Mandatory masks? Here’s an idea…

V for Vendetta Mask Anonymous Guy Fawkes Fancy Dress Adult ...

More and more states and counties and localities are MANDATING the wearing of facemasks to “protect the public health” from the evil, deadly, and hyped COVID-19 pandemic. As they continue to panic, many are criminalizing the failure to wear masks. The risks are fines (up to $5,000) and jail (up to a year). And of course (especially if you forgot to pay a parking ticket and your name shows up on their rat-computer), the risk of getting beaten, sodomized with a night-stick, or shot to death by the cops. (Who will gladly call the EMTs and stand around while you bleed out before they get there.)

So, why not “obey the law” AND twit the thugs and their authoritarian bosses at the same time? You CAN do that, with a Guy Fawkes mask (from V for Vendetta fame). They are perfect for everyday wear right now, and the stores (and maybe even the banks!) are less likely to get hyper about it. To say nothing of the people out on the street, hiding behind their own masks.

You can even make them as close to a “COVID-19” mask as what we are seeing on the street, by adding blue shop paper towels, a cutdown vacuum filter (or even coffee filter) or micro-fiber cloth into the lower part of the mask in the nose and mouth holes. (There are numerous ways to get a partially air seal and to protect your eyes.)

It makes a MUCH better political statement that shouts out FREEDOM! And certainly better than the statement that Nancy Pelosi, bless her shriveled little heart and blood-dripping hands, does with HER Highwayman/Bandit mask:

(Doesn’t that nice whit triangle make a great target? For a nice sloppy whipped cream pie?

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1 Response to Mandatory masks? Here’s an idea…

  1. MaddMedic says:

    Politicians….Duct Tape….Over nose and mouth..


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