Yes, I know that Facebook is a private company and that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to them – but they are acting as an agent for government, if not an outright government contractor. This IS a definite characteristic of a fascist regime, as seen in Italy, Germany, Spain, and Argentina, to name a few.

Add to that the ever-increasing surveillance by drones, street and police cameras. And the calls by mayors and governors for snitches to be rewarded for turning people in for “illegal businesses” and “violating social-distancing orders.”

It appears that the protests were well-organized and free from violence – even on the part of cops – so far. Although some protesters were armed and had signs which were clearly meant to provoke anger, they are more like the tea-party rallies than the Occupy protests.

But that could very easily change. And almost certainly will, unless these tyrannical thugs wake up.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Lockdown Rebellion spreads

  1. Margaret Figert says:

    Probably my biggest concern now is the feeling of power being experienced emotionally and mentally by police and other law enforcement authorities who have found they can force their will onto citizens with no law or legal backing.

    I fear a revolution will be needed and pray it won’t be bloody – but, knowing the human animal, won’t be surprised if it becomes so, considering the mood of otherwise physically healthy people.


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