Biggest victims of the novel Coronavirus: #1 is liberty

The Panic-induced Lockdown to “prevent the spread” of COVID-19 across the nation is already revealed as a sham. Except for a few massive hotspots like Greater New York and New Orleans, the hospital system has not been overwhelmed (and even in those places, there are questions). The Lockdown isn’t preventing deaths – just “flattening the curve” (supposedly) to spread out the deaths over time. What the Lockdown IS doing is killing freedom and getting people killed by other people, not disease.

The latest example of the growing tyranny of state and local officials comes from Maryland, as reported by WND, the family of a man killed by police were told they would be arrested and fined $5000 each if they protested in front of the police department. The cops claimed they knocked and called on the young man to surrender after they received an anonymous tip that he had “illegal weapons.” The man’s girlfriend said he was in bed and there was no warning before police burst in and shot him to death in bed. Apparently the state and local prosecutors and cops think that COVID-19 allows them to wipe out Constitutional protections. And kill at will.

Of course, so does the governor of New Jersey, who claimed that obeying the limits of the First Amendment were “above his paygrade” and he didn’t consider such fussy incidental matters as the Bill of Rights. I don’t know if Jersey cops have killed anyone yet over social distancing or failure to obey the Lockdown – I suspect it is just a matter of time.

Over on the Left Coast, WND reports that the vaunted CHiPs are becoming the jackbooted thugs of lore and enforcing a “de-facto temporary ban on all protests on site property.” To my chagrin, it appears that you cannot protest on state property without getting a permission slip from the California Highway Patrol. This seems to be a response to protests against the Lockdown earlier this week. (Of course, this was the “People’s Republic” living up to the Red Star on its flag – just as over a month ago, Newsom threatened martial law and seized privately-owned hospitals and hotels.) Again, no cop killings yet over the Panic-induced Lockdown that I’ve heard of. Yet.

In the middle of the country – in the increasingly totalitarian State of New Mexico the mayor of Grants (a Democrat, by the way) has been blasted by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) for calling the governor another Hitler and the State Police Nazi Gestapo, as he announced Gallup was open for business in defiance of Gresham’s Lockdown. State Police are going from business to business enforcing the Lockdown. Nearby, apparently Gallup is already occupied by NM National Guard troops to enforce social distancing and limit access to businesses: mainstream media claims the city itself asked for the “help.”

But it is more than just constitutional rights of speech and assembly that are denied by the thugs ruling American states, counties, and cities. In addition to the killer cops in Maryland we have more:

In New Mexico itself, a daughter asked the Albuquerque Police to do a welfare check on her father, (She couldn’t do so herself because of the governor’s Lockdown.) He was fine until the police got there. “Armed” only with a shovel (he was doing yard work when the cops came), they tried to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. He ran into the house, they tazed him in the bedroom, then shot him three times and stood there watching him die “waiting for EMTs to respond.” (This is far from the first murder by Albuquerque cops in recent years.)

The Gateway Pundit presents evidence that high COVID-19 death tolls in NYC (and also in Italy and the UK) are at least partially explained by requirements that COViD-19 positive elderly patients be returned to their nursing homes, instead of being treated in hospitals. Apparently HALF of NY area deaths from COVID-19 have been nursing home patients. “Life, liberty,… etc?” Not when there is a convenient way to kill off old people – when the temporary hospital in NYC parks and a billion-dollar Navy hospital ship docked off Manhattan were empty of patients. (In New Jersey, whose governor can’t remember the Bill of Rights, “only” 43% of COVID-19 deaths involved nursing homes: 2,048 out of 4,753 deaths so far.)

So life is one of the rights denied to selected groups by the tyrants and their health bureaucrat lackeys and fearful and panicked medical care providers. People speculate, with some justification: was this the intent? To kill off the elderly? They’ve not gotten approval of laws to legally permit euthanasia in most states, so they’ve found another way? (The governor of New York claims to be concerned about saving his own life and that of his mother – other people’s mothers, well, not so much.) Add to that documentation that the Lockdown is pushing suicide rates up higher than ever, and deaths due to domestic violence are climbing as well.

And THESE are the people (governors of NM, NY, NJ, and other “progressive states” and mayors of cities with (D) after their name – plus a few GOP-affiliated thugs) who want to try Trump for war crimes, conspiracy to murder, and other crimes for his actions and guidelines during the Panic.

Honestly, even if there WERE something to be said about electing people to be dictators and rule over us, would it make sense to have such STUPID people do it?

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Biggest victims of the novel Coronavirus: #1 is liberty

  1. Darkwing says:

    They have been wanting to do this for years. They took the “Beer” virus lie and ran with it an got the sheeple scared. They are winning. Who are they: the elite, the ones who really run the US of A.


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