Pushing harder – elite want more power for international organizations like WHO

The track record of international organizations has always been bad. The COVID-19 pandemic panic has blackened that already poor reputation.

The European Union is collapsing before our eyes as the countries locked down, returned the border guards to their little sentry boxes, and cut off not just immigration but ALL travel. And each forged their own way to deal with the deadly plague.

The UN has done absolutely nothing except continue to be a joke.

But the organization which has not just fallen into the gutter but rolled in it is the World Health Organization.

After years of growing incompetency and failure, it actually took actions that let the Beer Flu spread more rapidly around the world. It aided and abetted the Chinese Communist Party in unleashing a potential doomsday weapon upon the rest of the world. It reported and repeated lie after lie to the public and to governments. Its inaction AND actions have resulted in a situation in which the economies of much of the world are facing a complete breakdown. The WHO has triggered a mega-depression and provided an opportunity for massive expansion of tyranny in virtually every part of the planet.

But that’s okay, the regressives, the transnational socialists (Tranzis) tell us. You can see just one example at Project Syndicate, a globalist, Tranzi propaganda site. After providing a long dirty laundry list of everything that WHO did to create the present mess AND its ugly history, the writer concludes with this incredible statement:

The world needs the WHO. But if the agency is to spearhead international health policy and respond to disease outbreaks effectively, it must pursue deep reforms aimed at broadening its jurisdiction and authority.

“Reform” is all that is needed, seems to be the answer to the valid criticism of this organization. Just as we have heard for decades about the UN, the World Trade Organization, UNESCO and all the rest of the globalist super-government agencies.

But that reform, it seems, demands that WHO must “BROADEN ITS JURISDICTION AND AUTHORITY.”

Right! Let us give the WHO more power, more money, more potential for mischief. Oh, of course we should get rid of the current leadership – after all, he and his minions are just like all the Communist regimes that killed hundreds of millions of people and enslaved half a planet. It isn’t Communism or socialism that was to blame: they just didn’t do it right. It isn’t the concept of a world-girdling, all-powerful medical dictatorship that is wrong; it is just the leadership they have now.

So that the next time international politics selects an incompetent, Communist, terrorist-supporting, corrupt politician to be at the helm of WHO, he can REALLY ensure that civilization collapses.

Which does seem to be their goal, so that a “new civilization” can rise from the ashes. A “civilization” that is fully totalitarian, in which self-selected elites lord it over the masses, and the “peace” of the gulag is enforced with every possible tool, including “medicine” and “medical technology.”

Of course we see the same process at work here in the Fifty States. Especially but not just in the FedGov. It is present in virtually every State, where the medical bureaucracy of the various Departments of Health and the fears and wet dreams of the medical associations and Big Pharma work together to terrorize the politicians and then everyone to willingly enlist in the super-nanny state.

The CDC was once one of very few respected federal government agencies that seemed to know what it was doing and rejected the bureaucracy of most agencies for a true scientific approach to its mission: to control and prevent disease. But we have found that the loyalty of its leadership, apparently as life members of the Deep State, is not to science and the benefit of Americans. No, the CDC’s leadership has loyalty to power, both its own bureaucratic control and that of those who fund it. (No, NOT the taxpayers, but rather the politicians who stole that taxpayer money and gave it to the health ‘crats; and the elite philanthropists with their agenda of domination.) And to the rest of the medical bureaucrats and power brokers. Including the WHO and more.

State and county health departments have demonstrated that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Their fears, and the fears of their friends and colleagues in the medical professions, have been allowed – thanks to the power of government – to shut down society, to shut down the economy. Even to shut down much of government. It has been fear, NOT facts, that got these health bureaucrats to whip up fear, trigger the Panic and create the Lockdown, wind up the tyranny, and now pushing for it to go on and on.

We must remember that a significant tool of both Hitler’s Dritte Reich and Stalin’s (and successsors’) USSR was the medical profession and medical system. Health – not just “mental health” – was a justification for their tyranny. And the health “care” system was a convenient method of dealing with resistance and opposition. This year, the spiritual and political descendants of those murdering despots have learned how to use health even better than the Hitlers and Stalins ever did.

We don’t NEED and we don’t WANT a national medical system, and very much NOT an international medical system. Indeed, WHO needs to join Fascism, Nazism, and Soviet Communism as “lessons learned – DON’T do this again!!!” in the history books.

Just as religion must be separate from the State, education must be separate from the State, so too health and medical care must be separate from the State.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Pushing harder – elite want more power for international organizations like WHO

  1. Samuel Boes says:

    This isn’t just WHO – Bill Gates and a lot of other big rollers got a lot to do with this as well. You can see some of that here: https://www.hannenabintuherland.com/usa/western-billionaire-control-of-democracies-bill-gates-covid-19/


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